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u/REC_Blobkat · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Oh yeah, I'm definitely picking up Superior. I honestly bought the first volume thinking it was a stand-alone universe, and read about halfway through it before switching to Ultimate. I really loved what I read, but at the time I was more interested in reading about Peter Parker. Still super cool looking back and putting the pieces together realizing Superior is a part of the Amazing run. And I definitely want to try to stick to chronological order over anything, so I'll get to Spider-Verse in due time.

As for the Champions series with Miles, I kinda saw the titles, but ultimately I think I'm going to stay away from it. I honestly think I prefer just reading mainly about the individual stories rather than what they get into as teams (unless maybe it was like a 1-shot sort of team-up volume like Spider-Men).

Just for shigs, I'm gonna lay out my current understanding of the storyline and if you could interject anything that you think I'm missing out on or if I've got the order out of wack:

For the Miles Line -- Ultimate Miles books 1-3 (includes Spider-Men vol1, as well as 3 issues of Cataclysm in the 3rd book---should I still pick up Cataclysm as a standalone book?) > Edge of Spider-Verse > Spider-Verse > Secret Wars Prelude > Secret Wars > Ultimate End > Spider-Man Miles Morales Vol 1 then continue through to vol 4 (is Civil War 2 worth reading after volume 1? - I see some stuff recommending it as a big tie-in event) > Spider-Men II > Secret Empire > then another Miles Morales Spider-Man vol1 which I believe picks up currently??

For the Peter Parker line, I found a general "how to" guide that references Dan Slott's run, but I don't know if there are other author tie-ins or who picks it up after the end of Slott -- Spider-Man Big Time 1 > sneaking Spider-Island into the middle of the Big Time issues because it looks like it's only briefly touched on in Big Time > Big Time 2-4 > Superior vol 1&2 > Amazing Spider-Man: The Parker Luck > Edge of Spider-Verse > Spider-Verse > Amazing SM: Graveyard Shift > Amazing SM: Spiral > Amazing SM Worldwide 1-4 > Amazing SM: Clone Conspiracy > World Wide 5-7 > Amazing SM: Venon INC is this one a good read or ok to skip? > Word Wide 8&9 > then red goblin, then Spider-geddon (as per suggested by you haha; and I believe Spider-geddon runs up to current status?)

Separate from that, I guess I'd pick up the new Superior Octopus & Superior Spider after Clone Conspiracy & Spider-geddon respectively (probably once it's in a collected format), & maybe check out Spider-Gwen's run, and I also had the owner of the comic shop mention a separate Amazing SM line where it's Peter, MJ, and their daughter all with powers? (I can't remember the title for the life of me though).

u/Tyrannax2000 · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

I started from J. Michael Straczynski's run on The Amazing Spider-Man and straight through Superior to now. Here's the reading order of J. Michael Straczynski to Big Time:

u/GSdudeman · 7 pointsr/Spiderman
  1. If you want to start with modern spider-man, I'd suggest reading from either Brand New Day or Big Time, which is where Dann Slott (current writer) started his run. Of course you just can just jump on with Superior Spider-man, which is the current series with Doc Ock in Peter's body being Spider-man (this took place at the end of amazing spider-man with the Dying Wish arc. The series is currently 20 issues in, so there's not as much catch-up. There's also Ultimate Spider-man that takes place in an alternate marvel universe that is also really good and has less continuity issues and is a modern retelling of the spider-man origin story and further.
    After getting some reading under your belt, I'd also suggest checking out some of the books in the side bar.

  2. The absolute first spider-man comic is amazing Fantasy #15 from all the way back in 1962, and the first comic in the amazing spider-man main series came out in 1963. I'd suggest reading some of the early spider-man comics. They're a bit cheesy today, but still a lot of fun to read. You can find them in big collected omnibus form.

  3. Amazon is always a good bet for getting trades for cheap, but I like going to my local comic book stores. They need as much support as they can get and you can usually get the people working there to help you get into new series. Its also just a great place to hang out and talk about comics with people.

    Hope this helps :)
u/Ag3ntK3ntucky · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

This is my reply to a similar post. It should get you started. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.:)

If you have never read “Ultimate Spider-man” that where I would start. It’s a great entry point back into Spider-man. Alternatively you could start with Slott’s run of Amazing Spider-man which is basically the beginning to the modern Spider-Man. Slott’s run lasted for several years and is actually about to be over. Both Ultimate Spider-man and Slott’s run of Amazing Spider-man are offered as collections in TBP form. Amazing Spider-Man is starting over again at #1 in June. This will be a new creative team. If you are looking for a TV show, I’d recommend “The Spectacular Spider-man.” It’s only two season long, but does just about everything right when it comes to cartoon adaptations. Feel free to ask any questions! I can recommend more if you would like.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Slott’s Run of Amazing Spider-Man

Edit II:
If you live in the USA you can watch “The Spectacular Spider-man” TV show for free right now on Crackle. It has commercials but each episode only has a total of about four minutes of commercials spread across three breaks very similar to watching it on TV.

Edit III:
Here’s to a link to a Reddit post for reading order for Slott’s run of Amazing Spider-Man. It gets updated every so often.

u/An90t · 4 pointsr/Spiderman

If you want the origin issue and first 17 issues for an affordable price, I definitely recommend this paperback. If you want to continue reading the series you can pick up the second volume "Great Responsibility" as well.

*EDIT: Also I really recommend Marvel Unlimited, which is Marvel's digital comic book subscription service equivalent to Netflix. $9.99 a month for thousands of comics including the entire run of Amazing Spider-Man as well as Amazing Fantasy 15 which is the origin issue.

u/BananaJoe1985 · 1 pointr/Spiderman

I started with the straczynski-Run, which i really liked, but I think they are hard to get right now.

Spider-Man: Big Time Ultimate Collection

The Big Time Collections 1-4 are pretty good and directly lead into superior Spider-man.

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Book 1 (Ultimate Spider-Man (Graphic Novels))

Miles Morales Ultimate Collection 1-3 are really good. But there are spoilers for the original Ultimate Spider-man.



Spider-verse is fun, but probably confusing for newer readers.

u/wagedomain · 3 pointsr/Spiderman

Ultimate Spider-Man is way way better and more accessible than anything the main 616 universe has spit out.

Basically, there's tons of parallel worlds in Marvel. Most stories take place on Earth-616, which is the "main" universe. This is where books like Invincible Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and Amazing Spider-Man take place.

Anything labeled "Ultimate" until recently took place in Earth-1610. The point of it was kind of a "reboot" without being a real reboot - a place to tell stories free from the 60 years of continuity to back it up.

Comics periodically go through renumberings, it's just the sad state of the industry. Every couple years or so they'll "cancel" a book like Amazing Spider-Man and then relaunch it at #1 and call it volume 2/3/4/whatever. Ultimate did this several times as well, which is why you saw two "first volumes". They do a terrible job of marking the books as v1 or v2 series.

This is the first volume: Sometimes they do collections of more than 1 book, like this: That's the first 2 normal volumes collected together.

Ultimate starts out with a teenage Peter Parker and goes through the whole spider-bite incident but changes it to be more modern and to have a more overarching plot. The writing is AMAZING and Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the few books to have the same writer on every single issue (Brian Michael Bendis). The art changes sometimes, but not for like 110 issues. Which is a looong run in comics.

Bendis is the master of believable dialog and slow burns. It's great.

By comparison, Amazing Spider-Man right now is written by Dan Slott, the worst thing to ever happen to Spider-Man. I pick up the book every so often to see if things have gotten better, but it hasn't. Book went from my favorite of all time to "skip" in the space of like 2 issues thanks to Slott.

His problem is he has no sense of pacing and writes for impatient ADHD sufferers, and also makes everyone kind of the same character. He doesn't understand characterization, and completely butchers Peter Parker.

u/RoarShock · 1 pointr/Spiderman

For Amazing Spider-Man, writer Dan Slott took over at Big Time, and I think he's done a tremendous job. Unfortunately, the volumes aren't numbered all that clearly, but you can look at the "Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #648-662" descriptions to see where they fit. To help you start, after Big Time comes this, then Spider-Island, then this, then this, then Ends of the Earth.

Ultimate Spider-Man is really easy to follow because the collected volumes are numbered. The first 10 or so volumes do a great job of trotting out all the classic villains. If you have the money, you could start with an Omnibus.

Later, it gets a bit tricky. After Ultimate Spider-Man #160, Peter Parker is replaced by a new Spider-Man named Miles Morales, and his series is called Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man

EDIT: I just saw the comixology bit, so here some of the Amazing Spider-Man links (in order):

u/briancarknee · 1 pointr/Spiderman

You'll be fine starting from there. Not sure how much you know about Ultimate Spider-Man but all you need to know is that this is the ultimate universe, which is a somewhat radically different take on the main Marvel universe, and that Peter Parker was Spider-Man up to this volume (he's not anymore but I'm not sure if I should spoil why he's no longer Spidey, wiki it if you're really curious).

But that volume covers his origin. And I think there's five volumes that come after that. It's definitely a pretty refreshing Spider-Man story in that it's not Peter, and you definitely fall in love with Miles pretty quickly

u/ButterballMcTubkin · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Kraven’s Last Hunt. Also there’s a graphic novel on Amazon called Spider-Man: Birth of Venom. It covers alllllll the black suit stuff

Black suit was my favorite too since I was a kid :)

Spider-Man: Birth of Venom

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Kraven's Last Hunt (Epic Collection: The Amazing Spider-Man)

u/Spidon · 3 pointsr/Spiderman

Your options are:

  • Find some of the Marvel Adventures titles, they are kid-friendly re-tellings of original Spider-Man stories.
  • The Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon show does indeed have a comic version, and you can find volume one here
  • Another option is to check out the Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane series. It's a really cute book written from Mary Jane's perspective.

    All of these should be available at your local library as well.

    As other's have said, Ultimate Spider-Man might be better suited for 13+. I'd also recommend Spider-Girl for when your friend's daughter is a teen.
u/hbenthow · 1 pointr/Spiderman

The best place to start is at the beginning. The "Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus - Volume 1" collects the entire original Steve Dikto run. It can be found here:

"Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus - Volume 2" collects the beginning of the John Romita, Sr. run. It can be found here:

u/Spookirhea · 6 pointsr/Spiderman

Ultimate Spider-Man is good for new time readers, but if you want to read the original Spidey stories then I recommend "Amazing Spider-Man:Epic Collection"

u/Raze321 · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

They're available in the UK, but not the US apparently. You'll need a region free DVD player to play it if you're in the US, but here you go :)

u/BlueTruckCoffee · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Spider man big time event is outstanding start it takes you down some great story roads and if you are interested you can back track a little or keep going until your current.

Starts at 649

u/dgehen · 3 pointsr/Spiderman

You could start at one of the following places for Modern Spidey:

  1. JMS' run, beginning at The Amazing Spider-man (vol.2) #30 (amazon link)

  2. Dan Slott's run, beginning at The Amazing Spider-man #648 (amazon link) - yes, there was some renumbering with mucks everything up.

  3. Wait until August with the new relaunch of Amazing Spider-man by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley (article link)

    If you want a "from the beginning" run, you could go with the Epic Collections (link) or, for a more modern take, check out Ultimate Spider-man (link).
u/eggpIant · 8 pointsr/Spiderman

I always suggest ultimate when this comes up. it separate from what you might know about the spider man universe, but is really really good anyways. also really fun because the stories of all the characters are different. there are a few "beginnings" but this is where ultimate really starts.

edit: also, it is actually a complete story with origins and an end

u/st0l3aus3rnam3 · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Hey! Thanks for the comment. Here is the link to the ultimate Spiderman I'm talking about. Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1
As well as the other 2 in the series. And I know that timate and superior are not alike but I haven't read any comics besides TWD and I hear ultimate is an amazing spot to get into Spiderman.

u/BladePocok · 3 pointsr/Spiderman

There are 2 TPBs called The Complete Alien Costume Saga that tell the WHOLE story from day 1 until the suit get removed.

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga Vol 1

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga Vol 2

u/gawddamnitwalsh · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Brand New Day has a long run with many classic Spider-man elements. It usually gets lamented due to the awkward transition from the 2000's continuity.

Ultimate Spider-man is a fantastic read. I personally stopped after the ultimatum run.

Spider-man: Blue is an essential read. Great art, and an even better script.

u/zelostos · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

There's a series that's geared more towards younger kids, (although use your best judgement as a parent, also, it's still a good read for adults) and you can find it collected in one paperback. It's called Spidey

And there was a follow-up in 2018 called Spidey: Schools Out.

u/gralhi · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

Since you don't like the older comics, you could start with Dan Slott's Big Time. From there, it's just a matter of reading up through the end of Amazing and into Superior.

Click here for the trade

u/Moulinoski · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

It is confusing to keep track of it all. As for how this whole thing started, well...

There's a new Spider-Woman, Silk, and she just got out of a bunker Ezekiel built to keep her shielded from Morlun. Spider-Man came across said bunker and freed her. She's somehow important to the Inheritors (which is the group Morlun belongs to) and it stirs things up.

Meanwhile, Superior Spider-Man from the middle of his run is in the future and has seen the various Spider-Men from alternate universes dead and has realized what's going on and has built an army of Spider-Men.

Spider-Man 2099 also got the news from an alternate Spider-Man 2099 who had noticed the Inheritors' strikes.

Spider-UK (Spider-Man + Captain Britain) has also felt the threat and was essentially told to go take care of it himself. He too was assembling Spider-Men to help him out. I think it's his group that encounters our current 616 Spider-Man.

So, that's the gist of it as far as the actual Spider-Verse goes. For more detail, you can look up Edge of Spider-Verse 1-5 and each current Spider comic has a checklist to help you with Spider-Verse. Alternatively, there's the complete book coming out when the event is over. I have it preordered myself.

Hopefully that got you a bit up to speed.

u/rdw19 · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

They have a collected edition just like Superior Spiderman. You can use this or look for the single issues or trades. The collected edition will be the easiest and probably cheapest. You can also look for it at your local library. The collected edition doesn't have every tie-in but it has all the important ones and the main event.


u/highlordbubbles · 4 pointsr/Spiderman

If you're trying to get caught up on Ultimate Spider-Man, I recommend going back to the very start, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 1 ( If you're wondering what's currently going on, here's a brief mostly spoiler-free overview; Miles and Spider-Woman are going through some turbulent times after a traumatic battle with Venom that ended with one of Miles's family dead. However they've gained an unexpected ally when it's revealed that Peter Parker has somehow apparently come back from the dead (or possibly never died to begin with). Unfortunately Green Goblin has also returned to New York and is trying to capture Miles due to a twisted belief that Miles is his property, since Miles gained his powers from a mutated spider that Oscorp created. Not only that but HYDRA has agents in New York and seems to have gained interest in Miles and his allies, with some of their agents claiming that Miles family has ties to HYDRA. So Miles and his fellow heroes are trying to not only stop Goblin, but to figure out why HYDRA is after him and how Peter has seemingly returned from the grave.

u/Doctuh · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Yep the whole event is already solicited. If you are looking for just that one issue, it will probably go to second printing, and will also be in the Edge of Spider-Verse TPB. Cheers!

u/Lox22 · 1 pointr/Spiderman

You're best bet right now is to buy the Ultimate Collections. Most of the other prints of it are out of print.

u/Dr_Explosion · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Here's a link for the Big Time Ultimate collection; it has ASM #648-662. It's the one I started my collection with a little under a year ago, and I think it was a great place to start.

u/kiekan · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

Just read Amazing Fantasy #15 and work your way forward. Its not hard to get reprints of most issues.

Without doubling up, you can buy the majority of Amazing Spider-Man in trade paperback format. I made a guide for that a while back (it needs to be updated, but covers through the end of ASM vol 3 (we are on vol 4 now).

The Masterwork collections can get rather pricey, and some of them can be substituted with the Omnibus or Epic Collections.

u/theonetruejeff · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Here is a collection of the original symbiote saga. I can't imagine there's a better place to start reading.

u/jacknack1 · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

There's actually 2 TPBs that collect the symbiote suit run called the Complete Alien Costume Saga here's some links to amazon if you're interested- Book 1

Book 2

Then there is also a TPB of when Eddie Brock first becomes Venom and his first and Second Encounters with Spider-Man called Birth of Venom

Edit Formatting and spelling because I'm dumb.

u/MateoPKeo · 1 pointr/Spiderman

If you want to read about Spider-Verse characters you have to get the Spider-Verse event. If you started at Spider-Mans beginning you have A LOT of reading before you see these characters.


u/TheLogicalErudite · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

You can get them in omnibus or big book version.


u/greenarrow118 · 2 pointsr/Spiderman

It is the solo issues. Nothing else included 1 and 2

u/Timid-Spook · 7 pointsr/Spiderman

You could get him volume 1 of Ultimate Spider-Man Or any volume in that universe.

u/FancyKilerWales · 5 pointsr/Spiderman

To read the full event you should buy Spider Verse and Edge of Spider Verse

The annoying part though is that the Spider Verse book is not in reading order so it makes it a pain in the ass to read. But here is a reading order you can use

One last thing I would recommend is Marvel Unlimited since you can read thousand of Spidey comics on your phone, laptop or tablet. I might even have a free trial month I can give to you.

u/kaching335 · 6 pointsr/Spiderman

It's called the Editor's Cut officially. This is the digital release of just that cut.

This is the blu-ray.

u/okaylogarithm · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys if you want her father's death as well, or Spider-Man: The Death of Gwen Stacy if you just want hers.

Spider-Man: Birth of Venom

These are UK links, sorry in advance if you're in the US! Though I imagine if they're on Amazon UK they'll be on the US site as well. Hope you enjoy reading them!