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u/SloveneQueen · 8 pointsr/SpiteChickens

Of course! There are a view inexpensive and promising ones. I chose this . Not exactly dirt cheap, but cheap compared to its similarly highly-rated competitors. There are cheaper ones out there.

We honestly talked about them and found the idea to be a good one, I just didn’t think he’d commit to the idea. Now he has to try it! I’ll keep the sub updated 😆

Happy early birthday wishes to your husband!!!

u/Stoofandthings · 3 pointsr/SpiteChickens

My favorite nighttime routine lately is the Relax tea by Red Rose. It’s Blueberry and Lavender, like it seriously smells like a cup of blueberries, and I add in a spoon of honey for a bit of sweetness. Seriously my favorite thing before bed.

And this kids nighttime book, the illustrations are beautiful we usually read it twice in a row. Dream Animals

ETA: went grocery shopping and picked up a strawberry rose “immunity” tea, and a peach energizing one from the same company. I should probably stop buying tea.

u/Jonbonnet · 1 pointr/SpiteChickens

This is it:) so it blows cold air somehow and yes hot air like a heated fan! One is turbo hot air and it gets super warm:) it is an amazing thing and you can get a special sheet for it but I haven’t done that yet.

u/Hotmessindistress · -6 pointsr/SpiteChickens

Congrats! What’d you name him? He’s a drinker alright, he goes for a bottle of the House white

u/Coleatemycereal · 1 pointr/SpiteChickens

I swear by this now.

I'm good- waiting for winter to be done here- we have had more snow/ice/dangerous cold days here than i ever remember having! How are you???