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u/NorthStarZero · 4 pointsr/Skookum

OK, the first and most important book by a mile is The Machinery's Handbook

This is the standard reference for all things machining. You cannot live without this book. It is pricy, but it is worth its weight in gold.

The next is any of the Audel books - like this one

u/ZPrimed · 12 pointsr/Skookum

Protip: You can trim down the links from Amazon to get rid of all the extra garbage, just delete everything after the section after "dp". So for your second link above, you'd have "/dp/B06XXNP6M8" and leave it there.

You can actually eliminate everything before the /dp/ as well...

Apparenly Amazon also has its own link shortener, so if you need it even more slim, you can drop down to this:

But ironically, when they expand that URL, they add garbage to the end of it 🤣

(These are all the same product as your second link.)

u/skallagrime · 5 pointsr/Skookum

If the pallets are relatively uniform I'd go with building a jig and using a hammer

But for least setup, the "catspaw" others mentioned is the right tools (technically not sure if this is a catspaw, but it's what you want)

(Crescent 56 Home Hand Tools Nail Pullers

u/ang0896 · 1 pointr/Skookum

Even cheaper on Amazon. I really like this knife. Carry it ever day.

u/kemikos · 5 pointsr/Skookum

Mine are the Stanley model; they work the same way but they have a lever that unlocks them like a pair of vise-grips. I think they're a little quicker/easier to use one-handed than the ones in the OP's picture, but the function should be the same.

Edit: here ya go.

u/Viper9087 · 9 pointsr/Skookum


But you can't have it.
See the name on it?
It says it's mine!
So please mail it to me after you purchase.

u/progeriababy · 4 pointsr/Skookum

There are no modern versions. There is something kind of similar though... Pocket Ref (

If you're a tinkering type, this reference book is amazing. Every millwright/machinist/DIY guy I know owns a copy.

u/JPhi1618 · 17 pointsr/Skookum

Reviews here are pretty bad.

A few of the 5 star reviews are invalid, should have like 2 star average.

u/uglymud · 2 pointsr/Skookum

Proferred T10001 Mining Adjustable Wrench with Hammer, Chrome Finish, 12"

u/HerbertTarlek · 20 pointsr/Skookum

Mine are Stanley brand from Amazon, and Sears sells a Craftsman model that appears to be similar. Obviously these are both US sellers but I'd think they're also available in Europe either under one of those brands or another.

u/SaintNewts · 1 pointr/Skookum

I had to replace the front passenger hub assembly on my wife's minivan. The bearing nut came off with no problems and I thought that was going to be the bear. Nope. One of the brake caliper support bolts would NOT budge even with my impact and a half a can of PB Blaster. Eventually got it off after heating up the housing around the bolt with some MAPP propylene gas. That thing was ON there.

u/FokkerBoombass · 1 pointr/Skookum

I posted something similar a while ago, you might find some more information there. Basically it's supposed to work very well with rusty and already fucked nuts and also double as vise grips in a pinch (pun not intended)

Here's a Stanley one on Amazon.