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u/DnD_References · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

The last set I bought (from amazon) had them. The previous brown ones I had purchased there didn't, but I didn't really search around for ones that would. It's in the description on these ones.


The first bunch I bought from specialty bottle I just email-replied to my order and asked for the upgrade. Cost like 10 extra cents per bottle but I was getting bigger ones for decanting half full bottles as well as smaller ones for samples so I wanted the good seals.

u/bourbonamator · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

These are the ones I use Boston Round Bottles and I seal the tops with parafilm though if you can find 1" wide tape instead of 2 that would be better. I normally have to cut the 2" tape in half to wrap the bottles. I've used both kinds of tops and haven't had any leak yet.

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u/Rev_Lijah · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

Totally agree about this! There is actually a great book on this called Confident Pluralism

Isn't it interesting how we are so often afraid/ reluctant to talk about so much of the stuff that shapes our values and weighs on our thoughts?

u/cigarsindemand · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

Are these the ones you use for your Port glasses?

For the price...I would just keep using my Norlan...but I have never used a Port glass so I can't comment on how well those work in comparison! I'm just trying to think of other glasses I can get for guests (currently have 6 Glencairns for those who like it neat and then 6 rocks glasses as well)

u/sberto · 2 pointsr/ScotchSwap


The small one is great for one and two ounce boston rounds. The medium is good on four ounce boston rounds.

u/namadio · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

It's this air rifle, in good shape I don't see any scratches can toss up some pics of your actually interested.

u/Ethanized · 2 pointsr/ScotchSwap

Looking for some Copita glasses like the one in the photo (and here):

I'm open to other similar suggestions, like the High West version. Lids would be awesome, but not necessary.

Need at least 2, would prefer 4.


u/Trexid · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

I use this heat gun heats up to 900 degrees, push the shrink as far down as it will go on the bottle, turn it on and spin the bottle. Perfect every time.

It takes around 5 seconds to shrink it so no damage to the whisky, also the shrink reacts very quickly to it.

I had one of these already for electronics and R/C airplane repairs. You may find a cheaper one at an electronics store.

u/dustlesswalnut · 2 pointsr/ScotchSwap

I use a roll of Post-It tape/notes. They stick well and come off easily when you need them to. You can find them here.

u/VulgarDisplayOfStuff · 3 pointsr/ScotchSwap

Looking to try and expand on one collection by using another. The idea I had was if you are wanting to do this we can set up a delivery for my address from amazon and then I can ship the bottle as usual.

u/jimvarney01 · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

I use this for a rough measure, the spout is good enough to not spill a drop if you're sober enough and pour slow. I also rinse everything inbetween with filtered water.

u/brenttw · 3 pointsr/ScotchSwap

i get mine from amazon, 2 oz boston rounds. looks like the 24 pack is the cheapest per unit right now. the prices are always changing.

u/signde · 2 pointsr/ScotchSwap

Hahah. I did recently order one of these but not sure it will help.

u/BigPapiC-Dog · 2 pointsr/ScotchSwap

We don't buy the samples, we make them ourselves from our collections using something like these.

u/tequilajunction · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

I use this one:

But the 1 inch roll would probably work well also.

u/mikeczyz · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

pro-tip: get some austrian pumpkin seed oil and drizzle on top next time.

u/Kilrathi · 2 pointsr/ScotchSwap

Or these.

Though, to date, I've been more of a funnel guy and just picked up a jigger recently.

u/KnashDavis · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

Here's the one I bought: Pelican Carrying Case for Multi-Purpose, Black (1170-000-110)

It's got easily removable foam that you can use to cut to size.

u/pent0x · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

Tbh they're not that different in price from the one you linked.

Actually cheaper right now.

u/kdz13 · 1 pointr/ScotchSwap

Somebody here pointed me to this which works very well. I forget who it was, not an original idea though.

u/buckydean · 3 pointsr/ScotchSwap

That is exactly how I wash all my boston rounds. I want everything that comes my way to get a thorough washing, and I know a lot of people here are weird about soap. I fill up a big pot with water, with the boston rounds standing up inside, then put it on the stove and let it boil. Like u/FlavSec says, I just turn it off when it gets violent and they start clinking.

While those are boiling I let the caps all soak in hot water, and maybe switch out the water a few times to keep it hot. I find the caps are the ones that still retain a faint peat smell sometimes, so I will either only reuse those for peated Scotch, or if it's bad enough I have a bag of caps and would just replace it. I think the bag of caps is good to have anyway, to replace a broken one or those shitty flat gasket ones.