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u/JOBAfunky · 1 pointr/SilverSmith

Totally, you can sand flask cast or even just spend $20 on some investment and carve into that. That's how I made this one:
Not perfect but for my first one, not bad either. There's also permanent iron molds that you can get for making variable sized flat bars and round bars for wire drawing. You can also get draw plates for a lot less than $100. Of course the best thing you can do before spending on equipment is educate yourself. So make the first $8.50 you spend on casting be on this book:

If you are ready to get some equipment, then just ask us where. Good suppliers are an asset.

u/EvergreenBipolar · 3 pointsr/SilverSmith

My acetylene/oxygen tanks sit in a very compact plastic holder they sell with the bottles and take up no more than about one square foot of floor space. By the time you add the regulators and come up with some way to secure the disposable bottles, I don't think you will gain much extra space.

Do you already have hand held butane torches? For simple tasks with pieces that weigh less than a half an ounce, I don't bother to use my Smith little torch.

I use this one the most.

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

u/seven-ate-nine · 3 pointsr/SilverSmith

For me silversmithing means large objects like vases and bread baskets. I'm just assuming you mean silver jewellery making. If it's jewellery making you are talking about, this would be a really good book.

u/k_r_oscuro · 1 pointr/SilverSmith

As much as humanly possible!

Here are a couple of sets on Amazon:



If you buy a set, you may only ever use a couple of them. Make your own, and you can form them to fit your needs.