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u/Mathias_Greyjoy · 5 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Okay FIRST! You should know, you can play any faction in Armada, Empire VS. Empire, Rebels VS. Rebels, Rebels VS. Empire.

Also the Thrawn expansion won't be available for another couple of months. Probably end of November - end of December.

If you want something to counter Thrawn's ISD Chimaera that really depends. This is a point game, you can have five Corvettes or one STar Cruiser, it's up to you. Do you mean a ship of a similar size? Then there's the Home One Cruiser and Liberty Cruiser, but there's also the Profundity Cruiser coming out with Thrawn. I feel you should also know the Chimaera will come with inferior cards, the regular ISD comes with the normal ISD-I and ISD-II cards. You won't have a fun time playing without the ISD-II card. I suggest finding a way of getting one.

Someone asked this a couple days ago. I'm just going to copy my answer over, you might find it useful.

Is this on a budget? Or just wondering what to get first? I'll link everything I name to Amazon, just so you can see what they look like and to see the rough pricing. You might have to change the url to your respective country's though.

It might look like a wall of text but I'm very brief on each ship here. The bottom will give you the best explanation. Please feel free to ask any questions about the various ships. I own at least one of each ship I name and have used them all at least once.

You could first invest in Squadrons. Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack I, and Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack I. Then there's also the Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack which includes ships for both factions. Such as the Millienium Falcon and Slave I.

For ships, it all depends on what you want your fleet to work as. Want large capital ships? Go for an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, and a Calamari Cruiser, to which there are two options. The Home One Cruiser and the Liberty version. Easiest way of differentiating the two? Home One is slower and fires from it's flanks, Liberty is faster and spews out its attacks from it's front hull. All three are of course super fun to play, though they take a little more skill to manuever effectively. I rarely use fleets that lack my Star Destroyer Basilisk or my Home One Cruiser Allusis. My two favourite ships to use.

Want something smaller? Try an Assault Frigate or two. Great ships. They can lead fleets well as Flagships or support larger capital ships. Another invaluable Rebel ship is Mc30c Frigate. Fast, and deadly at close range. I rarely play Rebels, but when I do I always use this ship, along with the Assault Frigate or the Home One.

For the Empire you have lots of options. You can add a second Victory-Class Star Destroyer to your fleet, along with the core set Victory. They work pretty well, are easy enough to move around, and look cool. Want something up close and personal? The Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer is one of the most popular medium sized Imperial ship. Manueverable, deadly at close range, and very effective title cards.

Now lets talk Corvettes and Cruisers. Out of everything here I'm going to 100% suggest you buy at least one Arquitens Light Cruiser. Comes with great cards, works well as a Squadron carrier, picket ship, you name it. One fun and easy fleet I play is two or three Arquitens with a Gladiator, or two Arquitens and two Gladiators. They all fire from their flanks, so you line them up in a conga line like a convoy and fire salvos into your enemy. For something smaller the Raider-Class Corvette moves around the board fast, can move squadrons around, but is kind of hard to use unless you have experience with it. Still a very cool ship to own, I like using at least one when I run larger Capital ship fleets. Allows me to manuever my ISDs into space while also having something really fast to close gaps and push fighters around.

For the rebels there's options, depending on which flank you want to fire from. Front? Get another Nebulon-B. It comes with the Salvation and Yavaris title cards, which perfect the Nebulon-B. Corellian Corvettes are also good options. Side arcs? The MC30c Frigate.

Lastly lets quickly talk more speciality ships. I don't have any experience with Rebel Squadron dedicated carriers, but I do with the Imperial Quasar Fire-Class Cruiser Carrier. This thing exists solely to push Squadrons around the board. Know how to use it and you can wreck enemy fleets, make a bad move with it and it'll get torn to shreds ruining your strategy.

There exist two ships called Flottilas, they are very cheap and also exist solely as Squadron movers. They are the Gozanti Cruisers and Rebel Transports respectively.

That's the bulk of most of the ships. There are a couple others like the Hammerhead Corvettes and the Second wave of Squadron expansions, but these are harder to play with (in my opinion) and I'll let someone else tell you about them. Bottom line, it depends what kind of fleet you like playing. Squadron heavy? Look at Carriers and Squadron expansions. Classic ships? Go for a Star Destroyer or Star Cruiser. Want lots of ships in your fleet with lots of options? Get a bunch of Light Cruisers and Gladiators, and the various Rebel Frigates and Corvettes.

Edit: Forgot about the Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer. A personal favourite for casual games, but really hard to use competitively. A very expensive ship point-wise, and not very powerful attack wise. It has some cool abilities, like forcing enemy ships to change speeds, but that's about it. Shame really, this is by far my favourite looking ship.

If you'd like a more assertive answer. Buy the two Squadron expansions I. They come with classic ships like TIE Advanced, Interceptors and Bombers. And The Y-Wing, A-Wing, and B-Wings. Get one or two Light cruisers and one or two Nebulon-Bs. And if money isn't a problem get a Star destroyer and a Star Cruiser.

u/Vandlan · 3 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

I'm going to be a bit contrarian and say you may want to give the game a second thought before getting invested in it. Not that you shouldn't, because it's an amazing game, but there are a few other things to think of in your situation before diving in.

  1. Is there an active Armada community where you're going to school or within a reasonable driving distance? It would suck to buy stuff then not have anyone to play with or have an underwhelming pool of opponents.

  2. How do you plan to store your stuff? The thing about Armada is that the more powerful you make your fleet, the more space they take up. I'd highly recommend looking into getting something like this to keep your ships condensed into one location. A standard three ring binder and some card sleeve pages will help enormously in keeping your upgrades sorted. College apartments and dorms can be very tiny, and they get smaller if you have to share a room.

  3. Where will you have space to play? Does your living situation allow for a 3'x6' table? Or would you end up only being able to play smaller games on a 3'x3'? Not that you can't enjoy the game on a small field, but it's much more fun on a full size table.

    Again I'm not saying you shouldn't consider buying it. But, before you do I'd answer those questions first and see if it's something feasible for your current situation.
u/CardKnight · 3 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

A good way to start out would be with 200-300 point matches. Still manageable to play on a 3x3, and can be a quick way to learn the ropes and see some combos working out. Time could definitely be an issue, as a full game with teaching would be well over 2 hours long. Along those lines, this is a super cheap way to get a full sized play area for much cheaper than the FFG mats. Plus, if you're playing at 200-300 points, you can have two games going, each on a 3x3. You can definitely mark up one side to have a middle line, deployment zone, etc...

There's the other ones that people recommend for people starting out:

Limit upgrades on ships

Limit # of squadrons/no squads to start (It can be nice not worrying about a whole command)

No objectives(passing initiative may help or custom starter objectives. Contested outpost is always an easy one)

Etc, etc...

There's a lot to this game. Keeping it simple to start is recommended. Love the idea!

u/Azurphax · 4 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Its averaging 23.71. It dropped $1.50 from where its been since December.

Back in my day, 2016, they were routinely less than $15 through 3rd party and $18 all day on prime.

I check the amazon prices a bunch... Nothing is sadder than VSDs though. They used to get wow cheap in late 2015, like $16 on prime. Let's see there were some big differences... There was the time that cr90s were an addon for under $10. Probably my favorite deal out there is the $40 ISD. $40 is pretty good, but in early july 2016, they were $25! I got 2 right away. Prices leveled off two waves ago - production has got to have slowed since then.

Best luck for changes in price are rules changes or big meta reveals. I swear, crabbok killed the arquitens market by advocating 5 at once. He's right though, it's a fun way to play imperials like rebels. When it came out that everyone was running quasar isd after the relay nerf, quasars on amazon shot right up in price. Hammerhead sato is a serious option now? Goodbye online MSRP!

The moral of the story is, try to get in good with your FLGS.

u/CerumenCandles · 1 pointr/StarWarsArmada

You can have a very solid experience with just the core set. It only leans slightly towards the rebels favor, as having two ships versus one is a major advantage at such a low point level.

To counter this, there are three things you can do:

  • The first is buy a second core set. Right now, Amazon Prime has core sets for just under sixty dollars. Much like X-Wing, buying two of the core sets pretty much fixes whatever serious balance issues affecting one set, especially for the Empire. Tarkin is an amazing admiral, but he isn't very good with just one ship in his fleet.

  • The second option is to get a core set, and get the Assault Frigate for Rebels, and the Gladiator for Empire. This gives you more options for ships, upgrades, and Admirals.

  • The third option is to just buy what you think looks cool. Armada hasn't hit the strictly better ship threshold yet, so you should be safe in whatever you get. I will say this though, this will lead you down the path of buying one of everything.

    Whatever you choose is up to you. Honestly though, ignisphaseone said it best:
    >I really recommend getting 1 copy of everything
u/TexasJIGG · 4 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

What I did best investment ever. Spent total $20 bucks for an XL yoga mat on Amazon. Best part is unlike other high end printed mats, the ships tend to stay in the same spot on yoga mat. Doesn't move slightly unless you pick it up or really bump it. Keeps everyone honest. Plus you saved money so now more funds for ships.

Here is what I bought granted in 2016 it was $20. Still use it and it has held up well

u/Snipafist · 5 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

It seems like the original Imperial Squadron packs are still available online, at the very least.

Otherwise, thanks to u/TheDagronPrince for linking the blog so I don't have to, haha ;). Phantoms and Defenders are fairly multi-role for Imperial squadrons so they can work their way into fleets without too much trouble. Phantoms are tricky to get the hang of, though, and appreciate having some TIE Advanced Escort buddies around, which are unfortunately only available in the Imp Squads I pack.

Edit: and oh, I should add that Maarek Stele + Jendon is always a good combination, if expensive. You can do that alone just from the Imp Squads II pack. All the Imperial aces in Imp Squads II are good (Morna likes Jendon, too, and Whisper is really tough to kill when used well and good at getting into good positions), if expensive.

u/JonTheJedi · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

The Yoga Mat on Amazon is a great cheap alternative for $30. It's EXACTLY 3x6 and what's great is the material is super non-slip. So nudging is limited.

Hope this helps!!

u/grim259 · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

I have one of these plus an extra tray section attached. I will probably by another for the next wave only because I am running out of room for medium ships.

Squadrons fit standing up in the smaller box, and small ships all fit in one of the smaller boxes.

All larger ships are in the top with one small plano case for tokens along with the range rulers and movement tools.

All dice, damage, speed dials, and command dials fit perfectly in the little compartments on the top of the main box.

All upgrades, ship, and squadron cards are in pages in a 3 ring binder. I use standard magic or trading card sleeves for large size admiral cards and squadrons. Upgrade use these and ships and titles use these

I dont line the boxes with anything, stuff doesnt rattle around enough for me to worry about it breaking with me just carrying it from car to store.

I currently own two of everything except the interdictor and liberty and it all fits in the main box and two attachments.

u/konradkurze202 · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

I use different sheets for each card type (Ship, Squad & Objective, Upgrades). - Works perfectly for Ship Cards. A little extra space so sleeved cards will fit in. is a pretty standard trading card sleeve, space for sleeves, works well. - it's a little hard to see on the image, but the space for each card is a bit truncated compared to the standard TCG page protector so the mini cards fit a bit nicer.

The only thing I'd change is a black-backed page, but I can't find many of those in non-traditional (ie not trading card sized) sizes.

u/MohnJaddenPowers · 1 pointr/StarWarsArmada

Seconding this. I was holding out for a local shop to see if they could order them and was just keeping the titles with my other upgrades in these:

Depending on what ships you have it may not be one-to-one perfect, but you can definitely double up in the BCW holders. They're definitely worth the money, along with a set of these. The templates let you print the labels, and you can use the Armada font to organize by name AND icon to help speed up unloading/reloading cards.

u/grumblingduke · 3 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

I wouldn't get too excited; they've bumped their prices up a bit recently (some over RRP). At the moment even with the 5% off I only have them cheapest for the Liberty (24% off) and Phoenix Home (21% off) - and that's not including delivery.

Current good deals I have:

  • AFMk II, 40% off, free delivery, from Book Depository,
  • Core Set, 40% off, free delivery, from Book Depository as well,
  • Imperial Fighters I, 36% off, free delivery from Book Depository but via Amazon (one left in stock?),
  • 34% off (with delivery) the Home One and MC30c via Amazon.

    There are also a couple of "used" ones on Amazon at the moment:

  • Home One, 53% off with delivery - new and sealed but damaged box (I picked up one of these before and while the box was messed up, the important stuff was all fine),
  • VSD, 47% off with delivery - used but good condition, but seems to be missing some upgrade cards.

    As always, full spreadsheet over here - feel free to add to it/update it as you see things.
u/Konraden · 1 pointr/StarWarsArmada

What's your actual budget?

I'm using a rifle case. It's big, 43", and I discovered the other night it doesn't fit in the trunk of my Miata, so I can't take passengers on game night. I'm buying and playing both armies so all that space is designed for expansion(s). The technician's case I'm also using was great up until Wave III\IV were announced and I realized I needed more space for more ships. It now handles all non-ship objects, including squadrons.


The Plano Stow N Go series of tackle-boxes are pretty popular. I think the 1374 will fit most large ships in the top part.

  • -

    This guy used Stanley Click n Connect boxes.. BGG has all sorts of recommendations.^1


    If you want a full custom solution, Feldherr and Battlefoam both have custom foam for Star Wars Armada, with Battlefoam offering the ability to custom create your own tray inserts if you only need so many of certain ships\squadrons.


    Lots of options, lots of prices. Plano\Stanely is probably your most economical option, and in most cases, you'll also want to source some cheap foam to cut\pluck for safeguarding your fleet while in transit.


    Feldherr\Battlefoam are honestly probably the most expensive option, especially for larger fleets, but it's the least amount of work to get it organized.
u/wordofgreen · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

I bought this tool box from Amazon based on the recommendation from this Cannot Get your Ship out blog post.

I have since bought a second connector for the bottom and will probably get one more. One holds all my squads fully assembled, one holds a bunch of small ships fully assembled, and everything else goes in the partitioned bin in the middle. The compartments on top are great--one hold shield/command dials and one is great small oddities. I store my laser pointer and miscellaneous tokens in there/it holds dice well too if you're not using a dice bag.

I honestly can't possibly recommend it enough!

u/6thmoon · 3 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

If you're in the U.S., Amazon has the Nebulon-B Frigate for only $7 right now, which comes with some strong upgrades. Could pick up the Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion for $10 too though you probably wouldn't get as much mileage out of it.

I second the suggestion of MC30 or Gladiator, they're just fun ships to play. ISDs are also pretty ubiquitous.

u/Route66_LANparty · 3 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Interesting idea.

Not sure anyone has tried it before.

...Route66_LANParty goes and plays with Fab's Fleet Generator a bit...

Typically the starter set games are played with 125 or 180 points on a 3ft x 3ft play area. That might work ok for your Rogues pack idea. But for a bigger 3ft by 6 ft game, you'll want to invest in more large ships before the starfighters packs.


As for deals though... Rebel CR90 corvettes are still only $7 ... such a good deal. And comes with the best rebel commander this side of Ackbar.

CR90 -

Combine one $7 CR90 with the $22 Gladiator. Which are also at a nice Prime shipping price right now. Then you've got enough for a 225 point game on the bigger table.

Gladiator Star Destroyer -


In the end Rogues and Villains aren't a bad expansion to own. None of them are bad buys at this point.

u/Akahz · 1 pointr/StarWarsArmada

Maybe you will get a better price from Amazon:

I will ask a friend in USA if I can ship the game to him, then pick it up sometime next year when I visit.

u/Trivia_C · 7 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Yes indeed, BCW makes these, available on Amazon:

They even have convenient pockets for the Titles included. Cheers!

u/Chance80 · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Here ya go I got it for my son for Christmas it's really good. Better than TFA one IMO.

u/NuclearWinterMan · 9 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Pick up a couple nebs and a Vic from Amazon with the order. Should be around 80. The core set price is good through tomorrow. An Interdictor and a CR90 with a rebel squadron would be good.

u/mathay86 · 3 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Get this ships and space rocks don't really move around from bumping at all and it's super cheap and exactly the right size. This is on my game table at home and I have x-wing mats since most official tournaments require those.

u/Ottermanempire44 · 5 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Thanks I looked on the app and found it! Here it is for everyone else!

Star Wars: Armada - Liberty Class Cruiser

u/imlost19 · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

ISD $40 -

Core set $80 -

Liberty $30 -

Rebel Fighters I $19 -

rebel transports $19 -

Imperial Raider $18 -

Total - $206

Edit: This is USD. I'm not sure about Canadian money

u/redrhyski · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

I got mine today too. Models and cards are fine. The cardboard tokens were a little bent but nothing to complain about. As expected, as described.

Still some available

u/hudson15983 · 5 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

This is what I just ordered, can't tell you how it works yet but there was another person on here that had pictures with his collection inside.

I think that different toolboxes or tackleboxes is the real way to go unless you're willing to shell out the dough for the Armada foam.

u/xpress907 · 1 pointr/StarWarsArmada

here's a site that has a history of the price changes on amazon. Try to use it to predict or keep track of price fluctuations and buy when it's low enough for you.

u/bkcammack · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

BCW Pro 8-Pocket - Multiple Size Pockets - (20 Ct. Pack) - For Star Wars Armada

I use these for ships and titles. You can put the titles in the small pockets next to the ship cards.


I use these for all other upgrade cards.

Both of these hold the cards well sleeved or unsleeved.

Also, keep in mind that each ship can only have certain upgrades assigned to it. There are icons at the bottom of the ship card that represent what upgrade slots are available. Those icons match the icons on the back of the upgrade cards.

To use your example, you can only use the XI7 on a ship that has a turbo laser upgrade slot. So you can put it on a CR-90A, but not on a CR-90B.

I have mine sorted with Rebel commanders on one page, Rebel Officers on a page, Imperial Commanders, etc. One sixteen pocket page per type of upgrade.

u/xelveki · 1 pointr/StarWarsArmada

I used something similar for X-Wing and I'm currently using it for Imperial Assault. There wasn't enough storage space for the larger ships. Basically, anything on a medium base or higher didn't fit in the lower bins but these look thicker so it could work.

Currently using, and would recomend: Stanley Toolbox

u/bleachorange · 2 pointsr/StarWarsArmada

Star Wars Armada: Dice Pack

Star Wars: Armada Maneuver Tool Board Game

Star Wars Armada: Gladiator-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack

Star Wars Armada: Assault Frigate Mark II Expansion Pack

Star Wars Armada: MC30c Frigate Expansion Pack Board Game

Star Wars Armada: Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack Board Game

Added the mc30 in there just because its fun too. Alternatively, get the ISD and MC80.