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u/phisk · 1 pointr/StarWarsBattlefront

I literally did not question your intelligence, quite the opposite, but I'm having second thoughts.

I'm saying that having aim assist would do more than close the gap, and in the hands of a skilled player would be better than KB+M. I have not once pointed out any of the reasons why KB+M are easier to use, you just keep digging your intellectual strawman grave.

You are free to play with a controller and aim assist as much as you want, the console versions are there for you. And I agree that it might be inconsistent with other games, but I still think it shouldn't be added.

I don't understand why this is such a huge problem for you. The thing you are asking for already exists. You can buy it here or here.

u/kittykatmarie914 · 1 pointr/StarWarsBattlefront

Maureen Murdock is to the mythic heroine as Joseph Campbell is to the mythic hero. Here's a brief overview if you just want the circle chart and a description, here's her book if you want to get really into it.

u/JThrillington · 17 pointsr/StarWarsBattlefront

Found on Amazon UK.

Source for those who think I'm just a simple shitposter trying to make my way in the universe:

Just found the reviews amusing. For the record, I don't have a son. But if I did he would be very excited for this release!

u/Judgemental-2k · 3 pointsr/StarWarsBattlefront

Bit costly but yeah. I just want to be able to play em all, not looking to get every variant.

u/rADDIEcal · 1 pointr/StarWarsBattlefront

This is the one I got, 2 TB for sixty bucks. Seems to have made an improvement in graphics for some stuff too, but I'm not a professional.

u/MetalM1l1t4nt · 1 pointr/StarWarsBattlefront

I own this helmet and it is beautiful. I own all of the Black Series helmets. For the price they are a steal. Just pre-ordered the Luke Skywalker X-Wing helmet:

u/drzoidberg33 · 1 pointr/StarWarsBattlefront

I'd suggest getting an external drive, they're not expensive e.g) - I have the 4TB one and don't ever worry about games taking up too much space.

u/Ryan_Fitz94 · 2 pointsr/StarWarsBattlefront

It's also really stupid to spend $100 on turtle beach.

You can get audiophile quality headphones for the same price.