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u/theboysaccount · 1 pointr/SebDerm

hello everyone!! so here is my routine (i’ll admit it’s pretty simple and mostly stolen from others on this subreddit so don’t credit me for this stuff!! just passing it along)

-First of all, this shampoo brush has been a game changer. So my basic understanding is that you really want to get those flakes off your scalp when you shampoo, but you also don’t want to scrub so hard that you scratch your scalp with your sharp nails which is why this brush is perfect. It does a fantastic job of massaging the scalp and just feels amazing. Don’t scrub too hard with it either!!


Okay so pretty much i’m alternating between three different shampoos:

  1. Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Fl. Oz

    • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

    • Right now I use this 3 times a week because it’s early on in my sebderm treatment. Pretty soon i’ll be reducing how much I use it once my sebderm is really more fully in control for a while. It’s pretty strong so you really shouldn’t use it daily which is why i’ll be switching up my routine soon. I’ll include what i’ll be changing my routine to at the bottom of this post.

  2. Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children, Treats Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis, Clinically Tested, Fragrance Free, Stops Flakes and Redness on Sensitive Scalps and Skin, 8 oz

    • Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

    • This has really become my favorite shampoo by a long shot. It’s gentle because it’s generally for babies but as you can see in the comments, great for adults too. Doesn’t strip the oils in your hair so I also highly recommend this on days you don’t want frizzy hair but feel like you should wash your hair.

  3. Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Original Formula

    • Thursdays

    • So while this has helped my scalp in the past a bit, I mostly still use it because I have a few bottles left over and it’s smart to switch up shampoos so you don’t become immune to one. Someone on this sub recommended the generic amazon brand of this shampoo which i’ll probably be trying soon once I run out of the name brand stuff.

      Okay so, although I really want to nuke the shit out of my scalp, I know it’s not smart in the long term so i’m going to translation into a new routine pretty soon. The only new product i’ll be adding to my routine is:

  • Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Daily Shampoo & Body Wash for Children, Soothes Dry, Itchy, Irritated, Sensitive Skin, Dermatologist Tested, Fragrance Free, Dye Free, Sulfate Free, 8 oz

    • This is just a daily, not medicated version of the Dr. Eddie’s shampoo i’m using right now.

      I’ll update if it changes but as of right now my projected routine will be:

      -Monday: Nizoral
      -Tuesday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Wednesday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated Shampoo
      -Thursday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Friday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated Shampoo
      -Saturday; Dr. Eddie’s Daily Shampoo
      -Sunday: T-Gel

      I’m hoping even to only do this routine for just a bit if my sebderm is fully in control. My IDEAL routine will eventually be:

      -Monday: Nizoral/T-gel (Switching back and forth between these)
      -Tuesday: No Shampoo
      -Wednesday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated shampoo
      -Thursday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily shampoo
      -Friday: No shampoo
      -Saturday: Dr. Eddie’s Daily shampoo
      -Sunday: Dr. Eddie’s Medicated shampoo

      Hope this helps! My sebderm and shedding isn’t completely gone yet, but it’s DRAMATICALLY improved. I honestly almost want to cry tears of joy when I run my hands through my hair without a BUNCH of hairs on my hands afterward. I’m also going to experimenting with tea tree oil on my scalp soon to retain moisture. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE SHAMPOO BRUSH!!! Let me know if ya have any questions!

      I also just want to mention that this has been after a long journey of seeing several doctors who didn’t have a clue how to help, dermatologists who claimed to know how to help, and hair transplant specialists that had to assure me I most likely did not have male pattern baldness when I was freaking out that I might. Don’t give up! Treat your scalp well and eat well! Also avoid hairloss subreddits lol even if your hairloss IS genetic lol
u/Radu033 · 6 pointsr/SebDerm

Hey, I was in the same place as you, I'm 27 at the moment and still have my hair though not as much as I used to have when I was 19 :D

Sometimes maybe it's not only affected by Seb maybe it's just a genetic baldness that you have, however, if it's from Seb, this is what helped me.

Small background: I'm 27 had seb on my scalp and slightly on my face and some dots on my body (not many 2-3 small ones) and I have it for over 15 years now, took me some time to understand how it works and how to control it. What works like a charm for me is diet, I used to eat meat 3 times a day, some years ago I realised that every time I'm eating meat (mostly processed meat or smoked fish) my scalp gets itchy and my hair gets more oily. So I started experiment with different types of foods to see which one is affecting my Sebo as I think it depends from person to person. So one week I decided to eat mostly processed meat and I saw that my seb was terrible, hair would fall off when I washed it and could easily peal out a bunch of hairs from my scalp (yuck).

So I cut the processed meat and also fat meat such as (pork), I'm still eating it but not 3 times a day and not even daily, I don't buy meat anymore and at the office as we have a Chef who cooks for us, I usually take half a portion, and have the ribs or processed meat only when there's nothing else or special occasions, and my hair doesn't get oily so much and my seb is soooo much better, it's almost inexistent anymore.

After I cut down meat, one time I realised that pistachios also affect it, if I eat ± 20 pistachos per day it's fine if more than it gets itchy again and red spots. And until now I found some other foods such as carbs that could affect it, I still eat these foods but with a limited amount.

I'm also doing sports, cycling to work, workout in gym and swimming for 2 days / week and if I don't do any sports for more than 2 weeks I also see that the Seb gets affected. So for me a healthy diet and sport is helping a lot, I was so lazy to try healthy diet in the beginning but now I feel so much more better, I'm more energetic, sleep better, and don't miss processed food at all, and of course the seb is better.

To maintain it good I'm using the Lucky Tiger ointment . when the situation is too bad (the ointment works like a charm) and I wash my hair with Psoriane intensiv-Shampoo from Noreva twice a year for 3-4 weeks and in between this time just normal Head and Shoulders works totally fine for me.

But for me it's not the shampoo and ointment that makes it better, is the diet and sport, give it a shot :)

u/friendlyforreal · 4 pointsr/SebDerm

The best one I've found is the ACV bar from Wildlands. All natural, vegan product that soothes the scalp. It took me about two weeks to adjust to the shampoo, but my itchies are gone and my hair looks great too. I just love it. I get it on Amazon here. Good luck!

u/hotpantsdance88 · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

Ok buckle up cuz it's kind of intense haha! At night, I wash my face with Vanicream Gentle Cleanser and use a French Clay Konjac sponge to exfoliate. Sometimes after that I tone with Sensibio Micellar water (this is also a great makeup remover). While my face is still wet, I apply Hada Labo Skin Plumping Gel. Then after that I apply Cerave PM as a moisturizer.

If I've just gotten out of the shower (I'm a morning shower-er) I apply Hada Labo Skin plumping Gel while my face is still wet, then moisturize with Avene Cicalfate Cream with a few drops of Timeless Squalane oil. I'm also working from home right now, so I'm able to do the 3 hour Manuka Honey face masks that everyone on here talks about. I think they work really well. I do that like every 3 days but you're only supposed to do it that frequently for 3 weeks. I get that this is not super convenient for everyone, so I think even if you can do it for an hour that's probably fine. I use this Manuka honey Kinda pricey but works!

Also, when my seb derm was real bad, I would use this soap on my face in the shower For me, zinc was really helping in getting rid of the flakes! I would leave it on for like maybe 20 seconds then wash it off. I don't really have to do this anymore now that it's toned down.

Its really important to look at the products you're using and make sure they have nothing in them that aggravate seb derm! Oils (except for a choice few) are not your friend. If you scroll to the bottom of this article, there is a list of products that don't mess with your skin. this helped me a lot!

Also y'know drink water get sleep etc etc

Best of luck!


u/ZG2047 · 3 pointsr/SebDerm

Hello and welcome to SebDerm you are in the right place.

First and foremost : stop buying new products every week, unless you have desastrous effects or flare ups.
Introducing a new product in your skincare routine means that you must use this product dilligently for 3 to 4 weeks before you can draw any kind of concrete conclusion.

You mentionned that Dandrazol works for you that's very good, hang on to it- use that frequently for a few weeks with a type of oil as suggested below for at least 3 weeks before you draw any conclusion.
If you have a big problem with flakes I strongly recommend one type of oil for your scalp and behind your ears:

  • MCT Oil.
  • Mineral Oil.
  • Squalane Oil.

    PS: I'm personally a fan of MCT OIL for the cost efficiency I used this one in the past but do your research and try to find a product yourself.

    If you want to relieve the symptoms on your face and still keep it budget friendly :

  • Benton - Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel - use this after washing your face - Generally Safe contains Propolist with is an antifungal and helps inhibiting Seb Derm.
  • Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam - Might cause a reaction depending on your skin or might work
    Note if you use product or a similar one I recommend that you use a suncreen from this list the budget friendly Japanese products are not available on Amazon prime anymore but you can generally find them on Ebay UK.

    For lasting improvements inspect your routine most people have bad habits and bad habits die hard.

  • Do you use any make up ? did you notice any patterns of flare up when using some type of make up ?
  • Do you smoke ?
  • How is your overall diet ?
  • How is the quality of your tap water ?
  • How often do you wash your pillow and bed sheets ?
  • How is the moisture in your living space ?
  • Do you have good sleep habits ?
  • Do you lack any vitamins when did you last check your blood or do a full checkup ? Did you go see a dermatologist ?

    If you have any questions and can't find the answer by yourself don't hesitate we are here to help you fight this stupid skin condition !!!
u/mysteriousseal · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

Two other good options are just a basic Zinc Pyrithione shampoo (make sure it’s sulfate free) or sulfur soap. I found the Ketoconazole was just too much for my skin, and washing daily with a much milder soap helped a ton!

It’ll take time to heal - mine took almost two months! I also made sure to keep my shower water filtered in case I was getting buildup on my scalp.

Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Original Emu Bar Soap, 3.25 oz

L'Oreal Paris EverFresh Antidandruff Sulfate Free Shampoo 8.5 fl. oz.

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter - Reduces Dry Itchy Skin, Dandruff, Eczema, and Dramatically Improves The Condition of Your Skin, Hair and Nails - Chrome (SF100)

u/CH4C4RR0N · 4 pointsr/SebDerm

I use the Dr Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo and it keeps my scalp 100% in check. It has 0.95% zinc pyrithione, which actively helps against SD and has 0 ingredients which could potentially make SD worse (unlike Head & Shoulders or Nizoral for example). SD is associated with funghi so it makes sense to use products from this list of products that are safe for "fungal acne", where I got the recommendation from. The author also mentions that he uses and loves the Happy Cappy Shampoo.

u/mb_500- · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

The simple skin care science recommended Happy cappy if you have a high sensitivity to products that exacerbate your seb derm. Many of the products on that list make my face itch so I can’t use them. But this stuff is amazing! I use it everyday on my face and all the flaking in my eyebrows has disappeared.

u/genericfemale25 · 3 pointsr/SebDerm

I use the Hada Labo cream. I did try the Eucerin one for a while, and it hydrated well, but also caused some itchy irritation. So far the Hada Labo one has been amazing, my skin feels soothed and hydrated, I rarely have itchy flare ups, I’ve been using it along side some hyaluronic hydrating lotion, and also azaelic acid. I am not sure what % of urea is in the hada labo cream, so personally, I haven’t found it to be like THE thing, my skin is not seb derm free, but it is so much healthier than it was. It stops me from getting those itchy flakes and dry areas on my face. I also feel it has helped to calm the overall redness of my face, but still, not a miracle or a cure. Basically, it will now be a staple in my skin care routine, while other items will likely be phased out until I can find the perfect combination. Urea is something I will continue to use and look for in products I choose.

u/presse_citron · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

>Which shampoo do you use?

For the moment, Dr Bronner's unscented.
I've found the advise for this on this youtube channel.

But really, it's NOT working. I'm still looking for advices on this...

>And can you describe, how did seb derm look on your face? Did you have areas of your skin that were peeled off and afterwards they are red, sticky and they heal slow?

That 's it: the brown flakes+redness patches on the side of the nose, between the eyes, and the forehead (not mentioning the whole scalp, which is still incurable for me...).

>Thank youu

You're welcome. Internet has saved my life so I try to help in response!

u/sasha_says · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

If your primary concern is redness and not necessarily flaking, perhaps try general anti-redness/brightening treatments like vitamin C serums and licorice root extract. I use Eucerin redness relief night cream and sometimes Acwell Licorice Toner. I have sensitive skin/mild rosacea and vitamin c, licorice extract and maintaining my moisturize barrier make a huge difference in redness.

u/insertnamehere405 · 1 pointr/SebDerm

cleared my face up after having flakes for months/ years been about a week of being clear.

Maris Sal, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil (and) Eucalyptus oil (and) Lemon Oil (and) and Grapefruit oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Stearic Acid, Aleurites Moluccanus Seed Oil, Spinacia oleracea (spinach) leaf powder, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycine soja (Soybean) Oil, Ascorbic acid, Polysorbate 60, Tocopherol, Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil, Xanthan Gum



xanthan gum is suppose to help cooconut oil also good Eucalptus oil another plus.

u/Bobloblaw878 · 0 pointsr/SebDerm

Yeah sure, everyones different. And if you haven't been to r/nopoo then wait to judge - its not about not shampooing. Its about alternatives to harsh detergent/sulfate type shampoos. Most people know you clean your hair somehow. lol Alternatives. To chemical based/crappy cheap shampoos. For instance I use this a couple times a week and it's somewhat natural and has antifungal properties. It doesnt strip my hair/scalp so I don't over produce oil on my scalp. Yes it's subjective. But no one's recommending not ever cleaning one's hair

u/Mr-Groove · 1 pointr/SebDerm

I rub this on my face and leave it for like 5 minutes then rinse.

Dr. Eddie's Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo for Children, Treats Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis, Clinically Tested, Fragrance Free, Stops Flakes and Redness on Sensitive Scalps and Skin, 8 oz

u/skakuza · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

BTW. gamma linolenic acid, GLA , also a metabolite of linoleic acid , was the big hype for 20 years. It proved to be a damp squibb. AA was ignored because it it "inflammatory", and yet it is proving to possible be the (or an) answer. Just goes to show, never get caught up in theorizing, rather do the tests.

Evening primrose oil was the GLA supplement of choice for eczema. Dubious benefits, if any

u/Statiix · 1 pointr/SebDerm

Try this. Why would you use the serum over this?

Denorex Extra Strength Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner 10 oz

Does that serum keep your face completely clear?

u/emprameen · 1 pointr/SebDerm

I use two suggestions that were recommended by people on this sub: I do a vinegar rinse in the shower, sometimes letting it sit for a bit before rinsing it off. And the second part is the answer to your question:
I use that after the shower and whenever I'm feeling dry. The petrolatum and paraffin help seal/protect the skin, and the sulfur is an anti-fungal. It's not perfect, but it works. I guess I'd appreciate it more if it didn't have coloring and had natural wax instead of petroleum, but the petroleum works...

I have a fantasy about making something similar with colloidal sulfur suspended in bees wax, salicylic acid, with a dash of oxyquinoline with maybe some olive and neem oil etc. I imagine it would smell awful, but the current ointment already had an awesome sulfur and eucalyptus smell already. I think one of the fragrances must be eucalyptus or some other camphoric thing.

u/bahamalove · 1 pointr/SebDerm

KOSE SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil 230ml

For no particular reason other than I saw somewhere it was sebderm safe. It’s great at removing makeup too! I only use it when I shower/after a night out.. other than that, I don’t wash my face much.

u/Vanska1 · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

Getting rid of sulfates completely changed my scalp and hair. I was losing hair like crazy. All my life I never cared what i was putting on my head. Sometimes I'd get expensive salon shampoos and other times I'd be getting vo5 at CVS. Didnt make a difference to my dandruff. Once I realized I'd lost like 20% of my hair I decided I had to change things. I stopped coloring, stopped straightening and I stopped using sulfate based shampoos. (and conditioners with silicones) There was a short transition phase - where my scalp over produced oils for like a week. But then afterwards it was like I had a completely different head of hair. I can now go 3 days without shampooing, no oily scalp. The dandruff is mostly gone. I've heard of people taking months to get through the transition phase but for me it was a few days at most. But my case is somewhat light. I use this. But there are a bunch of sulfate free options. My hair is growing back now.

u/Dr_ChamP · 1 pointr/SebDerm

VERY VERY small amount like 1 drop. I ONLY use this oil as it does not feed the yeast and some skins in seb derm are deficient in it.

Around my mouth and mustache area I am more liberal with the oil and prefer to use the oil in the areas only for the most part because it skins in the beard and mustache easier where as moisturizers don't.

u/did_it_before · 1 pointr/SebDerm

Yes I apply it sometimes before water touches my skin, sometimes after. Both ways I've gotten the same results with 3 odorless recommended mct oils. The last one I used was:

u/sboyerfour · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

This happened to me too, so i ended up diluting it quite a bit more and using it far less frequently (Once every 2 weeks.) I also switched every single lotion I use to this, applied after every shower:

I did this about 6 months ago after getting fed up with sebderm, and have been flake and redness free since.

u/daniethebutcher · 5 pointsr/SebDerm

Happy Cappy I’ve had some luck with this! Definitely gentler than everything else that I’ve used and decent price.

u/_lastunicorn_ · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

[Try squalane oil](Squalane 100% Pure (2 oz (60 mL)) best for me and has no other ingredients that feed the Malassezia

u/blt88 · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

Have you used head and shoulders made specifically for Sebhorreic Derm? Because that’s the only thing that has and continues to work for me . Edit here is the purchase link to amazon: Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff Clinical Strength, Seborrheic Dermatitis Shampoo, 13.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

u/happuning · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

How much are you willing to spend?? I've got a few recs from the blogger simpleskincarescience

Hada labo gel cream won't/shouldn't bother your skin.

u/olorte · 1 pointr/SebDerm

No worries. No matter what you use, it's very important that you apply it properly, otherwise nothing will work. Do not "scrub". I suspect a lot of hair loss from SD comes from stress and from people being very agressive with their scalps trying loads of harsh shampoos and really scrubbing them in. I have SD, and I'm not losing hair from it even though I'm a long haired guy getting close to 30.


Think about gently yet firmly massaging it into the skin of your scalp, being mindful of not being too rough on your hair roots. Feel it foam up. Don't be afraid to use a lot. Then, once your whole scalp is covered, let it sit there for five minutes. Only then can you wash it out. Also I think an important step that most people don't think about is shaking the bottle a lot before each use to distribute the medication into the shampoo evenly. Some brands like head and shoulders even have it written on the back of the bottle. I noticed that it applies to all anti dandruff shampoos I've used.


I would recommend that you use this shampoo:

It has no harsh detergents or anything like that, yet it has an anti fungal that should take care of the flare ups. Use it EVERY OTHER DAY in the exact way I described above. And please do return and let us know how it worked out.

This regimen is what works for me. And obviously steer clear of conditioners and other hair products etc. unless you know them to be 'safe' for your condition. You can find a list of safe products on

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

I have found using a shower filter has helped with my scalp and skin all around. This is the one I’ve been using.

u/HolyMollyGodBless · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

DermaHarmony 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Bar Soap 4 oz - Crafted for Those with Skin Conditions - Seborrheic Dermatitis, Dandruff, Psoriasis, Eczema, etc

u/peachymama417 · 1 pointr/SebDerm

This blog post and the one with product recommendations really helped me

I use this cleanser and Oil of Olay complete for sensitive skin. Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam, 160ml
It's worked for me.

u/thcm123 · 1 pointr/SebDerm

Female, have PCOS and scalp DM for over 10 years. Painful bumps, dandruff, gets 10X worse right before shark week. Right now the working combination is:

Low carb/refined sugar. The refined sugar definitely causes a major flare up.

Metformin 500mg ER daily

I alternate between a shampoo with pyrithione zinc (Dr. Eddie's) and one with salicylic acid.

I have also tried shampoos with tea tree oil and found them to be no different than ones with salicylic acid. The game changer for me was probably the Metformin.