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u/pseudonym21 · 5 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

It's really, really easy to get started. Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a high level of production value that you can achieve (later on if you want to, or maybe never), but starting off is quite a simple thing.

All you really need is a laptop, a webcam, and decent internet... and maybe a soft lamp. It's best to have an ethernet cable running to your router if you can, for faster speeds than wifi. You can get a pretty cheap webcam that does a decent job, or shell out a little more and get something a little better. The best (or at least most popular) webcam for camgirls I have found is this one. Inbuilt laptop webcams might do the trick, but use your judgement on whether it looks good enough or not. Would you watch something of the quality you're producing?

There is sooo much information on ambercutie forums, but a trap that I fell into early on is feeling like you need expensive lighting, the best webcam, an amazing mic and so on when you really dont.

On the subject of lighting, it really makes a difference to be well lit, but you don't need photography-standard umbrella lights. I have two soft lamps a little bit behind my laptop so I'm lit from two angles, and it works really well. You just want to make sure they're soft and you're not casting yourself into shadow on one side, and MOST IMPORTANTLY not solely lit from above, like from a ceiling light. That is some unflattering shit.

I really like because it's easy to use, high traffic, the token conversion is easy to understand, the payment methods are easy and reliable, and probably least importantly is that there seems to be fewer rules regarding what you can and can't do (which makes it a little less stressful). Have a look at the aforementioned forum for advice regarding choosing a site. Verification can sometimes be a pain but if you have a driver's licence and a scanner you'll probably have a really easy time.

This is a loooot of information to take in all at once, I know. Even though I could go on and on for ages, like I said before, keep it simple to start with and don't stress yourself out with the nitty gritty - you might get so stressed you don't want to even begin. Bear in mind, this is all about the SOLID parts of camming, the technical aspects. The mental game is a whole other topic entirely, and I would be happy to answer more questions if you're asking.

Good luck! xx

u/babblingbrookebrou · 12 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

to be honest, where i am right now, SW has made me more compassionate and healed me in a way that i couldn't get from my civilian life. it helped me cultivate a sense of power, confidence, and taught me more about how to have boundaries than any therapy modality could. i no longer have anger or hurt towards the clients i see who are married. i have a much more nuanced way of seeing people and relationships now, and that's where i'm able to have compassion for all people. i feel more like a therapist now than i did years before doing SW, and see how complicated people are.

i know what you're feeling because i've felt it too. i have gotten to a much different place now, though it took years out of SW to finally get there, and now i'm back with a much wiser and healthier perspective as a working SW again.

around the time i first started escorting around age 23 was when i came to the discovery/realization that my own father was a client. i saw his laptop open with a browser tab on eros, and coupled with many other pieces of info, i just knew he was a clientl! that, coupled with who he was a father and husband to my mother, made me lose my shit because he wasn't the best, and it gave me a very negative view of men for most of my 20s. after that, i went back to civilian jobs and slowly healed myself.

being a SW is marginalizing, but it's also incredibly powerful to have the kind of perspectives and knowledge about the world and how men operate that we get to see that civilians don't. i start with the idea of having this knowledge is extremely powerful and enlightening and build upon that. we are like deities who have secret info about the rest of mankind that other women are blind to. knowledge is power.

IMHO, sex work will change you, but it doesn't necessarily have to hurt you. it depends on how you choose to see the world and seek out new relationships with the new knowledge you know about men and relationships. there are two main perspectives i see with having this newfound understanding:

  1. you focus on the loss of a disney-influenced monogamous fairytale of "the one" or prince charming and live in despair and feel like a victim.
  2. you understand that modern monogamy is outdated for the contemporary world, and as a SW we are enlightened and lucky enough to have access to this knowledge of how most men are -- lying about their monogamy in order to sustain a piece of status or image and to avoid being alone. you understand that we have been lied to our entire lives about what monogamy is, and the lie that most men are monogamous and you will live happily ever after. you get that happily ever after is a lie, and many couples pretend they are happy and perfect when they are full of issues. as someone with this knowledge, i feel privileged to have it and be aware of it instead of living in ignorance like so many civilian women do, believing their prince charming husband is some angel working overtime, while he's spending thousands on SWs.

    it actually gives us an advantage over civilian women in finding the right kind of man because we understand that civilian women are lied to constantly by their own partners, families and society about what the world and what the men in their lives are actually like. it just means we have to find the right kind of man who is honest with himself and all of his partners. it will take more work, more time, but it will make our future relationships stronger if we act accordingly.

    gathered from my civilian dating life and sw life, what i find most noticeable about men is that men who are more focused on status and tradition are more likely to be in a monogamous relationship, but will have their cake behind their partners back. they do love their partners, but they also force their partners into non-consensual open relationships without the knowledge that it is so. they are deceivers and liars, but are they exactly monsters? no. just complicated men who aren't able to live authentically and live a life of lies on a daily basis.

    luckily there are more men than ever before, especially in younger generations, who are becoming more honest about what they want, and their relationships. ethical non-monogamy is an option and many people are very happy living that way. I think a lot of non-monogamous or poly couples are much better at communication than monogamous men/people are, and that is kind of by design. i've just emerged into my non-monogamous identity, and as someone who is dating and trying to meet a primary partner, I've found that men who are open to real honest & ethical non-monogamy are men who are more likely to be sw-friendly and understand it as real work, but also are just more open about everything in general. while obviously not every non-mono guy is like that, it's much more apparent than in monogamous men who don't know how to communicate and play games. it's a breath of fresh air actually.

    some videos for intros to non-monogamy:

    ...and of course this book, the bible of polyamory/NM:


u/funnilizatt · 3 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

Yay! I hope they work out for you!


-If you're planning on having intercourse with one in, make sure your vaginal cavity is cleansed of blood. I know this sounds weird but you don't want to get residual blood anywhere. The best way I found to do this is put a lite tampon in for a bit. I don't douche so I can't speak to that (if you do, I recommend you using pH-D Feminine Health Support to restore the healthy bacteria back). Side note: I think every woman should have a bottle of pH-D around. It's a godsend.

-Practice a few times before you use them. They can leak and it's so embarrassing when you're going at it. Since my flow is heavy, I put one in shortly before my appointment just to err on the side of caution. Interestingly, I typically wear a Diva Cup during my period and the Softcup holds more fluid!

-Upon removal, they are MESSY. Perhaps I don't have much practice with them but if it's full...ugh...expect a crime scene with a lot of clean up. Removing it in the shower might be best, if you can.

-The Softcup won't get lost. It might get wedged in high and tight (that's a good thing!) but you can hook your finger and pull it out. See point mentioned above.

-I've never had a partner say they've felt anything while it's in. Win-win.

If you have more questions, feel free to DM me. Good luck!

u/crystalkleen99 · 3 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

Uh I'm so sorry to hear this. You definitely have a nuisance neighbor and that's so anxiety inducing on top of a chronic illness. I also have a chronic illness and work incall from home.

Have you thought about ways you can limit or muffle the noise? Do you have a carpet or can you put down an area rug? If you don't want a rug, maybe you can wear flip flops or slippers at home to help dull the noise? Do you ask clients to take their shoes off at the door?

I have a white noise sound machine that I use for sleep but a lot of psychologists use them to muffle noise in their office so people can't hear their patients. I have the professional one they use:

It's pricer then the others but it's worth the $$.

I had a problem with my headboard & bed frame after 6 months of working. It was banging on the wall and creaking loudly during activity, it's a freakin miracle my neighbor next to me didn't' complain! It was a single guy so maybe he was happy to listen 😂. I ended up investing in a new bed frame when their was a memorial day sale and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. It's pretty and super quiet now.

u/DejaElectra · 6 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

No problem! Always happy to help.

I take Renew Life Women's Probiotic - Ultimate Flora Women's Care, 90 Billion CFU I get it off amazon and it's "shelf-stable" so it doesn't need to be refrigerated. This stuff has changed my life, my skin cleared up and my stomach problems are basically gone and I have an immune system of steel, it also helps keep the lady bits healthy. If that one is too pricy they have a similar one with fewer cultures and strains +click here+ I used to take that but I'd say "upgrading" was totally worth it!

Let me know if you want any more info :) stay healthy and happy!

u/bartender15 · 2 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

>Sliquid is great for lube! No glycerin and it's all natural if I remember correctly. It's a little pricy but it's definitely worth it!

Thanks for the mention. I saved a link to it for future reference. I just picked up this one at CVS yesterday, it seems to have good reviews on amazon.

(Blossom Organics)

u/Msk90 · 1 pointr/SexWorkersOnly

I was just browsing on Amazon out of curiosity and there is actually a reusable device similar in design to a softcup but made out of silicon (like a diva cup) without the "stick" hanging down that is advertised as safe for sex, costs about $40

(I haven't had my period for the past 2 years up until 2 months ago from being underweight i think - finally gained a couple lbs- so I've never had to worry about it while working before, hence my renewed interest in menstrual products lol. I feel like I'm 14 again; this is new to me!)

u/FeelMeRawr · 3 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

mr nori pink my go to for all nuru fun! <3 and fitted rubber sheet for easy cleanup! love love love this combo. super simple just mix pink with hot water. video show how on mr nori site.

u/the-chloe-experience · 1 pointr/SexWorkersOnly

I used these for years. My local sex store used to sell them but has since stopped. They’re the only ones that have never leaked for me, and I’m pretty heavy in the first few days lol! Now, I use the today sponge.

Sea sponges are good, too. Make sure you dampen it before putting it up there. Personally, I wouldn’t use a makeup sponge. They’re covered in chemicals and stuff that’s just not meant to go up let alone near there. A lot of girls still use them tho!

u/keereeblue · 3 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

Shave down in the direction of the hair growth. It’ll still get you smooth. If clients start rubbing your groin against the direction of your hair growth, tell them to stop or gently move their hand away. Every single night before bed (unless I’ve stopped shaving), I use Tend Skin.

No more bumps or irritation, period.

Generously apply it in the direction of the hair growth with a cotton ball.

u/Jo_Violet · 2 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

You can say you are a professional escort on your taxes, its a legal career and they will NOT care. If you don't want to do that, say you are a life coach or a dog walker or a personal assistant. Honestly, the IRS does not care how you earn your money as long as they get theirs.

Talking with an accountant will really reassure you. Another good resource is

u/Lar5031 · 5 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

I feel you 100%. I have a skin disease called hidradenitis suppurativa. Basically, it’s a chronic skin condition featuring cysts in places such as the armpits or groin. The skin lesions develop as a result of inflammation and infection of sweat glands. This means I end up with huge cysts all over my groin, butt crack, under my boobs, armpits and anywhere else there are sweat glands. It’s painful and miserable.

Home treatment? Sit in hot baths for 15 minutes at a time, as hot as you can stand. Also, take a wet washcloth and heat it in the microwave. Once it’s as hot as you can stand, put it on the cyst. You need to use the warm compresses on and off all day. Once it’s soft enough, it will bust.

Another item that works flawlessly for me is Prid. It’s a drawing salve (meaning it draws out the infection). You can get it at Walmart, CVS or any other pharmacy. Below is the link to get it online. I will coat my cysts in Prid before bed and usually when I wake up it’s busted sometime in the night and I can drain the remaining pus.

I know other responders have told you how to make salve but honestly Prid is easier and cheaper. Try to avoid taking antibiotics unless they were prescribed specifically for this as ones from past issues may not be right for this (they may be viral instead of bacterial). Also, the more times you take antibiotics for the same condition the more likely your condition becomes resistant to antibiotic use. Try to limit using them as much as possible.

u/play2grow · 3 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

Much has been written on pricing. Most people believe in error that a high price means high quality. You can exploit that misunderstanding by charging at the top of your market.

My teacher Claude Diamond (and others) caution against competing on price. He would say offer quality at a fair price then sell that your service as high value.

Below find a link to a book that looks interesting to me.

u/PhoenixxVIP · 3 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

tell oh dude you need to go brush your hair in the loo real quick and pull out your hair brush flask for proof :P
go to the ladies loo and sip, sip, sip....

vodka isn't too strong smell compared to rum, etc. so you could prolly conceal the smell with some body spray & chewing gum

oh and listen to u/moonlightingblue... definitely try your best to not get full blown wasted to where you're not even aware of your surroundings. let your hair down & get a lil tipsy to calm yourself... but always be aware x

u/noeinan · 1 pointr/SexWorkersOnly

Soft menstrual cups can be worn during sex. I used a different brand but they look like this: Intimina Ziggy Cup - Extra-Thin Reusable Menstrual Cup with Flat-fit Design

u/MsDReid · 5 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

So weird but these never did work for me at all. Never was able to even try during sex as they just leaked even normally.

I use the Sea Pearls. Literally nothing beats them.