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u/KillerCoati · 1 pointr/Smite

You seem to be under the impression that these chests are just for chirty. Let me clear that up for you: "Every purchase of the Holiday chest contributes $1 to the Child's Play Charity." That's 1 dollar Hi Rez are willing to give for every 400 gems spent on a chest. To put that into perspective, if you were to buy 400 gems it would cost you £5.60 here in the UK ( $1 is around 75p. The Holiday chests, while giving a small fraction of their income to charity, are still sold primarily for a profit making the entire think about "it's for charity" an irrelevant argument. And while you're arguing it's only using an ingame currency obtainable for free, the sheer amound of time needed to dedicate to getting those for free means it isn't reasonable to expect people to do so (it'd take logging onto Smite every single day without fail for 2 months just to get 1 'free' chest roll, so if you wanted the Scylla skin in particular, you'd potentially need to do that for well over 2 years just to get it...and even then they add more to the chest every year so that time is probably going to increase), therefore it makes that argument completely irrelevant too. Plus, like I said in my previous post, I don't buy chests like this because they're a ridiculous price, so I'm not sure why you're going on about it as if I'm somehow hard done to. I'm not. It's a cosmetic item I'd like, but I can happily live without it. All I've done is state what good business practice should be and how Hi Rez's business strategy can be improved to benefit its players while still maintaining equal profits. Option 1 - Price 400 gems meaning only you bought it out the 2 of us. I and a lot of others are annoyed by their decision for ridiculously priced chests meaning a bad rep for the game. Option 2 - Price 200 gems - We both buy the chest, Hi Rez received the same amount of money, but now a lot more of its players are happy because there are no stupidly priced chests. I'm not saying in reality it's as black and white as that, but at the end of the day chose option 1 meaning people are annoyed with them and things only change by people are vocal about the problems.

Also, as you seem to be so focused on the fact the chests in question give a small fraction of their earnings to charity, if you think that's something to be proud of in regards to Child's Play, that's just laughable. If I wanted to support a charity, I would do so. I certainly don't need to justify it by getting something in return on a game I play and I certainly wouldn't be giving it to the waste of money that is Child's Play. When there are uncountable charities out their desperate for funds to help children dying across the world from things like starvation, malnutrition, lack of clean water, curable disease, living in disaster or war zone, Child's Play think instead of using the money to help those children who really need it, it's better spent on a game for a child already receiving medical care in a hospital. It's frankly a joke of a charity

thought I'd just address this too as I didn't in my previous reply and I feel this needs pointing out...

>The beauty of it is that HiRez doesn't have to explain ANYTHING to you since you're in the minority. think I'm "in the minority" for not buying the chest? You're actually delusional

u/Tvacgamer · 1 pointr/Smite
  • Record 1 video of in-game content featuring your favorite in-game character.
  • Go to the SMITE page.
  • Scroll down the page and click "Write a Customer Review".
  • Follow the video review instructions, and make sure your video review title says "SMITE Hall of Heroes by [SMITE User ID]". Write a short paragraph explaining why you play SMITE and why you battle with your favorite character. Preview and submit your video.

u/Shamrot · 1 pointr/Smite

You know what? I am absolutely convinced that you've already attempted to look up her origins, and have found multiple mentions of her being an Irish god. I'm willing to bet you have absolutely no need for me to provide you with sources, and are just clinging on to hope that I won't provide sources, just so you can somehow "win" the argument. But fuck it, this is a fantastic mythology full of beautiful writing, so I'll compile some links for my own personal use to share with others while also showing you here...


Her name is an Irish name, so that's a good place to start.

The Morrigan is a triple-deity, all three deities also being Irish. Babh (the Irish word for "crow"), Irish goddess Anu, and then Macha, another Irish word. One of the better books on the subject of the three would be this.

Her "race", for want of a better word, is that of the Tuatha dé Denann (more Irish words), and after a good 5 mins of searching I've found a few dozen references to them as being Irish, and not one suggesting otherwise.

To add to this, the only reason she is notable above any other god is her association with the Hercules of Irish mythology, Cú Chulainn (The Irish for "Hound of Chullainn). The most well known image of The Morrigan is that of her in crow form over his dead body, after previously warning him of his impending death. Not so much relevant to examining her origins, but just adding even more connections with Ireland to build on the sources you're pretending to need.

You want some more books to read? Try this, this, this, or these.


Now obviously these sources vary in their usefulness, I personally despise using Wikipedia as a source, but I'm not here to do your homework, that's what's convenient for me right now. What I've provided are multiple instances of The Morrigan being referred to as Irish, to the Irish etymology of her name, and the Irishness of other gods associated with her.

I could link to about 100 more books, a dozen more wikipedia entires, or thousands of online references of varying usefulness, all of which refer to her as an Irish goddess, but as I've already established, I am not offering contrarian opinions that differ from the accepted knowledge of scholars and regular Irish folk who were brought up on this stuff. That would be you, the one demanding sources for accepted knowledge while not providing anything to suggest otherwise.

I have no doubt that you will read these sources and become an expert on Irish mythology in the days to come. You are sincerely welcome.

u/HiRezWeiss · 1 pointr/Smite

Sticking to specific design principles in code is a recipe for pain. It's easier to adapt to pre-existing style in the case of something like UE3 than it is to adapt UE3 to specific design principles. While it's certainly good to be familiar with common patterns (Design Patterns and Code Complete are two of the more common books I see in this regard), being flexible and ready to adapt to a pre-existing code style is going to be infinitely more useful.

In that situation, you're still going to learn more on the job than in school, and that's hard to avoid.

u/notquiteclark · 3 pointsr/Smite

Arthurian myths are just the result of Christian colonialism on Britannia’s 6 Celtic faith cultures (Irish, Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Manx and Breton)
Meaning we are already in Christian territory and literary non worshipped territory.

And if we getting historical fun fact- Celtic law and cultural writings show close correlation to Vedic texts and their deities.


u/Zackavious · 2 pointsr/Smite

You can buy it on Amazon. Go to your local store (QFC, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, 7-11,Walmart, Safeway) and buy the 3 pack of 10 dollar amazon gift cards(Or just a 30 dollar amazon gift card). That's how I did it because I was card-less at the time.

u/mattsams · 1 pointr/Smite

I kept getting the same error a while ago so I just started buying gem codes on Amazon. I've bought three packs at this point without issues. As far as I know, it's no different than buying gems from the in game shop (well, there's an extra step or two, but still). Once you buy the pack, you'll have to go through the download process to get a file with the gem code. Copy the code, go to your client, and go to the store. Select "redeem promotional code" and paste the code. Hope that helps.

u/AmorphousGamer · 1 pointr/Smite

I've read an abridged version of Journey to the West, but it leaves out entire chapters. It's only good for a general gist of the story, but the translation was quite nice. I was actually doing some research to find a more fully-translated version. Are you reading a translated version? If so, I'd like to be directed to it, as it's been proving quite difficult to get information about what exactly the translators have translated. This is the version I read.

u/ctharvey · 2 pointsr/Smite

You can transfer money into a bank account from mturk.

Conversely you can actually buy gems with amazon gift cards:


u/Quantieme · 1 pointr/Smite

This kind of mic may be for you:

I haven't used it myself but it seems to be rated pretty well, and is quite cheap. I used to have mic you put on your desk but it sucked.

u/nick-not-found · 1 pointr/Smite

Why not try a power outlet based network? You put one end into a power outlet and plug it to the router via LAN cable, then put the other one near the console, then plug the console into that one with another LAN cable. Unless you have power fluctuations that should be a very stable connection.


u/SmiteStuffGirl · 21 pointsr/Smite

Gems are the 'in game currency' of Smite, which can be bought for real life currency. They allow the player to buy premium content such as skins and voice packs and are therefore the best option of what to buy for a Smite player.

I believe you can purchase gem codes on US Amazon (never tried it) or if outside the US you will probably have to sign up for the game and purchase those gems directly from the in game store as a 'gift' and input that persons in-game name.

EDIT: I think gems are the equivalent of 'Riot Points', if that makes it clearer.

u/syriquez · 2 pointsr/Smite

Der Untergang for the original title. Downfall for the (what I assume to be) international title. Amazon Link.

u/IgnisFatuus360 · 1 pointr/Smite

I'm sure because I gave them the link for it and the link is this one

u/Globol · 3 pointsr/Smite

We bought these on sale from Amazon but here is a link :D

Copic Premium Artist Markers - 72 color Set A - Intermediate Level
Copic I72B Ciao Markers Set B, 72-Piece

If you want to see more of her art using those markers she has recently posting a lot of videos with them!

u/Onai318 · 1 pointr/Smite

amazon has gem codes if i'm not mistaken

EDIT: here is the $24.99 USD one

However it does say only available for residents of the US. Not sure if you'd be able to get passed that somehow.

u/Dr_Cynosure · 2 pointsr/Smite

Apparently you can, i just looked it up. The game is downloadable from amazon

u/dessert-er · 3 pointsr/Smite

Here ya goooo

You can also just literally put "Smite gems" into the amazon search.

u/MortuusSet · 0 pointsr/Smite


Short for advertisement, I saw this great dictionary on for just 16.49 if you order with PRIME you can get it as soon as today!

u/Sebhael · 2 pointsr/Smite

Normally I don't join in with this argument, but Microsoft proved cross-platform action games to be a complete failure when they released Shadowrun back in 2007 ( )

They even gimped PC users (turn rate was capped) and gave console users auto-aim. The game spiraled out of control, and ultimately died as quick as it was released.

(just an info post).

u/_Frustr8d · 9 pointsr/Smite

TMW Cu Chu isn't in the finals because he LOST to poster-girl Weapon Lesbian and the god of WATERMELONE RAIN. This CRUSTYY poll is RIGGED



u/mikeyeli · 1 pointr/Smite

I'm not american, and their web store simply doesn't work for me, paypal takes my money then UltimatePay decides my money is not good enough for them and rejects the transaction. If I try to pay with my card directly, I get an error similar to what you mention.

I had the same issues with Final Fantasy XIV, they too use the UltimatePay service, so my answer to your problem is, Ultimate Pay simply sucks.

Luckily Hi-Rez decided to sell this stuff through Amazon too!