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u/lazy_eye_of_sauron · 1 pointr/SteamController

Like everyone here said, the easy and save way would to be to get some vinyl decals. However, if you are dead set on painting, then it's not too hard to do. you're going to have to disassemble the controller. From there sand the controller, this gives the primer something to bite on to. once everything is nice and sanded take your primer (I recommend this.) and spray in light, even coats and let cure for the time on the can, and maybe a few hours longer. Once you're happy with the primer, take your spraypaint and apply in light, thin coats. Remember to let the paint dry fully between coats.
Once you are happy with the color and it has dried for the recommended time on the can, go ahead and choose your choice of clear coat (gloss, semi-gloss, or matte. also krylon works best for this) and apply in thin layers like you did the primer and paint. after it has sat for the directions on the can. you can now put the controller back together and test everything out. Assuming that you didnt mess up putting the controller back together, you now have a painted controller.

u/jerry247 · 1 pointr/SteamController

These are as good as eneloops. I love my 15 minute chargers, this was the cheapest on amazon US, but I swear I got mie cheaper at wallmart or some store like that. Any charger that works with NiMH will charge them though. I use a lot of rechargables in my home so the 15 minute is great when I don't have enough extras around.

As a side note, I started using a cord on my laptop for the controller and it works well.

Edit: make sure the amazon basics batteries are made in Japan and not China.

u/CriticalComposer · 6 pointsr/SteamController

I use Eneloops. I have both the old Sanyo and the new Panasonic onea and both seem to perform identically. As for a charger, I can't recommend the La Crosse BC-700 enough. I used to use the cheap wall bricks (like the Amazon Basics one) but they tended to stop charging after a year or two. Also, they don't intelligently charge so they could be reducing the life of your batteries (see the "edit" below.) The La Crosse has stayed with me for 3 years and it has so many options that help improve the life of each battery. Most cheap chargers ate around $10-15 USD and the La Crosse is typically on sale for $35 USD.

Edit: One of the big advantages of this charger is that it reads each individual battery and only charges it as long as it needs. Most "dumb" chargers (especially ones that charge in pairs) uses a set time charge and can reduce the life of your batteries.

Edit 2: there is some evidence that the Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries are rebranded Eneloops. So for those who want to save a couple of bucks, you could get those instead of Eneloops and you'll have comparable, if not identical, batteries.

u/GreenFox1505 · 4 pointsr/SteamController

Logitech's Dongle

Logitech's low latency gaming dongle

Most modern bluetooth Dongles

Most modern Wifi dongles

I am incredibly disappointed is the sheer size of the Steam Controller's dongle. It's huge compared to most modern counterparts. The best modern dongles are small enough to leave in laptop while on the go, but not the Steam Controller. The best devices are both Dongle and Bluetooth; the built in bluetooth dongle that is part of my computer is unarguably more a "compact form factor".

The Steam Controller's dongle not in any way a "compact form factor".

Edit: I would like to point out that I understand WHY it's large. But that doesn't mean it isn't "large". That's like trying to claim an industrial grade truck isn't huge because it carries so much. It's still huge, but it's huge for a reason and trying to claim it's "compact" would be just lying.

u/Lazloknight · 2 pointsr/SteamController

I had to chime in, I know it's not a decal but I think this is way better. I got it about a week ago (studded silicone skin for my steam so far it's awesome, completely changes the feel, now the controller doesn't have that hollow somewhat cheap feeling. Main perk no more slick handles from me sweating.

u/goodgreenganja · 1 pointr/SteamController

I just wanna throw out there that I'm in the same boat as you. My thumbsticks just wear down waaay too fast on my Steam Controller and once they're gone, the controller's done for me. I got a controller replacement once before and now both the replacement and another I got are already almost done again. I bought these that were an okay temporary replacement:

But the nubs wear down really fast and for some reason they were actually more slippery than my worn down sticks. Then I tried these out:

And those are just too big and loose. You can feel them sliding around over top of the thumbstick and they would often just slip right off. So that's where I'm at currently. I'd love some suggestions for caps that fit well that are actually grippy.

u/k4in_5037 · 2 pointsr/SteamController

In my room I have this setup; my PC is connected to an A/V Receiver that goes to TV out, a usb infrared mce sensor (not this one), a logitech harmony 650 universal remote and a kit of philliphs hue lights for software I use eventghost and ScreenBloom to give a touch of ambiance to the room, with all things set up I just press one button on the harmony remote and it turns on the A/V receiver, tv, run the ScreenBloom app to fade the lights and opens steam in big picture, I also have some shortcuts for the SC Chord button to control the lights while gaming.

although I don't know if it would work if you stream your PC to TV with Steamlink or the like, since my setup is for a PC that is directly attached to and in proximity of your TV.

u/TealShift · 1 pointr/SteamController

I can't speak for any caps besides the ones I got here. They're a bit tough to attach but I love them.

u/thoomfish · 6 pointsr/SteamController

Alternately, use this link which supports charity (via Amazon Smile) instead of lining OP's pockets by clicking his referral link.

u/poopslinger_01 · 2 pointsr/SteamController

Check out /r/steamcontrollermods as there are a few of us who have swapped to a XBone stick with good results. It does require some sanding/fitting (grinding if you get a metal stick). My issue was the same as yours except that mine also started to wear out the stick where it hits the controller case and made it feel like there was sandpaper on it. This could have only been an issue with the first run pre-orders though since I got mine in November prior to the official release.
This is the first guy I've seen do it and I followed his instructions to do mine as well. He posts on /r/steamcontrollermods as well.

I used these sticks:

After a week of use I added these cause the dish on these were too big and too sharp of an edge for me:

The biggest difference is that under the cup the mating surface is too tall for the Steam Controller and needs to be ground down.

It's not quite plug n play but it's not too difficult if you take your time with it.

u/ericwdhs · 9 pointsr/SteamController

I prefer these ones off Amazon. They are basically rebranded Sanyo Eneloop XXs. They are high capacity (2400+ mAh) and last a very long time. They might be a smidge larger than a typical AA as they seem to fit more tightly in a few of the things I use them in, but so far I haven't had a problem. I use them anytime I need AAs, and I've got a couple in my Steam Controller right now.

Edit: Also, you'll want a decent charger, something that'll stop charging when it detects a full charge. All rechargeables will last longer that way.

Edit 2: I just removed these batteries from my Steam Controller, and it was a bit harder than I remember. I actually had to pry them out. I then snapped them back in and retried ejecting them, and they popped right out. Perhaps sitting in the controller for a while let them settle in; I'm not sure. The point is your mileage may vary on how snug they are. I still consider them usable for the controller since they last so long between having to switch them out, but if this is a deal breaker for you, consider these slightly thinner batteries instead. The capacity isn't too different (2000 mAh vs. 2400 mAh), and they're still high-quality re-branded Eneloops, just not the fatter XX.

u/boxsterguy · -10 pointsr/SteamController

The easiest and quickest way to make your SC act like a standard controller is to spend ~$30 on this.

u/qwortec · 3 pointsr/SteamController

This is what you're after. By far the best HTPC input.

u/Dam_Kids · 2 pointsr/SteamController

I got these around a month ago and they've been great. I haven't even had to recharge them yet.

u/Jblat · 1 pointr/SteamController

Wow what happened to the price?

I would have been OK to pay 78 bucks but 140 bucks!? Fuck that...



u/Nabs617 · 7 pointsr/SteamController

Nice! The Steam Sale starts in a few hours.

The Steam Controller + Carrying Case is also $35:

u/1topclique · 2 pointsr/SteamController

WTF LOL. Ok checking it for me, first distributor with prime availability is $84 but very limited supply. Going up to $130 for other options (I'm US btw).

Drastically different from when Amazon had that $30 sale last year huh... Also Gamestop's new copy was $48 ($51 after tax), with their used copies around $35(Amazon's used are around $50+). When Gamestop has the most reasonable prices compared to everyone else something is definitely UP.

u/Korlus · 1 pointr/SteamController

They are still for sale from both the Steam store and also used via Amazon in the UK.

I don't know if those resellers will ship across the pond, but it might be worth a look if you really need one?

u/Baryn · 14 pointsr/SteamController

Definitely don't wait. SC2 could be years away. It's on-sale right now, so go go go

u/nothingdoing · 8 pointsr/SteamController

This is what I use; it helps me to think "turtle = steam"

u/BigGayDan · 8 pointsr/SteamController

I'd recommend buying it from Amazon instead, buying one with a case right now and it's only $65. Might take a little longer but there's no way I'm spending nearly $100 on a controller that I'll use like once a month.

u/PetrolOrchid · 1 pointr/SteamController

> My dream control scheme is having an analog stick for movement, and a mouse for aiming.

I have never used it myself, but could this be what your looking for?

u/rusty_dragon · 3 pointsr/SteamController

And if you'll still have any complains after, you can buy sexy decals.

Or even silicon cover

u/trAnwhiz · 2 pointsr/SteamController

The white Eneloops barely discharge when not used, which is important since you will have the 2nd pair charged and ready to replace the used ones when you run out of juice. You don't wanna pop in half charged batteries every time.

There are also higher capacity (~2500 mAh) Eneloops compared to the white ones (1900 mAh) but that comes at the expense of lifespan / charge cycles. The white ones are ultra durable, about 2000 charge cycles.

u/UberJaymis · 3 pointsr/SteamController

Amazon will ship you one to Australia:

I ordered one in November and it arrived quite quickly - 13 days

It ended up costing just under $100 including shipping.

u/ilostmyoldaccount · 3 pointsr/SteamController

A fraction of the duration of good rechargeable batteries. This isn't taking into account probably far worse self-discharge and capacity loss over time. Good batteries don't have to be expensive either. You'll end up spending less if you simply go and buy decent ones with a halfway decent charger.

u/TeamSpen210 · 5 pointsr/SteamController

Valve does sell the receiver separately. It doesn't display the price for me, but Amazon shows it for $12.99.

u/Triforce179 · 2 pointsr/SteamController

I use these for pretty much all of my controllers, including the SC. Design might look a bit ugly but it gets the job done.

u/Newt0570 · 3 pointsr/SteamController

My left pad has this too. You can even see it on the amazon page. It's likely just a defect in the mold that makes the cross-pattern on the left pad.

amazon link