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u/Odow · 8 pointsr/SiberianCats

congratz !! :D

Our siberian favorite toy is this one

He absolutely LOVES it, he hides, he plays, he plots against us in there, the wrinkly sound make it super fun for him, and it's extremely robust couldn't find a single tear even with him putting is claw through it.

for a cat tree, it's better that you invest more money in a basic one, than paying for a cheap huge tree, siberian are BIG cats that LOVES to climb and jump and he will throw himself on it and you don't want an accident happening. Molyy and friends does amazing tree, we bought this one

It think he would have love one that his higher than this one but they get pricier, He's spending 80% of his time on it. the top bunk is his bed, he love to run and jump through the loop, playing pick a boo in there, and it comes with the scratching post that is high enough for him to stretch plainly.

this brush is a must have, not a choice YOU NEED IT, Siberian need good brushing often to avoid painful matted fur, get him use to being brush EVERYWHERE very young (especially the butt, and under his "armpits")

Best laser toy ever. you don't have to keep your finger on the button for it to work, it's super bright, and the cat will recognized the toy when he sees it before of it's bright color. we just need to say " Gaspachio wanna play ?" and show him the paws and he starts puring and getting ready to hunt. Make sure to train him to play with laser when he's young by rewarding it at the end of a session with a treat and making him stop on toy (so he has the feeling for catching something) after a few month he will have understand that the red dot CANNOT be catch, it's just fun to run after, and you won't have any mental issue with the cat.

This window bed is super strong, at first we though he didn't like it because we didn't saw him on it, then we realized he's always on it during the day when we're not home. And when we start pulling the curtain over it he starts going even more often since it's an "hidden place"

Absolutely NEVER feed you cat with crap cheap brand, if you can afford a 1k cat you can afford good food and treat for it. and brush his teeth regularly.

Also, plenty of soft hugs <3

u/jsmith2447 · 6 pointsr/SiberianCats

The Molly and Friends tree looks nice but if you're going to spend $350 on a cat tree you could also check out Contempocat:
We splurged on our floor to ceiling cat tree for the same reasons Odow mentioned: Our Siberians are rowdy and play rough on it, plus they're around 10 lbs already and they're only 9 months old. If you chose this breed for the hypoallergenic factor then you can get the planks without the carpet material which is nice, and it's all handmade from actual wood so it will last a long time.

For a scratching post we picked up this one:
They both love it and seem to favor it over the vertical one we bought.

I second the window hammock! We got a similar one:
The girls will often jump from the top of their tree (ceiling height) 4 feet down onto the window hammock and so far it has held up, even with both lounging in it at the same time.

Another thing to check out is an exercise wheel. We don't let our girls outside so they tend to have a lot of pent up energy. We picked up this cat wheel for around $450:
It was really easy to train and it gets used daily, plus they sleep much better once they've had a run!

Another great "hunting" toy is this fishing pole type retractable wand:
They go straight up COOKYDOOKS for this thing! I also picked up a pack of feathers so they could have some variety as well as the inevitable destruction of them:

The FURminator works well for one of my girls but not so great for the other one. I found a comb called the Greyhound comb:
There are lots of "Greyhound Style" combs out there so it's up to you if you want a knockoff. That website also has some nice grooming products. I just picked up the Essentials Travel Kit to try and I gotta say, they looked quite glamorous!

I hope all of those links work, I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to commenting on Reddit cause I mostly just lurk. Congrats on your new floof, they are SO affectionate and fun!!

u/postc88 · 7 pointsr/SiberianCats

Congratulations! Our siberian is about 1.5 years old now and has been an incredible cat and great experience for us. Here's a couple points from my perspective and experience:

  1. Establish a consistent feeding schedule and plan for how you'll approach food with your kitten. Your breeder should be able to help with this - understand what food to start them on initially, how frequently and when to give them food, and then in the next 6-9 months where you're trying to take them food wise (off kitten food, to what kind of feeding plan). Changes in diet can impact their stomachs and behavior so it's good to have a plan here.

  2. Change their litter box daily. Having this clean will help ensure the kitten uses it. I've never had any issues with our kitten on this which is a great breed trait.

  3. Get a good combing comb for grooming. You'll want one that is specific for dematting, they tend to get matts in their fur due to their long coats. Something like this one: You'll also likely want to find a local cat groomer as their matting may require an occasional grooming and this will avoid any issues with their litter box and long fur as well. We have ours groomed on a 3x per year cadence and have found a groomer that will come to our house which is nice.

  4. Early on, if you're bringing just one kitten home, give them a ton of attention. Siberians are very social and will look to be around you all the time and to ensure the kitten develops to be social and friendly i'd recommend adhering to this. Between my wife and i and our 2 roommates, for the first 3 months or so we tried to have someone with the kitten at all times more or less. Get some good toys - a mix of bird like toys (with feathers on a string) and balls they can chase are likely best. They all love this thing too:

  5. After 1-2 weeks at home, gradually begin to increase their interaction with
    strangers and introduce them to people. This worked well with our kitten to make him very social and unafraid of visitors at our home.

    Those are my thoughts! Feel free to post any specific questions as they arise.
u/zangelbertbingledack · 2 pointsr/SiberianCats

I've bought a ton of toys for our kitten in the last few months, but these are his absolute favorites: Bergan Turbo Scratcher, a crinkle tube like this one, Cat Dancer, and the Go Cat mouse on a string toy. With the Go Cat mouse toy especially, he definitely lets you know he loves that toy. It's the only one he never ignores and the only one he will pick up in his mouth and carry to his "den" like it's real prey.

We also got him a fluffy mouse puppet that he loves to wrestle with. I might just be projecting, but it seems like it kind of makes up for the lack of another furry companion to play with. Bonus points: it lets you play hands-on without getting your hands scratched up.

The bitter apple spray doesn't seem to deter our cat much, but liberal application of Sticky Paws (double sided tape) and taping loose cords to the wall helps keep him away from scratching and biting things he shouldn't be messing with.

Also, if you have house plants, look them up to make sure they aren't toxic to cats. The kitten's interest in chewing on plants may vary, of course, but ours loves chewing and climbing on plants. The ASPCA has the most comprehensive list of plants that are toxic to pets.

u/meowcatninja · 5 pointsr/SiberianCats

As a first time cat owner I found this book to be very helpful and informative.

Get a large scratching post, I have this one and my kitty loves it, you can also get a attachment for the top to make it a perch, its my kitties favorite place to window watch.

At the Dollar Tree by me you can get a roll of brown packing paper for a $1, I unroll it in my living room and it's one of Sophies favorite play things. I'll replace it ever couple weeks.

Getting a tunnel is also a great idea, its a place for them to hide and stalk toys from, Sophie loves to dive bomb into hers, its quite funny.

u/JustCallMeVee · 1 pointr/SiberianCats

This is the one that I use:

Monster Shed
Oster ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool for Medium to Long Coats

It is a really great value, and it has rounded edges so that it doesn't hurt the cat. It kind of becomes more of a massage then the torture of being groomed. My Gizmo really does very good with tolerating this. I use the FURminator on her when she was a kitten and she liked it for about a week or so. Now when I try to use it she gets really pissed off at me. I have much better luck using the Monster Shed on her. Gizmo's groomer uses just a regular grooming comb and she's been growing for 30 years so she really knows how to deshed cats very very well I'm using just a grooming comb. Since I'm not a professional groomer and I'm not all that big into manhandling my cat just to get her groomed I use the Monster Shed on her because I don't have to fight her as badly. I highly recommend this as it's the best bang for your buck. It does a phenomenal job in removing the undercoat and your cats will not be angry at you.

u/ArmenianCorn · 2 pointsr/SiberianCats

yes! our is an amazon basics tree. here is the link:

it seems sturdy enough but i really wont know until she is older. she does really love her cat condo though. hope this helps!

u/ambergeva · 3 pointsr/SiberianCats

Food puzzles ! I give our girl a treat dispensing ball with treats in it to keep her occupied - keeps them mentally stimulated and gets a bit of exercise in too. We have one that you can change the difficulty level in, and I also put a small weight in it to throw the balance off and keep it unpredictable for her.
We started her on easy puzzles like a toilet roll with the ends covered and a hole in it to get her used to having to fossick / problem solve. Then you can move onto more advanced puzzles !
There are a whole bunch of websites if u want to make your own out of boxes etc, otherwise there are some very cheap ones on amazon.
This I the one we have and mishka loves it

cat puzzle

u/HalfEvilHomer · 7 pointsr/SiberianCats

We use a water fountain for Thor. He i had the same problem with a bowl and now it's fine.

We also noticed he drank a whole lot more as well! We have this one....

Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs

u/Selky_Splat · 3 pointsr/SiberianCats

Chiming in with another cat water fountain rec:

Its stainless steel and dishwasher safe. We wash it then replace the water once a week. Our cat started out drinking from the reservoir part but now she only drinks from the burbling part. Haven't had any problems with wet neck ruff

u/serenepoppy · 1 pointr/SiberianCats

My boyfriend's family has had mixed results with their furminator.

It works wonderfully on the one cat that often has trouble cleaning itself. She has very fine, soft, copious fur and it's too long for her to be able to get her bib.

However, it seems to take too much hair off the other cat - she already overgrooms herself and the furminator seems to contribute to her loosing her fur. They've taken her to various vets and the general opinion seemed to be avoid brushing the tail or other parts where she's loosing fur. They use a brush like this one on her now and she seems to be doing better.

It seems to depend on the cat =/

u/TokenMenses · 3 pointsr/SiberianCats

One of my sibs is prone to tangles and mats. I brush both every night with this:

Li'l Pals Kitten Slicker Brush with Coated Tip Pins

I like the coated tips because it feels less risky when brushing around the butt and backs of legs.

My main suggestion is to just brush really frequently so nothing too serious builds up.

u/miriah15 · 1 pointr/SiberianCats

I got this one three years ago and it’s holds my 14lb Siberian no problem. Suction cups do a great job