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u/mormon_still · 1 pointr/Soda

I don't know about the availability in the UK, but I'm a big fan of Nichol Kola. It has a very smooth feel and rich flavors. Also, for something a bit more exotic, Taylor's Tonics Chai Cola is pretty awesome.

I must say that my favorite is Fentiman's Curiosity Cola, though you mentioned already that you're not a big fan. Their Cherry Tree is amazing as well though, and I think easily as good or better than the ones I mentioned.

Unfortunately, these are all bottled in the states, so I wouldn't be too surprised if you can't find them locally very easily. I'd mail some to you, but I can't even find Nichol Kola or Chai Cola where I am in Utah. I had to drive to CA to get them and I'm all out :(

As far as what I can get, there's Fentimans in abundance, some Virgils, I'm currently drinking a Pig Iron Cola (it's okay, but mostly just imitation Coca Cola, no real depth) and I have a Red Rock Cola on deck. I'll let you know if it's worth anything :)

u/Aidman923 · 3 pointsr/Soda

I have made a few sodas so far. Most commonly, (and my personal favorite,) I make a ginger beer. If you have a juicer, that's the way to go to make good home-crafted sodas. You can create all kinds of flavors with just the juice of fruits and vegetables, then sweeten with simple syrups, add water and carbonate. Keep in mind that using fresh juices puts a certain shelf life on your drinks. (Still working on how to preserve one's sodas for bottling, etc.)

I personally use a soda siphon for carbonation ( This has its perks and downfalls. On the one hand, forced carbonation produces zero alcohol content (which is why I go with that,) and forgoes the possibility of accidentally blowing up your bottles of soda due to over-fermentation (I've actually seen this happen.)On the other hand, it fizzes out and goes flat faster and more easily than fermenting. This has been an issue when I've tried to make a bottle of carbonated ginger beer (or any other soda I've made) and then attempted to drink from the bottle. By the time you're doing so, there isn't much carbonation left.

My next venture is Sarsaparilla, or maybe an actual root beer. Either way, creating and perfecting your recipes is fun and delicious. I really enjoy it as a casual hobby. Good luck in your attempts!

u/HugePowersPodshow · 3 pointsr/Soda

Great idea for an Amazon affiliate site. Well done.

Considering its niche popularity, nostalgic appeal, and relative affordability, you might consider adding Surge to your lineup.

u/SentientTrafficCone · 4 pointsr/Soda

I know rockstar used to make a "relax" drink with no caffeine, but I never tried it and i believe it's discontinued.

I've never had it, but this "Just Chill" drink looks promising.

Here it is on amazon (looks like it at least shares the ridiculous pricing of energy drinks)

u/BlueAppleseed · 1 pointr/Soda

For God, Country, and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It
Secret Formula: The Inside Story of How Coca-Cola Became the Best-Known Brand in the World are both interesting books about coca-cola.

u/B2TheSodaGuy · 2 pointsr/Soda

Aye. I never got to try Pepsi Blue, but Elderberry Fanta is probably one of the best Fantas ever.

u/mister-bizarro · 1 pointr/Soda

It's $7 a can on amazon.

It sounds like they're shipping individual cans from New Zealand which explains why it's so expensive.

This site will ship 1.5 liter bottles overseas but the shipping is like $48.

I didn't have any luck finding US based retailers that stock it. I might buy a can off amazon myself just to try it out.

u/renational · 2 pointsr/Soda

today I found a south american grocery, mostly selling brazillian and argentina products. they had several 1:6 and 1:8 fruit nectar concentrates, and the best part was they were cheap when purchased locally, under $3 a pint(500ml), and they had zero sweeteners - so it was all juice, juice solids and you add water and whatever sweetners you want. good till use shelf life is only a year, but this is great because I wanted to use this for diet drinks by adding my own sucralose.

here are some of the brands and examples I found:


Suco Jandaia:


u/XelaIsPwn · 2 pointsr/Soda

Have you tried Surge? It's pretty dang close.

u/Jawsbreaker · 2 pointsr/Soda

Amazon sells it!

I swear, it's worth the try. My family always buys a few packs when we go down to our ranch in Southern Utah.

u/the_mighty_moon_worm · 3 pointsr/Soda

These are friggin great, and so are these

Milkies are kinda sugary, but not as much as regular soda and they're very small. DRY soday is very very lightly sweetened and also small.

u/funderbunk · 1 pointr/Soda

Well, list Diet Vernors in a 7.5oz can six pack. has a listing for 7.5oz cans of Diet Seagrams, but it's out of stock. At least it does appear to exist.

I've seen a few listings for Diet Schweppes in 7.5oz cans, but none that appear to have it in stock.

Amazon has a listing for 8oz cans of Diet Shasta Ginger Ale, but they're the short, fat cans, not the skinner 7.5oz cans.

u/keithrz · 1 pointr/Soda

I went to 6 grocery stores tonight, and none of them had it. I can't find any first-hand announcements about the discontinuation. Just this third-party blog post:

and this comment on Amazon that I replied to:

u/omnibutical · 1 pointr/Soda

bib valve

Apparently people are already making these things. Shouldn't be too terribly hard to make one yourself though

u/Sixxtwo · 1 pointr/Soda

Absurd: $50 for a half case.

Most Haggen stores in my area (WA State) have a speciality soda section. I still see it in there from time to time. *edit: and will keep an eye out for you.