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u/Fearful_Leader · 1 pointr/Sculpture

A tool kit sounds like a great gift - I think many artists shamelessly stockpile tools. A learning book might be good, but they do vary in quality and also make sure you get a book that's correct for the type of things she wants to do. If you choose a good one, it could serve as a reference for years. One thing you didn't think of is a book of inspiration. I've found a lot of value in collections of artwork related to topics I'm interested in. For example, I was given 500 Animals in Clay and I love just looking through it. Maybe you can find an ocean or ocean creature related art book if your friend likes octopi. Good luck!

u/Michelhandjello · 5 pointsr/Sculpture

Here comes a wall of text so brace yourselves.

First, stone carving is awesome, it is what I do and it is like an addiction. No better material to sculpt with IMHO. There is something to be said from learning autodidactically (I was originally self taught but have done some formal training), but you also don't need to waste time re-inventing the wheel. So do some research, but don't be afraid to break the "rules as you get a feel for things.

Soap stone carving is very different from other stone, as the tools and techniques are completely different. I started with limestone, and now work in Marble and Granite. Be fore warned, unless you have a quarry nearby, soapstone is very expensive($2-$3/lbs). If you decide you like carving after a couple of test sculptures in soapstone, I suggest that you find out what is quarried in your area, and see about getting material from the scrap pile (often way cheaper for material).

The set you have will give you a basic ability to work on very soft stone. I would need to see a better picture of the blunt end of the tool but it is likely either for burnishing(rubbing) or possibly for cutting rounded grooves(a rondel chisel but I am not sure)

If you plan to do any detail work, then you will likely want to use a rotary tool(Dremel or similar) to speed the process.

The book suggested by Artistic programmer is likely a decent choice, Milt Liebson also has a video by the same name(I think) that was available from my public library(VHS) check that out.

Liebson is a direct carver, this means he usually starts a sculpture with little to no pre-design this works for some, not for others. Classically, sculptors would build clay or plaster maquettes(models) and then work the design into the stone. Personally, I do a little of both types of carving, often starting with a nebulous image, and refining it based on what I find in the stone.

I would also recommend the following books:

Sculpture in Stone

Contemporary Stone Sculpture

Last but not least for the love of all that you hold dear be concious of the health hazards!!! Wear a dust mask, some stones contain asbestos, or silica or other harmful minerals. work in a well ventilated space, and wear safety goggles.

TL:DR Carving is awesome, check the books, break the rules and WEAR THE DAMN SAFETY EQUIPMENT!!!

u/MachShfive · 1 pointr/Sculpture

Definitely look into some tools!

These are perfect start, especially for polymer clay

I'm guessing you're using super sculpey, right?
Imo, that stuff gets a bit too sticky and it's quite hard to use for detailing.

This stuff is great, soft but won't stick to your hands. (Won't have to deal with leaving as much finger prints)

Since you're new to this I suggest really just making hard shapes and just playing with it, instead of trying to make perfect products right off the bat.
Good luck!

u/meggie_doodles · 2 pointsr/Sculpture

I would recommend some sort of paperclay such as La Doll or Premier. Although it is rather pricey, it is super easy to work with and is easy to keep workable if you keep it wetted down and covered thoroughly. It also has a similar feel to ceramic clay, which I appreciate. When paperclay dries out it is super hard and can be sanded smooth.

u/Minicomputer · 1 pointr/Sculpture

Yours is a technical question. I don't about online tutorials, but I can recommend the excellent book titled Sculpture as Experience. It will give you a strong foundation of different sculptural materials and methods.

u/LaurelsMeanGlory · 3 pointsr/Sculpture

If I'm ever in doubt about weird chemical reactions I use that red double-sided super sticky tape Its super strong and permanent. If you heat it first the bond is REALLY strong

u/Flyingmonkey53 · 5 pointsr/Sculpture

Do you plan on sculpting using a hammer or airgun?you want a set like this if you wanna do hand carving.

National Stone Carving Set Has 9 Tools in A Convenient Roll-Up Pouch

u/grathanich · 3 pointsr/Sculpture

You can model in Sculpey with an aluminum wire armature, separate arms, legs and similar pieces then make small keys and keyholes using epoxy putty. Then you can mold each part separately in silicone, cast into them using epoxy resin or similar polyester material. It is actually a very involved and time consuming process. Please check out this book and similar to have a better idea.

u/FeSki · 1 pointr/Sculpture

here is a great book on sculpting figs

u/Flying_Genitals · 4 pointsr/Sculpture

Seconding the Kemper recommendation.

These are cheap and cheerful too, depending on the scale you're working at.

u/xyloc · 2 pointsr/Sculpture

Get a block of super sculpty and make anything you are crazy for liking. You may surprise yourself.

u/gruevy · 2 pointsr/Sculpture

I think it's this, but I'm not sure. I left a comment asking and he hasn't replied yet:

u/NightFury5 · 4 pointsr/Sculpture

Thanks, I was thinking about the plastalina but I thought that it hardens after some time. I was also thinking about this because it's big pack and fairly cheap. What do you think? They doesn't say anything about the hardening no matter where I find this product so I guess it may be similar to the plastalina?

u/Xanola · 2 pointsr/Sculpture

Just like... buy some very low level radioactive shit online or something and tape it to the bottom... Just so on the little card it can read "ceramic, glaze, uranium ore"