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u/Dorothyzbornaklewks · 9 pointsr/SarahSnark

I wouldn’t say mine are too curly but definitely lifted. Im hoping it holds for 6 weeks!

Hopefully you use my links so I get credit 😂

Lift: EssyNaturals Eyelash Perm Kit, Professional Quality Lash Lift, Semi-Permanent Curling Perming Wave, Lotion & Liquid Set

Tint: (I got the blue black since I have blue eyes and very light lashes) 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye / Tint Kit Permanent Mascara (Blue Black)

What the instructions don’t tell you(and I’m sure you know this) You can’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours afterwards. Glad I watched a few YouTube videos to find this out!

u/DawnWeinerDollhouse · 16 pointsr/SarahSnark

I have been trying to not buy as much lately and have sort of been working on cleaning out my wardrobe to get rid of excess. My goal is to sort of get down to basics/solid colors (black, white, gray, “denim”) with a few statement pieces to make it fun. Honestly Sarah has influenced me to not buy all the cheap shit. After a few months of not buying (clothes) I saw this shirt . This is NOT what I would normally ever pay for a shirt but I had a few drinks and ordered it. Holy shit I’m in love. It’s light, it’s flowy . I can wear it to work or out. These earrings are perfect and cheap and have not messed with my normally sensitive ears-highly recommend.

u/SnarkyLalaith · 5 pointsr/SarahSnark

Oh, I love this thing. It is ugly - no doubt about that.

Link to organizer

The two zipper pockets can hold what I would put in a make up bag, The middle section fits my wallet and glasses case. And the little side pockets are perfect for dropping in my keys, or my commuter card, my headphones, my phone, etc. This way I never have to search, or track multiple bags. But I don't have kids, so don't need a wet bag.

With the felt bag, the pockets were too stiff and narrow, and while it had a compartment that I thought would be helpful (easy to grab the hand lotion, for example) it didn't go all the way down. I would find my keys would had shifted, etc. It looks better in my bag, and helps give a little more support to the bottom so it doesn't sag. But it isn't as useful as my nylon beast of burden.

u/exercise4tacos · 15 pointsr/SarahSnark

Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter and the Harvest Gathering candle from Bath & Body Works (it’s like every delicious fall smell in one candle).

Also, this sleeveless sweater dress from Target and this Amazon sweater dress (both true to size, not affiliate links. I’m not a blawger, just helping out my fellow hams with their fall fashion).

u/calliemma · 4 pointsr/SarahSnark

Amazon and JCrew Factory

I like the Amazon ones better -

My allergies have been so bad lately with a lot of watery eyes/light sensitivity and the blue light glasses have helped with that.

u/wiscOMG · 9 pointsr/SarahSnark

I just bought this from Amazon and cannot *wait* to wear it out (minus the brawlette and wedges). These things are great when you aren't a complete dipshit.

u/sweatersetsaddleshoe · 3 pointsr/SarahSnark

Just added these little ice packs because my kid threw away like, 6 last school year.

OICEPACK Ice Pack for Lunch Box, Reusable Freezer Ice Packs for Coolers, Slim Long-Lasting Cool Pack for Lunch Bags and Cooler Bags, Set of 10, Blue

u/Hotelwaffles · 4 pointsr/SarahSnark

I think we should take bets on what date/time she will post the Home Alone meme this year. Winner gets a pair of delicate earrings made from the hubcaps of a Roadrunner and this dupe Rae Dunn mug (because I still lol whenever I re-watch the DTWS highlights).

u/Zombie_Dick_Cheney · 2 pointsr/SarahSnark

Here are some of mine:

Calvin Klein Cotton Bralettes

Retinol Serum

I also got some other boring stuff like a cheap Fire 8 tablet for my kids to use on roadtrips and some cleaning supplies.