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u/TheDuskMan · 7 pointsr/SecretWorldLegends

Ever Since /u/DrunkColdStone has mentioned some things, I'll touch upon a few things they haven't. Much of the lore behind the game is influenced by fiction, but I'll try to touch upon Non-fiction sources, unless I cannot find any.
> The Island of Dead Ships in the Sargasso Sea

While much of of the story in Solomon Island seems to be influenced by The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Sargasso Sea does have some mysteries surrounding it. There have been reports of sailors finding ships with their sails set, but no trace of the crew. These mysterious disappearances combined with it's close proximity to The Bermuda Triangle have created an aura of mystery around the place. As for books, I have not found anything that specifically covers these aspects of the Sargasso Sea, so your best bet would be books about the Bermuda Triangle.

> The Wabanaki

The Wabanaki tribe is actually a group of native american tribes known as The Wabanaki Confederacy. They have, since the first days of the U.S, helped out in conflicts and wars, including in Modern day Iraq and Afghanistan. There are many books covering the tribes in this group, so take your pick.

Books on The Wabanaki on Amazon

> Inspiration for the Dragon faction

As far as I can tell, it seems that The Dragon is an original creation. My research leads me to believe it is inspired by either The Gen'yosha or the Black Dragon Society with a LOT of Chaos Theory and Complex Systems thrown into the mix.

As for one of the best "Reference" Books for much of the inspiration of the lore for the game, I'll have to bring up a point that /u/just-passin made.

> The OP expressed interest mainly in non-fiction although in this case even most of the non-fiction sources will be about fiction. In that case for completeness you have to acknowledge Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos (to which many authors have contributed). For info about Lovecraft and the origins of the mythos the go-to author is probably S.T. Joshi although you need a working knowledge (or better) of Lovecraftian fiction to get the best from him.

I would suggest looking into The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft While it is mainly fiction, it contains page after page of non-fiction references and explanations behind many of the concepts and events that appear in the stories.

u/ClusterFSCK · 0 pointsr/SecretWorldLegends

You're under the impression your individual opinion matters. It doesn't. These opinion scores feed statistical metrics for aggregate feelings that are more accurate than the usual "medium" reviews. If you're interested in learning some science, as opposed to whining about your inability to indulge in your own vanity, try reading The Wisdom of Crowds

u/jefrosan · 4 pointsr/SecretWorldLegends

Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy.

Edit: Illuminatus! is a work of fiction but the work is a tapestry of actual conspiracy theories. It's also thoroughly dated.