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u/Dmacca666 · 3 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

My friend had one of these a few years back. It was a survival calendar with mostly daft tips in it. Was very funny.

u/brando56894 · 2 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

Excellently put! I recently learned a lot of that from a self-help audio book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson, who pretty much said the same thing as above. Once you stop largely caring about how you measure up to others and worrying about how they perceive you, it's a big load off of your mind. As he puts it "there are only so many fucks I can give in one day, so I reserve them for the things that I truly give a fuck about", essentially, don't concern yourself with petty bullshit and you'll be a happier person.

u/Sanders0492 · 5 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

It’s also an implementation of optimal stopping! It’s the first chapter in a book I’m reading called Algorithms To Live By.

The book is pretty neat so far, so I’d say it’s $12 worth spending, even if you hate to read and only skim through a few pages every other week (like me). It’s an easy-reading type of book, and doesn’t really go in to technical jargon.

u/EndlessDelusion · 1 pointr/ShittyLifeProTips

There is a book by Maddox based on this, that you may like to read

u/sockpuppet5 · 4 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

Just make sure you get the right type.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

Just in case you're not lying, (which you are), Here is my real book.

u/NichoNico · 46 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

Thousands of people have bought them - decent ratings

>The Get Lost Wasp is a simulated wasp nest which acts on wasps' instinctual and territorial behavior. Most species of wasps have a natural tendency to avoid nesting within a 200 ft. radius of a competing colony. Wasps also tend to patrol no further from their nest than this same 200 ft. radius. The Get Lost Wasp acts as a first line of defense in the pest management of your property by simulating that the area is already claimed by an existing colony of wasps.