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u/keriberry_420 · 2 pointsr/Sexsells


Hi! I'm Keri

I'm 34 years old and I'm a camgirl/model/artist.

I've been an art nude/fetish model for over 17 years and Have been painting landscapes and abstracts for 20.

I am a sweet, honest, and hard working American girl. However cliche that sounds, it is the core of me. I am into a number of interests and hobbies, am very artistic, love nature, and I have a goofy and quirky sense of humor. I love cheering people up and making someone's day simply makes mine! I'd love to chat with you in between cam shows or filming videos, when I wake up and go to sleep. I love taking pics when I'm outside in the sunshine-- few people get to see the sides of me I show to gfe clients. I'm not just a fuckdoll-- but I am happily one, mind you! If you let me in, I'll find my way into your deepest darkest corner- and put a little pot of flowers there for you to always remember me by. I'd like to be your friend, someone you can tell your secrets, and fantasies you're afraid to tell. If you need someone I will be there day or night. Regardless what package you choose to pay for, the "service" you get is simply me, the dosage (and supplimental service perks) vary between packages ;)


I prefer honest, direct, and communicative clients who are open and willing to get to know me, this is a 2 way street. If you want something strictly sexually based, or something thematic or role play oriented-- I may not be right for you :) I am just me, I play 'roles' in my videos, but truth be told, I don't role play at all for camshows or sexting really. If it is already a part of me inside, I will show it to you. I don't manufacture fake feelings to make money, nor do I want to.

Some things I enjoy talking about are:

FIRST AND FOREMOST- What do we have in common? What are you into?

I enjoy all types of music except modern country, which to me is not music. LOVE comedies, documentaries, psychological thrillers, gritty well done horror, thrillers, and crime dramas. I love Netflix/HULU/Torrenting I do not watch Cable. I love yoga, drinking tea, giving myself pedicures, playing Okami or Undergarden on my PS3, watching my beautiful flowers and herbs grow, smoking wayyyyyyy too much pot for a 110 lb girl, I love to sing and have been singing for most my life. There's tons more to me, but that's the point of GFE :)

art/technique (this goes for everything from painting to music production to woodworking), gardening (mostly indoor activities right now, but I do dig in the dirt), marijuana (I am in full support of it for recreation and medicinal purpose) stupid people (yes, I'm a sapiophile and I enjoy teasing the deficient), mundane shit/the weather/pleasantries, deep thoughts (no Jack Handy here, I can get deep-- if it's too much, just tell me), dirty thoughts (I am usually horny, so random talk of my desire to masturbate or suck a dick will pop up), nature/animals (sometimes I think I love animals more than people, they're more deserving anyway)

Some things I like to send you are:

pics [5-15/day, rated G-X] (selfies of all kinds with all manner of content, and random pics of what I may be doing, eating, drinking, see my ad pics before anyone else, and more no one got to see!) video messages [2-10/day, rated G-XXX] (fyi, I probably send more of these than you might expect outside a chat session. Messages range from the a cute salutation, a boobie flash, or an anal show prep peek of me stretching my ass with a plug)


I accept CMD, google wallet & venmo

If you are interested in a gfe experience with me, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. All serious inquiries Please PM me with this info:

  • Your time zone! :) I am CST

  • Your availability (loosly, I don't need your full schedule of course)

  • Your expectations of GFE/have you tried it?

  • What you like about me, what about me pleases you, and what are you hoping for more of from me?

    >Thsnk you so much for taking the time to read about me, I hope to hear from you soon! XOXO

    Feel free to add my Skype to chat :)



    CHECK OUT MY VIDEOS!! Ask about my awesome bulk price breaks! :D

    [My gfe packages are listed on my fancy ass spreadsheet here! :p]



    ALL fetishes except for feet are $4/M, I DON'T CHARGE EXTRA FOR FOOT FETISH





    I use a [GoPro Hero4](
    %20pro%20hero%204&qid=1449782559&ref_=sr_1_2&s=photo&sr=1-2) for my $5/m+ customs

    I have a Nexus 6P

    (fucking WICKED CAM) so customs made with my phone are pretty awesome. I shhot these vertical and they start at $4/M



  • Lelo Mona Wave

  • Doc Johnson Squirting Cock "Squirtle"


    Popular Vanilla Shows :)

    GFE | JOI | JOE | Strip | Teasing |
    POV | Deepthroat | Dildo Riding | Control/Denial| Breast/Nipple Play | Light Femdom/Worship
    Kitty Play|Small Butt Plugs|Squirt Shows|Light Femdom/Worship|Light Foot Fetish/Worship

    Popular Fetish Shows ;)

    Please give me 2 hours minimum to prep for anal shows!! Thank you :)

    ANAL, an expertise | Light-Mod BDSM|Little/Daddy Play
    Foot Sex Shows | SPH/Humiliation | Bathroom/Pee

    Sorry, I do not offer ANY filth related materials or services



    I have a
    Logitech Conference Cam with remote on a great PC in my cam room

    for live shows.

    CAD U37 unidirectional mic

    16MP FujiFilm FinePix DSLR for shooting cutom photo sets of optimum quality

    I have super high bandwidth here, so connection problems are rarely an issue.

    I use a
    3 point lighting system, so my space is always well lit, day or


    GO PRO HERO 4 for customs 1920x1080 @ 60 FPS!!


    I AM FULL TIME! As you can see, my ads are 99% original content daily, meaning I wake up everyday and start working on new content, or just to show what my mood is that day, or what I'm wearing or how I look when I wake up :)*

  • Always accepting orders/ideas for custom videos or pics! -- That's right, if you can't afford to order a custom, feel free to suggest to me your LOOSE IDEA for a premade video.

  • CAMSHOWS/SEXTING::: I am CST, I am available for drop in camshows between 11am-8pm -- otherwise PLEASE SCHEDULE YOU R SHOW WITH ME AT LEAST 2 HOURS to ONE DAY AHEAD, so I can stay up later for you, wake up earlier- so on.

    FYI I prefer Skype for all work I do, including sexting because I hate kik's cam controls. This is not a restriction, I do have kik and I am able to use it if you don't have access to Skype :)


u/lacycheeky · 1 pointr/Sexsells



  • I own copyright and content to all of my videos. Videos are for your eyes only. They are not to be shown to anyone else or posted anywhere (no redistribution, no reselling, not for commercial use). Doing so is copyright infringement, which is illegal.
  • I do not show full face in ANY of my videos.
  • All videos have a 5 minute minimum.

    Rate | Information
    $6/minute | Videos will be filmed with this webcam.
    $10/minute | Videos will be filmed with this camera.
    Fetish Content | Priced on a case-by-case basis.
    B/G Content | $10/minute to film with this webcam. $12/minute to film with this camera.

    Add-Ons | Cost | Description
    Including Your Name | $50 |Include your name in the video. If you'd like to include your name, you must pay the "Keep It Private" Fee.
    Keep It Private | $75| I still own the content (you may not share with others or post elsewhere) but I won't resell your video.


  1. BLINDFOLDED BJ (POV) - Ever wondered what it'd be like to get a BJ from the lovely Lacy? Well now you can find out! P.S. I swallow ;) The video is 14:47 minutes long and costs $20.

  2. FREAKY FRIDAY - Watch me ride my boyfriend on his little brother's bunk bed ;) The video is 11:17 minutes long and costs $15.

  3. TAKEN FROM BEHIND - Watch my boyfriend fuck me doggy style!! I am super loud and I cum so many times in this one!! The video is 17:58 minutes and costs $20.

  4. DOGGY STYLE (POV) - In case you were wondering about the view... (Warning: Camera is a bit shaky/moves around a bit). The video is 10:32 minutes and costs $10.

  5. BJ, FACEFUCK, & FACIAL - Watch me gag over and over again on my boyfriend's yummy cock. He finishes all over my face at the end. The video is 10:41 minutes long and costs $15.

  6. ANAL FUCKING - Watch my boyfriend fuck and destroy my tight little asshole. The video is 9:43 minutes long and costs $20.

  7. DOC JOHNSON JELLY DILDO - My boyfriend surprised me with this huge dildo as a gift! Watch me cream all over it. It's huge! I give my toy a nice and soapy hand job to clean it off at the end ;) The video is 8:28 minutes long and costs $10.

  8. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED - My boyfriend always makes fun of me for never doing any work during sex...well I showed him!! The video is 6:50 minutes long and costs $12.

  9. SHOWER TIME - Watch me shower and have fun with my body! I love playing with my boobs. Some parts of my face can be seen throughout the video The video is 14:24 minutes long and costs $15.

  10. TEASING LEG JOB - I confront you about staring at me in class. Then I tease you and fuck my thighs using my cute glass dildo. I titty fuck myself and give you a sloppy blowjob to finish. The video is 9:58 minutes long and costs $15.

  11. BJ & CUMSHOT (POV) - Watch me give my boyfriend a sloppy, wet blowjob. At the end he cums all over my face and I smile because I'm a grateful slut. ;) The video is 15:54 minutes long and costs $20.

  12. LAZY BJ - My boyfriend and I decided to turn on the camera for fun. :3 Watch me blow him. At the end, he cums on my face (same shot as BJ & Cumshot POV) and I smile because I am a grateful slut :) Parts of my face can be seen throughout the video The video is 6:44 minutes long and costs $12.

  13. MY FIRST TOY - Watch me fuck myself with my cute glass dildo. Afterwards, I lick the dildo clean because I'm a good girl. The video is 8:37 minutes long and costs $12.

  14. TITTY & ASS PLAY - Watch me tease my nipples with cold, cold the ice melt all over my body as I continue to tease my nipples. I enjoy it so much I decide to rub myself down with oil. Do you like how shiny and glossy my tits look? I can't resist and I decide to play with my ass a little. Which do you like better? Tits or ass? I do get lint on me at one point, but don't worry! I catch it almost immediately and remove it The video is 9:04 minutes long and costs $15.

  15. DIRTY, CLEAN, & DIRTY AGAIN - I shave for you and then proceed to shampoo myself up. Suddenly, I feel the urge to play with myself for you. I finger my soapy pussy and I finger my asshole a little bit too. ;) When I'm satisfied, I proceed to clean myself again and once again, I can't resist and I decide to try out my shower head for the first time. It feels soooo good. Finally, I rinse off and do some silly dancing :3 The video is 12:28 minutes long and costs $18.

  16. FOOT MASSAGE AND DANCING - I came home from the gym very late and I had to whisper in the video. (I apologize if I'm hard to hear). I show off my feet to as I massage them. I occasionally sniff and lick them because they are just so yummy. Then after my feet feel nice and moisturized, my feet dance to some indie songs. The video is 9:41 minutes long and costs $14.

  17. MASKED ORGASMS - I got a new mask! (I kind of don't like it because it gets uneven sometimes and doesn't do my beautiful face justice sometimes, maybe it's because it's like 10000 degrees outside?) My boyfriend and I decide to do a little fooling around in the heat. I cum lots! The video is 6:17 minutes and costs $10.

  18. VEGETABLE FUN - I was looking through my fridge for a midnight snack and I found a nice thick cucumber and long carrot. Being horny as fuck, I chose to feed my sexual hunger, rather than my stomach. ;) The video is 14:59 minutes and costs $20.

  19. PANTY STUFFING - I've never stuffed an entire pair into my pretty little pussy before. Wanna watch my first attempt? Spoiler alert, I'm successful!! The video is 6:48 minutes and costs $10.

  20. RIDING YOU - I'm soo horny and I step over you as you're laying on the floor. You see that I'm not wearing underwear and I jump to the chance and ride you. ;) The video is 6:31 minutes long and costs $10.

  21. LACY'S JERK OFF INSTRUCTION - My first JOI video! I use my glass dildo as a representation of your nice and hard cock. Then I direct you and we have a countdown at the end! The video is 8:56 minutes and costs $12

  22. HOTEL SHENANIGANS - My boyfriend and I decided to rent a hotel room for a couple hours after a day of fun. We had tons of fun and I came so many times! The video is 24:44 minutes long and costs $40 for stream only. $60 for full download! (not available for GFE packages).

  23. TEASING YOU - I'm back! Listen to my soft, cute voice as I tease you with my tight little pussy and my cute fat butt. ;) The video is 7:16 minutes long and costs $10 :)

  24. GROOL COLLECTING - Watch me fuck myself with my glass toy and collect all my grool in a tiny vial! ;) I haven't cum this hard with my toy before!! The video is 9:10 minutes long and costs $10 :)

  25. SAILOR MOON - Oh no! My Halloween costume came a month late :( Thought I'd make use of it and make a premade! Watch me fuck myself with my cute glass toy as I try not to cum too loud because my roommates are home! Video is 6:50 minutes long and costs $12.

  26. JAMES DEEN DILDO - Yay! I purchased the James Deen dildo for myself and here is my first encounter with it! It's so big. Watch me try to fit it into my little pussy and my cute little mouth! Video is 6:20 minutes long and costs $12.

  27. HAPPY SPANKSGIVING! - I've been a naughty me squirm while my boyfriend spanks me for over 15 minutes! Video is 17:16 minutes and costs $25 :)

  28. ALONE TIME - I'm finally home from school! I love coming home to my boyfriend. We snuck away to fuck and the only place available was his garage. Hear me moan and cum over and over again! We fuck in sooo many different positions....reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary....He cums on me in the end and sticks his cock right back in me ;) Video is 13:34 minutes long and costs $15!

  29. HAIRBRUSH FUCKING & PANTY STUFFING - I'm desperate! I've been without my toys for almost a month! Watch my cum drip out of my pussy while I fuck myself with my hairbrush. Of course, I stuff my panties to soak up the yummy juices afterwards!
    Video is 10:30 minutes long and costs $15.

u/AylaEXPOSED · 1 pointr/Sexsells


>I currently accept and prefer SQUARECASH or AMAZON.
If neither of these methods work for you, let me know and we can discus the other options I have avaliable, but the discounted prices listed below are only available for SQUARECASH and AMAZON transactions.

Pre-made, custom, and exclusive videos will all be sent via download link.

> Know what you want? Message me with your preferred payment method.


Custom Videos cost $3/Min via SQUARECASH or AMAZON and may be added to my public video list below. Add $10 to make it an Exclusive Custom and it will be for your eyes only.

> Step into the director's chair and have me make you something special. Some examples of custom videos I've made before include School Girl Loves Cumming for Daddy, Cumming with Pretty Soles in the Air, and Anal Fun with Pretty Feet in the Air.

Ready to discuss your custom? Message me with your idea, how long you'd like it to be, and preferred payment method.


13. All Natural School Girl vs. Realistic Dildo | 11:00 Min |$5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON

  • Watch me ride my realistic vibrating BBC dildo in this hot video. You'll get great angles of my all natural, hairy bush while I slide the dildo deep into my tight little pussy over and over again.

  1. School Girl Gets a Surprise From Daddy | 13:51 Min | $5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • Watch me come home from school, get comfortable and ready to to my homework before finding a red gift box under my pillow. "To: Ayla, Love: Daddy?" I wonder what it could be...

  2. Girl Next Door Rides Realistic BBC Dildo | 12:28 Min | $5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • This large Vibrating Realistic BBC dildo is one of my favorites. Watch me ride it and toy myself to climax.

  3. Sweet Ebony Masturbates with Silver Vibe | 7:11 Min | $5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • Watch me toy my hairy little pussy in a chair by the window, with my silver vibrator.

  4. School Girl Loves Cumming for Daddy | 12:53 Min |
    • "I just got home from school and--- wait.. why are all of my toys out? What are you doing in my room, Daddy?"

  5. Silhouettes Pt 2: Vibrator in the Window | 11:55 Min| $5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • This little ebony princess loves to be seen! And if you've already watched Part 1, then you'll surely want to see part 2! I've done my teasing, and now it's time to have a little fun. Catch me in my window in multiple positions, cumming hard in my sexiest of lingerie with my silver vibrator and cute black heels.

  6. Silhouettes Pt I: Seductive Teasing | 5:53 Min| $3 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • This little ebony princess just loves to be seen. Watch me pose and tease sensually in some of my sexiest lingerie by the giant window in my new apartment. You can see the snowy city in the background and perhaps the sexiest Ayla you've seen yet right up front.

  7. Anal Fun with Pretty Feet in the Air | 5:44 Min | $5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • It's been a while since I've had anything in my ass, but here goes! Watch me masturbating anally while lying on my back with my pretty feet in the air, face in plain view, and an inability to keep quiet! xD

  8. Cumming with Pretty Soles in the Air | 6:24 Min | $5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • Watch me cum to a quick climax while laying naked on my back with my pretty feet in the air, face in plain view, and my silver vibrator deep in my pussy.

  9. Sweet Ebony Ayla Takes a Soapy Shower | 5:31 Min | $5 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • Follow me into the bathroom and watch me soap up in the shower, rinse myself clean then get out and dry off for you.

  10. Sexy Nylon Tease and Ass Worship Clip | 2:30 Min | $3 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • This video is a must-see for all ass lovers! Watch me slowly strip out of my nylons and bounce and spread my ass for you. Think you can hold out until you see my tight little hole? ;)


  11. Bent Over in my Parents Kitchen | 11:59 Min | $10 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • I just wanted to watch a movie, but he had other things in mind. Watch me get bent over the marble counter in my parent's kitchen while they're on vacation, and get fucked until I orgasm and collapse to the floor in this amazingly hot video. Please be aware this video no longer has sound.

  12. Big Booty Ebony Banged in the Bathroom | 15:09 Min | $10 via SQUARECASH or AMAZON
    • longhairdontcare. Watch me strip out of a sleek black outfit and get fucked HARD in this great 15 minute video. I end on my knees, sucking him off with a big smile until he cums deep in my mouth! What good is a girl who doesn't swallow? ;) I gotchu.

u/qtwabooty · 1 pointr/Sexsells

Hello, fellow kinksters!

My name is Charlie, the sweet yet sassy girl-next-door who works from home and has a craving for interaction with like-minded intellectuals. This is my outlet for satiating my sexual desires and I delve deeper into the realm of kink each day.

Super Bowl Special

> $15 / $25 / $50 / $100

  • I’m rooting for my home team, Pat's Nation. You decide your initial wager & the stakes go up from there.

    You'll be paying Me for every touchdown.
    Prepare your wallets, and send your initial tribute via to [email protected] BEFORE messaging me on Kik.

    A few things you might like to know:

  • I am an early-20's recent college grad that works a muggle job in the medical field.
  • Chaotic Good / INTJ "The Scientist" (What's your personality type?)
  • Podcast-addicted, this means I'm usually full of random useless factoids.
  • My gaming collection includes a Nintendo Switch, and PS4 - both of which I have spent hundreds of hours on. Indie games are my weakness.
  • I've been in the sex industry for two years now.
  • I am a Female Dominant during kink scenes, this means I do not take any submissive roles. This does not mean I don't also partake in vanilla sex. Ask questions if this is unclear.


  • E-Girlfriend XP; my favorite service to provide has always been (online ONLY) and my very own twist on having a pocket-size companion.
  • Cock Rate Olympics; the business is booming, I give you instructions on how to present yourself and take the perfect (consensual) dick pic. I like giving my professional and honest opinion, as well as giving you pointers on how to improve. My Olympics have been quite popular since I started offering them in 2017!
  • Fem-Dom Snapchat; this Snap is ideal for male subs who would enjoy getting sporadic task notifications of varying complexity. Each will be worth an specified # of points that will earn you SFW photo, or video reward for being My good boy. If you make your way on to leaderboard it will gain you access to secret channels where we can talk during the day on Discord.
  • Custom Content; personalized video, photo sets, audio files (via soundgasm) & read-only content.
  • Kik Session; Today I am offering LIVE sessions! Information about them, my availability / schedule for the week, and all that good stuff is below.


    E-Girlfriend XP

    ❥ Relationship Variations

  • Vanilla, girl-next-door
  • Cuckolding mistress
  • Bossy/bratty princess
  • Motivational/Accountability buddy
  • Female domination, task based experience
  • Sissification/Chastity/Orgasm Control & Denial

    ❥ One day of [Gfe] is $100 and includes:

  • A 12 hour day of vanilla banter, as well as various SFW/NSFW videos and pictures.
  • I am available from 8A - 8P each evening.
  • There is a 10 minute interactive vanilla sexting session included in this price, each day.

    ❥ Two days for $150 ($75/day & 20 minutes of sexting)

    ❥ Three days for $200 ($66/day & 30 minutes of sexting)

    ❥ Five days for $250 ($50/day & 50 minutes of sexting)

    ❥ One day of Fem [Dom] is $150 and includes:

  • Fetish discussion, introduction to My style, and how to serve.
  • Set limits, safe words, and aftercare.
  • Interactive domination throughout the day; which could include audio or text demands, or humiliation at random.

    ❥ Two days for $250 ($125/day)

    ❥ Three days for $300 ($100/day)

    ❥ Five days for $375 ($75/day)


    Cock [Rate] Olympics

    Text only rates are $25, including a list of tasks & google document essay response.

    Audio rates will include all of the above +HQ audio of me reading your rate for $40

    Video rates are $50 for kik videos, or $100 for downloadable 1080p

  • You've always wondered how you compare? Now is your chance to find out my honest opinion of your best friend. I'll give you a brief analysis of everyone I've fucked prior to meeting you, and where you fall on my Richter scale. If I like what I see, I might even tell you what I would do to it.

  • I will require you take pictures and/or videos for me to thoroughly inspect. I ask for these to be sent via the live cam on Kik to be fair.

  • Once your payment is sent a series of specific requests will be made, and you will have 24 hours to get the content in for your instant rate!

  • You receive my response via 500-700 words, a rambling audio, rapid fire kik messages, or if you want to upgrade - a 1080p full length downloadable video.

    |My Ideal Size (1st)|Name use JOI|
    |Biggest Shlong (2nd)|Personalized photoset!|
    |Lil'bitty clitty award (Last)|+3 min SPH upgrade|

    You also have the chance to instantly win a 10 min JOI video consolation prize during your rate, by following my fap instructions!

    Don't take my word for it, here are some of my reviews:

  1. I've scoped Charlotte's posts forever, and finally went in for her cock rate Olympics last week. So happy I did--the process was easy, quick, and I got a nice mix of interesting, extensive text feedback along with absolutely captivating pics and vids. She has this way of coming off as sweet but confident and in control. Looking forward to enjoying more services with her!
  2. Strongly recommend getting a rating from Charlie, she makes it easy and is great fun in the services that I've experience thus far. I'm sure based off this experience her other services are just as good if not better. Deal with confidence I know I certainly will



    $69/lifetime access for the first 100 subs!
    > ~or~ $25 / month

  • Perform your duties as My loyal servant for not only praise, but points that will earn you access to an interactive Discord, as well as an assortment of other prizes each month for the top 3 leaderboard.
  • You can expect to receive 2-5 snaps sent directly per week in the form of a selfie style video task, as well as the amount of points you can earn via text.
  • Serving Me for the life of this service (by the rules of this subreddit) means at minimum one year of content.


    Custom Content

  • [Vid] varies from 10-15$/min depending on the scenario and the requests.
  • [Pic] sets are $25/5, $60/15 and $100/30.
  • [Aud] files will be $5/min typically, or priced by the script.
  • [Lit] erotica written to your specific fantasy, fetish and erotic tastes. $50/1000 word short story

    If you would like to direct your very own video, you can message me with an idea or prompt for what you would like to see.


    Kik Session

    ~ vanilla

    Please note: I do not do any mutual masturbation. I am available for live [Kik], [Dom] [Fet] and Vanilla flavors throughout the day Tue - Fri. If you would like to indulge.

    ~ fetish / dom sessions

    Please note: You will address me as Mistress, or Madame AFTER describing your requests & paying promptly. I do not get nude in power play scenarios for <$100.

    > “Quickie” ~ $2/min text session with sporadic photos if I deem you worthy to receive them.

  • 15 minutes ~ $30
  • 30 minutes ~ $60
  • 60 minutes ~ $120

    > "Next Level" ~ $3/min, includes a task-based session via (15s) kik videos, some photos and text!

  • 15 minutes ~ $45
  • 30 minutes ~ $90
  • 60 minutes ~ $160

    > "Full Length" ~ $4/min, ^Above + full face, dirty talk video only with longer (1-2 min) clips

  • 15 minutes ~ $60
  • 30 minutes ~ $120
  • 60 minutes ~ $220



    Intimate teasing - Shaking my booty - Slow stripping - Dirty Talk - Jerk off Encouragement - Nipple play - Ass Slapping - Oral


    Female Domination - Financial Domination - Chastity - Denial - Edging - Ruined Orgasm - JOI - CEI - SPH - Humiliation - Daily Tasks - Roleplay - Exhibitionism - Cuckolding - Feminization - Sissification - Foot/Ass Worship - Face Sitting - Sensory/Sensation Play - Hypnosis - Impact Play - Watersports - Forced Intoxication

    LIMITS: Anything illegal (always 18+ roleplay, blackmail, etc) raceplay/age play and permanent damage


  • Circle Pay (preferred), Cryptocurrency, Amazon(+20%), Manyvids
  • Squarecash (trusted only),

    To get started, PM me here on Reddit or on kik at XCharlieSage

    For the opportunity to earn a $5 discount (or one premade of my choice), include the service, length, your payment method & any relevant requests in your initial message!

    Be sure you read all of my Laws of the land prior to contacting me.
u/TheFriendliestSloot · 1 pointr/Sexsells

Join my Discord // Subscribe to my Subreddit // Message me on Kik at FriendlySloot


About Me

My name is Talia! I’m in my early 20s and living the dream on the West Coast. Most of my time is spent in the gym, trying on cute lingerie, shooting porn, playing video games, or running around with my puppy! I’m naturally a chatty and friendly person, and look forward to spending time with you! <3

Premade videos

If you’re looking for cheap, instant relief from that boner of yours, check out my premade video collection! All of my videos can be purchased instantaneously through Manyvids, or through dropbox. Click here to see my full library!

New Videos!

  • Fucking Myself Through Ripped Leggings - I'm just so horny for you baby, don't take my leggings off...why don't you rip them instead? Listen to me dirty talk you and fuck myself through my ripped up leggings in this sexy video~ 10 min, $15

  • Triple Orgasm with Hitachi - I start out touching myself in my beautiful sheer lingerie, but quickly pull out my hitachi! This video is very natural, and I have three amazing orgasms with the help of my favorite vibrator~ 11 min, $15

    Fan Favorites!

  • Office Slut Sucks and Fucks for Job - I know I'm under-qualified, but maybe there's something....anything, I can do to get this job? This video is a retelling to you, my coworker, about how I sucked the boss's cock (with a demonstration!) for this job, then fucking you to bribe you into staying quiet. Hopefully you won't mind if I have to bribe you again over and over.....~ 13 min, $15

  • Daddy's Girl Takes it in the Ass (18+) - Guess what, Daddy? I've been working on taking your cock! It's still a little big for me, but I think I'm doing good! Let me show you with my mouth first? I want to put you into my little pussy, but it's just too big! Maybe I can take it in my butt instead? All I want is to please you~ 14 min, $20


    My premium snapchat is the perfect voyeur experience - it is $100 for a lifetime subscription that gets you daily behind the scene nudes, teasing photos, dog pics, and sexy shows! You can take screenshots, snap me back, chat with me, and make requests, and I respond to everything as able :)

    For the next 24 hours, there's a sexy roleplay cum show of me dressed as Daenerys Stormborn and sucking then fucking Viserion to get him back from the Night King. If this isn't cannon, I don't know what is

    For sorta, kinda, not really SFW previews, add my public snapchat at friendlysloot!

    Other Services

    Here’s the short list on everything else I offer! Feel free to PM me for more details if you’d like to set any of these up~

    Girlfriend Experiences

  • Starting at $125 per 3 days, my GFEs include unlimited chat, one on one kik sessions, gaming if we play anything in common, and lots of sexy content throughout our days together to keep things spicy!

    Custom Videos

  • Making custom content is one of my favorite ways to get off! I have a wide variety of lingerie, outfit, toys, and wigs for you to choose from, and my videos are shot in 4k/30fps or 1080p/60fps. They start at $75/5 minutes!

    Payment Methods

    I can currently accept circle pay, bitcoin, ethereum, manyvids, indiebill, venmo (+20%) and amazon gcs (+20%)

u/eliza_cs · 1 pointr/Sexsells

Feel free to check out my subreddit :)

I love to be spoiled, but I am also a giver. So if you want a mutual fun, message me.

  • I am fetish friendly, and I also send exclusive content to my slaves.

    Please don't bother contact me to waste my time, I have enough experience to figure who is genuinely interested.

    Ways you can pay me? Giftrocket, amazon, bitcoins.

  • I will ask you to send me a tribute first, and then I will add you on kik (50 USD). To make sure I can cater to your kinks, be specific in your first message and let me know what you enjoy and expect from this.

    I am a full time student and I am not looking for needy slaves, if you do not have a life, do not contact me.
    I am also not into black mail, scat, hardcore findom fetish, like buying things with your credit card. No, I just like to receive gifts on my emails. That is all.

    I can be a bitchy dom, or a sweet one. I am also friendly and caring.

    The content sent to you will be: pics, videos with name, kik sessions, domination including orgasm control, feet, pantyhose, denial, cuckhold, and many others. You can choose what you get! At the moment, I am looking for someone to buy me this dress!
u/ytowel · 1 pointr/Sexsells

Cock Ratings:

Want to know what I think of your cock? I can be brutally honest or as gentle as you’d like. I also offer small penis humiliation (SPH) cock ratings for no additional charge, just ask!

  • $10 text ratings – an in depth description of length, girth, coloration, landscaping, etc, and a score out of 100.

  • $20 video ratings – same as text ratings, but in non-nude video format as I say it to your face! (Not live.)

    Custom Videos

    If you've ever wanted to see me up-close and personal in your very own, personally-directed porn then check this out! Feel free to read through and PM me your request.

    Current state of the union of Lizzi: Shaved pussy (not waxed), 145lbs, 5'5", pale (not currently tanning!)


  • Silver jewel butt plug - small

  • Fox tail butt plug

  • Glass Dildo

  • Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator

  • Realistic Dildo

  • Monster realistic dildo - BJ/HJ only!


  • Tank tops, denim mini skirts, jeans, tshirts, dresses, heels, basic outfits
  • Maid costume - dress and headpiece

  • Nurse costume - dress only

  • Black fishnets, black sheet stockings, nude stockings, leggings, yoga pants, thigh highs, black garter belt, white garter belt, bras.

    What I can do in the video!

  • Masturbate with fingers/toys
  • JOI
  • Domination - sph, joi, cei, cbt, sissification, cuckold, etc
  • Anal masturbation with plugs/fingers only
  • Roleplay - incest, age play (18+), maid, etc
  • Voyeurism
  • Show face
  • Don't see your fetish? Ask :)

    What I won't do:

  • Anal masturbation with dildos (plugs and fingers only)
  • Bestiality, crushing, blood play, anything illegal
  • Scat/piss play (voyeurism ok)
  • Choking/gagging/rough penetration, etc


  • Non-exclusive (will not use your name and the video can be resold as a premade): $65/10mins, $5/min per each additional minute.

  • Exclusive (video may include your name and will not be resold to anyone else): $100/10mins, $7/min per each additional minute.

    Payment options

  • Venmo (US only)(instant)
  • Bitcoin (international)(instant)
  • Giftrocket (US only)(takes 2-4 business days)
  • Paypal (international)(takes 2-4 business days)
  • Amazon gift card +$5 (international)(instant)


  • Delivered via a DropBox link, and the video is downloadable :) Delivered no later than within 1 week of receiving payment.

u/AlluringApril · 1 pointr/Sexsells


I am very picture and video heavy! I'm definitely worth your time. ;)

Text + Pics/Vids:

  • 15 minutes- $30
  • 30 minutes- $60
  • 45 minutes- $85
  • 60 minutes- $105


    Snap- NEW

    I love to take pictures! My snap will have between 5-15 pictures a day!

  • 1 week- $10
  • 1 Month- $30
  • 6 Months- $70



    I am very talkative and love to send lots of photos and videos! I have a fun side and a naughty side. ;) I am a geek and make jokes a lot, but I can also be the biggest slut. Let me be your GF for however long you desire!

  • 1 Day: $85
  • 2 Days: $135
  • 3 Days: $185
  • 4 Days: $235 5 minute long custom video included
  • 5 Days: $285
  • 6 Days: $335
  • 7 Days: $360- Do you need lots of attention and nudes? This package comes with all of the above, plus a 10 minute long custom video!



    I will be completely honest about your cock. Don't be shy. ;) All ratings are about 2-3 minutes long and detailed.

  • Text Rating- $10
  • Kik Video Rating- $20
  • +$5
    (I'll get completely naked and play with myself while I talk to you)
  • Custom Video Cock Rating- $30 (For special requests such as specific clothing)
  • SUPER Special Cock Rating ❤️- $100 (PM me for more details 😉)
  • Double Trouble (me and /u/SexyChloeS for $15 for text each or $30 for pic/video each)(check for availability)



  • Strip Tease Pic Set with 21 pics- $20
  • Edge All Day and Get Release (3 mins)- $5


    Fetish and/or Dom/Sub

    I’m open to most fetishes, but I will not do:

  • Scat
  • Scarification
  • Mutilation
  • Vomit
  • Humiliation (on me)


    Custom Videos

    Custom videos take up to 24 hours for delivery via Google Docs.

    Any videos exceeding these limits will have higher pricing due to length of time. Any content that deserves extra time for preparation and special content to make will have an extra charge.

  • 1-2 minutes- $20
  • 3-5 minutes- $60
  • 6-8 minutes- $90


    Virtual Goodies:

  • Get 5 random NSFW pics for $5
  • Get a single fan sign for $10 (your username)
  • Bodywriting (your username) for $15- added words +$2 each.
  • Get a limited customized 30s-1m video for $15
  • Add name to video for +$5
  • Custom pictures- $3 per picture



  • *Square cash [iTunes] ( / [Android] (
  • *Circle [iTunes] ( / [Android] (
  • *[Crypto] ( BTC/XRP/ETH
  • *[Amazon] (



    Terms and Conditions

  • I do not meet in person for any reason. This is for my protection, and I will not reconsider.

  • If you are a new client and contact me via Kik or Snapchat before discussing the terms of your session or service on Reddit, it will result in an immediate BLOCK!


u/WetHotAmericanSasha · 1 pointr/Sexsells




Hypersexual MILF-next-door, here to shake up your routine! Red hair, small boobies with pinchable nipples, and an ass that loves to be spanked! I have toys that rock my world(dildos, vibrators, plugs, clamps, wooden spoon, hitachi..), but the soft touch of my hand can do amazing things! I love to role play or chill out and have a laid-back mutual orgasm. I am always open-minded and sex-positive!*


KIK $2/min

SKYPE $5/min

VIDEO $7/min


  • PM- $10
  • video- $25

    Accepted payment methods

  • *Amazon gift card**
  • *Giftrocket

    ( = advanced scheduling and/or fee apply)

    I use a Logitech C920 webcam for Skype shows, and a Canon Vixia for custom videos. All of my services include showing face, except for a PM cock rating. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone I don't feel comfortable working with. Refunds are solely at my discretion (I am a fair person). 18+ only.

u/AnikaSnow · 1 pointr/Sexsells

Have you been missing your Anika fix? I'm back from hiatus and feeling extra bratty. Get that cock ready & check out some of my weekend specials.

Weekend Specials

  • Skype & Kik sessions over 15mins get extra minutes or HQ Videos
  • Kik Ratings get one free Add-on
    -HQ Video Ratings get 2 free Add-ons


    Live Kik Session (kik: msanikasnow)

    Want to get naughty on the go? Let's enjoy a two-way sexting session. Sessions are 15minues or longer and are photo & video heavy.

    $30-15mins // $40-20mins // $60-30mins // $80-40mins

    Lets Kik it, PM me Now!


    Cock & Body Ratings

    Ever wanted girls honest opinion of what you've got going on? Or maybe you're just dying to show someone your latest dick pic. Either way, send them my way & I'll let you know what I think. I'm more than happy to give you my honest opinion or stroke your ego ... maybe even crush it, if that's what you're into.

    Rating Types: Text $10 / Phone Vid $25 / HQ Vid $50
    Rating Styles: Honest / Worship / Humiliating
    Dress: My Choice / Topless + $5 / Nakie + $10


  • Worship/Humiliating + $5
  • Full Body Rating + $10
  • Dirty Talk about your Cock + $10
  • Cumshot / tribute Rating + $10
  • Handfull of warm-up materials (5photos) + $5
  • 10min Skype or Kik, directly following the rating + $25
  • Join my Big Dicks/ Little Dicks Hall of Fame +$10
  • Get Exposed on Snapchat, Twitter My Site or My Sub +$10

    Ready to Order? PM me Now!


    Skype Shows (skype: anika.snow)

    Get me all to yourself for some naughty one-on-one fun. I've been told I'm a delightfully bratty tease, sure to tickle even the most discerning pickle.
    (skype: anika.snow)

    Shows include:
    My glowing personality in HD // Full face, Logitech C930e, High-speed Internet & Studio Lighting // Toys, Roleplay & Fetish oh my.

    Rates: (100% teasing fun)
    $35-10mins // $50-15mins // $65-20mins // $90-30mins

    Ready to Play?


    Vanilla & Fetish Themes I Enjoy:
    Striptease ● Dirty Talk ● Basic Play (Toys/Fingers) ● Guided Masturbation (JOE, JOI, CEI) ● Oil & Shower Play ● Bratty Teasing ● Foot Fetish/Worship ● CFNM ● Cum Countdowns ● Balloon Fetish (B2P, NonPop, etc)

    Femdom Themes I enjoy:
    Bratty Femdom, CBT (Cock & Ball Torture), CEI, Chastity, Cuckolding Scenarios, Domination, Edging, Financial Domination, Forced bi Fantasy, Goddess Worship (Ass, Body, Feet, Legs, Lingerie, Tits etc), Homewrecker, JOE (jerk off encouragement), JOI (jerk off instructions), SPH (Small Penis Humiliation), Tease & Denial

    No List: Anal, Squirting, large insertions, smoking, bathroom things, ect


    Payments: LiveCamModelShows, IndieBill or
    CamModelDirectory or
    - More Options

    Other Services:
    CamShows | Live Kik + K4L | Ratings | Custom Content | Premade Content | Worn Items | [Girlfriend Experiences] | Current Specials

u/ctothehandra · 1 pointr/Sexsells

Hi! My name is Chandra, I film in FULL HD and I love to tease and please you. I leave for a 3 week vacation on Tuesday and want to satisfy your needs before I leave! I'm a petite blonde, 24 years old and a girl-next-door type, with a naughty side! Will you join me for some fun? See below for custom video and skype show details!

Skype: ctothehandra

Timezone: Central European Time (5 hours ahead of EST-Toronto/New York)


Service | Bitcoin | Credit Card | Amazon
Live Skype Show | $1.5/min | $2/min | $3/min
Custom Video | $3/min | $4/min | $5/min

Via my CamModelDirectory profile

Message me for video length & content requests!

What I do

  • show my face
  • strip tease
  • roleplay
  • JOI
  • masturbation (with & without toys), spanking
  • butt plug
  • panty stuffing
  • closeups

    Want something not listed here? Don’t be afraid to ask! I'm open and will consider requests.

    How it works

    Add me on Skype, tell me how long a show you want and if you have any requests. I will call you briefly to verify myself and do a quality check. I will give you my payment info, await confirmation, and we start! Don't want me to see you? That's cool. Want me to see you? That's cool too. You can talk or type to me to direct me during the show, but please be respectful at all times.
u/XXXcitedBrunette · 1 pointr/Sexsells

Lolli & Ring Pops

All candy is buy 2 get 1 free. Includes 1 min video of me playing with them in the hole of your choice and are shipped via priority US domestic (1-3 day shipping) w/ discreet packaging. Flavor prefrences are taken into consideration but not guaranteed.


  • Mouth / $10
  • Pussy / $13
  • Ass / $15

    Ring Pops:

  • Mouth / $10
  • Pussy / $15
  • Ass / $25


    Dipped Pipes:

    2 different pipes to choose from, smaller is $45 and the larger sherlock is $60.


  • Pussy Dipping
  • 1 min Pipe Masturbation Vid
  • Sealed Packaging
  • US Priority Shipping w/ Sweet & Descreet Packaging
  • Tracking Number (when asked)

    $5 Add Ons:

  • extra orgasm
  • sexy note

    $10 Add Ons:

  • Ass Dipped
  • Whole Pipe Pussy Stuffing (little only)



    Whatever you pick out will be covered in grool and cum. I produce a lot and have had my scent described as strong and sweet.

  • 2 Day Wear
  • 1 Workout
  • 1 Orgasm
  • Sealed Packaging
  • US 1-3 Day Shipping w/ Sweet & Descreet Packaging
  • Tracking Number (when asked)

    Panty Options:

    Cotton Cheekies: $20

  • White - one left! SOLD OUT!!
  • Black
  • Striped Panties w/Striped Gusset

    Sexy CK's: $45 Nylon CK's w/Cotton Gusset: G-Strings and Full Panties Available - no purple thong

    $5 Add Ons:

  • 5 pics (2 gusset & 3 in panties)
  • Ass Scented
  • 3 Panty w/ Face Pics
  • Extra Orgasm or Workout
  • Sexy Note
  • Gusset Stuffing

    $10 Add Ons:

  • extra day
  • 5 photo set in panties w/face
  • gusset stuffing (+5 pics)
  • whole panty stuffing (thong only)

    $15 Add Ons:

  • 10 photo set in panties w/face
  • 1-2 min masturbation vid
  • ass gusset stuffing (+5 pics)
  • gusset stuffing & orgasm (+5 pics)
  • pee on panties before packaging


    Payment Info:

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Circle, Giftrocket,, & SextPanther ($5 off when you sign up)
  • $10 or 20% surcharge: IndieBill, US Amazon, CMD, iWantClips, & Clips4Sale
  • Read all policies before sending payment
  • More free content and sales: r/XXXcitedBrunette, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Message me first with exactly what you'd like to purchase and your prefered payment method for a free premade
u/asianpantygirl · 1 pointr/Sexsells


Please let me know what you are interested in and PM me.

Other items:

u/LatteLala · 1 pointr/Sexsells

In this 10 scene compilation you’ll see how much I enjoy sucking and fucking my big toys. Deepthroating, gagging, moaning and begging for cum as I slide my pretty lips up and down big, girthy cocks. Watch me cum for multiple guys, screaming their names while I pleasure my slut pussy for them. I wear my butt plug while my pussy creams on my long white dildo and gets stretched by my thick black one. In the end I take a little tinkle to relieve myself after pounding my pussy so fucking good.

720p | 1 hour, 11 minutes and 49 seconds

Payment methods:

u/tryingtorelocate · 1 pointr/Sexsells

General Info

  • Skype: Sexy.Chloe.Sells
  • $5/minute, 5 minute minimum up to 20 minute maximum
  • I'm available tonight until 11pm CST (-6GMT)
  • I use the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p
  • Do not send payment before talking to me
  • I do keep a timer on our time together, I will give you a two-minute warning before our time is up, and I will hang up when my timer goes off.

    Paymet Types

    Google Wallet|[email protected]|-
    SquareCash|$sexychloesells|5 free custom pics with purchase of $50+
    Amazon|[email protected]|+15% processing fee

    Special Requests

  • I'm currently wearing the clothes pictured.
  • I have a hitachi and bullet ready to play with.
  • If you are a no-show (I will try to contact you for the first 10 minutes of our scheduled time together) or cancel within two hours of the show, I will not issue a refund
  • We will discuss what you want before the session and if you have surprise requests during the show, they will be ignored

    Cancelation Policy

  • If you cancel with 2 hours or more before the show, we can reschedule for sometime during the next 7 days
  • If I cancel a show you can reschedule for a different time within the next 14 days. If you do not reschedule I will issue a 75% refund
  • If you finish early or leaving the show before your allotted time the remaining money is considered a tip

    Hard Limits & Favorite Fetishes

    Hard Limits|Curious About|Favorite Fetishes
    Scat (except in bathroom diary)|18+ Age play|Humiliation
    Permanent Markings|Pet play|SPH, JOI, CEI, CBT
    Blood Play|Simulated blackmail|Public/Semi-public play
    Knife Play|Simulated incest|Forced bi
    Playing in/Drinking Urine|18+ Mommy play|FemDomme
    Extreme Pain|Forced Intox|FinDomme
    Real Incest|-|Body worship
    Bestiality (although I will do anthro animals)|-|Roleplaying
    Playing the submissive|-|Feminization and Sissification
    Show nudity to subs|-|Edging, orgasm control/denial, and ruined orgasms

    Extra Fees

  • If your show is going to require extensive set-up (makeup, props, scripting, etc) I require a $20(+) charge. Exact prices vary depending on what you want.
  • If you want a messy show (involving food, ruining my makeup, etc) there is an additional charge of $25
  • If you wish for me to wear or use an item that I do not own, you are responsible for purchasing that item


    Do not take screenshots of or record my shows. This will result in immediate termination of your show and be being banned from working with me again.

    xoxo, /r/chloesells