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u/TypographySnob · 1 pointr/SoulCalibur

There's already a lot of replies, but having used this in SC and Tekken, I agree that it is pretty nice. Much better in SC than in Tekken though, as the dpad is pretty restrictive, making Korean back dashes and quick neutral inputs difficult. The face buttons are fine but the shoulder buttons feel flimsy. Overall very comfortable to hold.

I'm waiting for the PowerA Fusion fightpad because it looks to have a much better dpad. There's also the Sega Saturn pad which also has the better dpad. Definitely consider those instead if you want to use it for more than just SC.

u/KenjiJU · 1 pointr/SoulCalibur

Thumbstick seems messy to me because of its placement on the PS4 controller. It's fine for some games, but for accurate quick inputs it's a lot harder to feel where the true directions are. If the stick was where the d-pad was like on XB, it'd be a lot more reliable.

Anyways, the main advantage I saw in using the thumbsticks was getting run inputs way easier. For everything else the PS4's d-pad served me better.

Personally I still prefer PS4 controllers, but have you considered one with an Xbox layout (like Hori Onyx)? I don't have one on hand, but I believe the stick placement keeps your thumb pointed more straight forward than PS4's diagonal. I believe this is also why I had no issue using the stick on dreamcast controllers.

u/furyofpandas · 2 pointsr/SoulCalibur

So when Tekken 7 came out, I super enjoyed it and purchased the Hori Tekken 7 fight stick (, as I similarly had thought that it would improve my inputs, and frankly I just thought it looked cool (all the streamers I watched at that point had them). The thing I wished I had considered more at the time, is that the transition from playing from a pad to playing on a fight stick, is a much bigger transition than I had expected, and a significant time commitment. Unlike other places in the world where there is still an active arcade scene (where people play more in an arcade than at home, so they want to help replicate the arcade experience at home with a fight stick), here in the US, the arcade scene died out a long time ago, so in general, most people have played with a controller almost their entire lives. So if you do purchase a fight stick, during the learning phase, you will take a big step back from where you are now, just as you won't be able to rely on your lifetime of controller experience and will literally need to start learning to play again from step one. It's not so much like changing from an xbox controller to a playstation controller, it's more similar to moving from a controller to a keyboard and mouse. So while I don't regret my purchase, and have declined offers from friends to buy it, after about a 100 hours of using a fight stick, I went back to a controller. Of course, this is just my own experience, and many, many people are able to transition much easier and end up preferring and being better with a fight stick, so your experience may be totally different from my own, but since it is a decent amount of money to buy a decent fight stick, I wanted to share my own experience to maybe help with your decision.

u/HappierShibe · -2 pointsr/SoulCalibur

> A worthwhile gaming PC is easily twice the cost of a PS4 Pro

You sir are full of shit.
That's cutting some corners, but well within you're specified range.

>What kind of gaming PC am I building for $499.95?

An entry level one, but it will still stomp a PS4 Pro into a thin greasy smear in terms of performance.

>I've spent that much on a fucking video card alone.

Yes, but there is no requirement to do so. You don't need to spend more than 200USD on a gpu to beat out the current generation of consoles, but spending a bit more is worth it as there is a really nice performance per dollar breakpoint around 250-275.
A console is usually a pretty good deal in terms of performance per dollar for 12-18 months following launch. After that, PC's usually close the gap in a hurry, and consoles don't catch up until the next generation of hardware launches.

u/nashimaki2 · 1 pointr/SoulCalibur

Id recommend going for an Hori 4 Kai , they are good 1st sticks and wont ruin you ...completely at least.


There are plenty of ressource to customize your skin to look like an SC

u/SeanyHooks · 2 pointsr/SoulCalibur

I'm using the Tekken 7 version of this stick and its really great. Hori are well known for their quality sticks and the buttons are incredible. Very natural layout, really low profile and super light to the touch.. Only have UK link but i know you can find this in the states



u/Darzaire · 1 pointr/SoulCalibur

Works fine for me with a Mayflash Magic-NS, if you're willing to pay a bit for a nice device. Really wish it wasn't necessary, but, y'know.

u/Fira92 · 2 pointsr/SoulCalibur

He means an arcade stick, a square box that sits on your lap with usually 8 buttons that has a arcadey-esque feel because its the same as what you would remember from the arcade. here is an example:

u/Bioburn · 2 pointsr/SoulCalibur

get the TES+



138 dollars right now, I bought this for 150 but I left it in california. Just moved recently for a new job so I picked up the hori rap sc6 version.

u/GodwinW · 3 pointsr/SoulCalibur

EDIT: Watch out, region blocking is apparently a thing!

I assume you don't mean PC as that Deluxe Edition is everywhere.


You should be able to buy from Amazon USA as I seem to be able to (Europe as well).

u/G0ffer · 5 pointsr/SoulCalibur

Dude save a bit extra and buy this

I've had this stick for nearly a year now and not a single issue with it. I've clocked 1,300 hours in Tekken with this thing so it's not like it was seldom use. I've been pounding it every single day.

If you go for a cheaper stick you are going to get either really bad build quality or really bad parts in the stick or both.

u/rudynintendo64 · 1 pointr/SoulCalibur

Does anyone know what's the best way to connect the controller?


I've been using the cable I use to charge my Samsung S7, but the plastic around it is starting to fall apart and it's probably gonna break soon. I could get another, but whenever I use a different cable, it keeps disconnecting at the slightest shock (moving my controller), I tried two cables and they look brand new... why does my piece of crap cable never disconnect but the new ones keeps disconnecting at me barely moving the controller?


is there a way to connect it with Bluetooth ? I didn't built my PC with a bluetooth connection.

I guess I could use this