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u/michaelthefurrycat · 2 pointsr/SomeOrdinaryGmrs

I'm playing resident evil 4 on the Samsung S9

And to my surprise it runs really well 😀 I'm at the part I got the eye too open up the door to the next area!

And I'm really happy!

Hey, um, mudahar if you're reading this can you do a wii sport on android?!?!

Because I have wii sport running on the exact same phone to run resident evil 4!

But it says that I need dolfin sensor bar for this too work so can you make a video about that please here is the link for the dolfin sensor bar!

u/anothga · 1 pointr/SomeOrdinaryGmrs

My Little Golden Book About God is an actual book. That Zogg thing is probably just a Photoshop of this.