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u/impy695 · 8 pointsr/Scams

Based on what you wrote, this doesn't sound like a scam to me. They may not have been as forgiving as they could have been and got as much extra as was possible, but going off the letter of the contract is not a scam.

Was everything able to be fit into the truck they brought? How much did the items weigh? Did the extra items impact the time it took to pack and unpack the truck (you probably cannot answer this one yourself)?

What is the total volume of all the items added? A quick search says a medium moving box is about 3 cubic feet ( So that's 36 cubic feet.

For the miscellaneous items and floor fans, draw an imaginary box around each one and figure out what the volume of that box is. Make sure to leave space around each one ( this would add at least 13 cubic ft). Add all of that up and figure out the total volume of extra items. If they were not in boxes then that limits what you could stack on top of them which may increase the updated estimate as well. A 13 cubic foot fan may be much higher in last minute calculations because nothing can go on top of it. Your friends best bet is to take that number and argue she should owe that number * $7. It probably won't go anywhere, but it's your best bet. It also doesn't help that she signed the new updated estimate.

u/candiedwhiskey · 3 pointsr/Scams

Very sketchy. For one I couldn't find a website for the organization, just a bunch of little groups on, although I did find a connection to an organization/company/not sure, really, that seems to be the backer: Private Financial Club.

Hell, someone even wrote a book parodying it.

All in all, the group looks like it's more of a club than anything, getting speakers to come and talk to them (like Anthony Robbins) and to exchange investing tips/advice/etc that they have come across since then. Almost like an investing support group.

Good for your wife for not joining. As for preserving the friendship, don't be hostile to her friend about this investment thing. Be polite, etc etc and quickly try to move onto another topic. Don't say anything to the effect of "I told you so" if her friend loses her money.

u/chidoelrey · 3 pointsr/Scams

More evidence that this is a scam: I Googled “USABRANDNEWBOX”. There was only one result, an Amazon listing for an exercise machine (Jacob’s Ladder Total Body Exerciser). This offer no longer appears on the live page, but it’s still available in Google’s cache of the page.

The cached page doesn’t work 100%, since it’s a cache. But checking the source code to get some additional info, we can see:

  • The offer is for the exact same amount: $1,500.
  • The offer shows the item as being “Used, Like New”. Yet the only other listing for the item—in refurbished condition—is at a much higher price of $3,199.
  • Checking the source code, the $1,500 offer has comments giving identical instructions: “New in Box. BEFORE YOU ORDER CONTACT: USABRANDNEWBOX at GMAIL com”.

    The scammer isn’t being very creative here. It looks like they’re finding low-availability, high-priced items, then posting too-good-to-be-true “new in box” offers of $1,500 with instructions to email them rather than just do a normal purchase.
u/televixen · 2 pointsr/Scams

Wow, good instincts, this is hilarious. They'll even bring a movie crew right to your home!

First, let's look at that sketchy book cover. It lists two quotes which claim to be "praise for LHH True Life Adventures", but are actually from other sources (surprise!). The quote from the Miami Herald appears to be for a novel called The Sorrows of an American, while the quote from Fox News looks like some random internet comment for the movie Unbroken. Furthermore, unless this dude works for Sony-Universal, he's not allowed to describe his story as a "James Bond/Harry Potter adventure story". He could say that it's like those franchises, but the wording here is copyright infringement at its finest. Finally, the cover was made with "Cover Creator", which is described as "a free online tool for building great-looking cover artwork for your book, CD or DVD". A self-described "millionaire playboy" can't use Photoshop to design his own book cover?

There's a video featuring "Actress in the movie" who makes the same crazy pitch. The same video appears in the "Video Gallery", along with several random youtube clips of natural disasters. For some reason.

This guy's bio reads like the plot of The Mosquito Coast, which makes me think this might not actually be a scam. It might just be a schizophrenic with a website and a big unstable dream. No matter what, though, it's not real. Even auteurs don't make movies by themselves.

u/NiallSeamistWay · 1 pointr/Scams

Here is the amazon link, and here is an Amazon review quality report.

For the actual contents of the bottle, here are the listed ingredients. It just seems little more than a multivitamin to me.

Here is a link to their website and a Truth in Advertising article about it which notes some of its shadiness although I think it would be great to hear some insight maybe on how this probably does not really impact growth at all.


u/rvncto · 8 pointsr/Scams

hahah that would be pretty cool but no. (i do have an alexa but they can only rebuy things youve already bought)

i checked my order history for the last month.

the only thing that even looks close is that a few days before this order was "placed" i ordered a ShopVac from amazon. but that is finally arriving today from fedex.

but like i said this blower came from UPS and also direct from the retailer website, not from amazon.

their business hours open soon, so i can call them and find out. but looking at it over night, i kind of want to keep it. its a 410cfm vacuum too... which would work great in my shop as a dust collector.

u/BoopleBun · 1 pointr/Scams

Hmm. I remember the phone cord definitely being from Amazon itself. I usually only get stuff that’s either straight from Amazon or “fulfilled by Amazon”, since I like the free shipping. (I know that “fulfilled by Amazon” is different, though.) I almost bought a baby toothbrush that was “shipped and sold by Amazon” recently, but found in the reviews that some people were getting the made in the USA version, and others were getting the made in Taiwan version, which appears to be a knock-off.

I believe some of the clothes may have been third-party though, since I remember them taking forever to get to me. Don’t know the details about what my friends/family/coworkers ordered, I’m afraid.

u/fiveguyswhore · 1 pointr/Scams

You can also just redeem the PSN gift card yourself if you have a Playstation/PSN Account etc. I know Amazon will not help you if you give the scammers the code and they redeem it, because Amazon's stance is "we sold you a card and you received the digital code, it's not our fault you gave it to a third party" which really makes it sting. Pretty much every 1-star review of the PSN $50 gift card at Amazon is complaining about fraud using that item.


"This was a scam! Ordered a coffeepot from another supplier and was given instructions to use this PlayStation Gift Card to complete purchase. Bottom line .. no coffeepot .. no card .. no response from supplier."

Here is the link they send you to after you check out with something in your cart: (text below):

"We have received your order and after payment is completed we'll process it.

Your sales representative is: Kelly M. Patterson

Click on the payment button below and you'll be directed to Amazon to checkout.

Your charge will appear as: Sony Playstation Network Card - $50 [Online Game Code]

This is normal and will allow us to process your order without any taxes and you'll receive an additional 1 cent discount from Amazon.

Click on the [Amazon checkout link here]

Follow the checkout instructions displayed on screen by Amazon and in a few minutes you'll receive an email that contains the PSN code.

Please forward it to: [email protected] .

After your email is received in under 24 hours we'll update your order status and ship your order."

u/grokforpay · 1 pointr/Scams

Amazon sells many. If you're looking for a starter pen, I really like the Muji fountain pen ( You can buy ink cartridges, or if you want to really get into it, buy a "ink converter" into which you can load your own ink.

u/IAmTheColorTheft · 3 pointsr/Scams

Get a strong version of this. Then you won’t have to ever remove it and still have access to the camera if you ever need it.

u/ShinGokuIAM · 1 pointr/Scams

it's a knock-off, I bought one of those G-Shock knockoff watches on amazon a few years ago. It's a watch and it worked. This is the watch I bought

u/walmartteacups · 7 pointsr/Scams

This It folds up and looks sort of like a can or container.

u/erishun · 3 pointsr/Scams

Or C: Your job will be “in the payroll department”. You will be asked to use your printer (or purchase a new printer) along with some blank check paper

Then you will need to print out checks of various amounts using a template sent to you by the scammer. And you will then FedEx them to other marks.

u/billFoldDog · 2 pointsr/Scams

Scammers frequently fake your area code anyway, so that isn't an effective protocol.

There needs to be a way to whitelist phone calls on landlines.

[Here you go](SENTRY 3.1 Call Screener, smart active blocking, block all solicitor calls, election calls, robo calls.

I've never used this product and this isn't an endorsement, but it looks like this device might solve your problem. Just program in all her contacts, show her how to add more, and set all non-whitelisted calls to go to voicemail.

u/AvidLebon · 1 pointr/Scams

You're right, feedback is super important! It only took once for me to learn how important it was to read other buyer's feedback before purchasing an item. Usually I do when comparing products, but with a laundry basket I didn't think there could be any surprises. BOY WAS I WRONG.

A lot of people made the same mistake.

u/kschang · 1 pointr/Scams

Someone is impersonating her. Identity theft and all that. But I'm sure you know that.

As for call fowarding, there could a cordless phone hidden inside the house. With a cordless someone can approach from the outside, forward the number, and walk out of range again.

If your MIL can learn how to use a cellphone I'd say disconnect the landline altogether. You can get "desktop" mobile phones that uses a SIM card and all that. No need to make her deal with a tiny screen. <<== example only, not an endorsement

Oh, and get a Wifi security cam or three, if the house is already setup on Wifi. At least two visible and one HIDDEN. One at front door, one at backdoor, and a hidden one aimed at the phone itself. You know, one of those disguised as a book or a AC plug or light fixture, or something. Those can be set to motion sensing only and upload to the cloud or a small PC hidden in a closet somewhere. Your aunt may have visitors she trusted and completely forgot about, but who may be cheating her behind her back.

u/twiztidwrx · 2 pointsr/Scams

Was this stolen from your idea as well?

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like a martial art hamster is very "original" :/ sorry, jmho