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u/Frisky_Frogs · 7 pointsr/StreetFights


So, way back when in the 80's and 90's and before etc, each team had a "Firm" or a group of lads who'd go watch the football, with the intention of meeting the other teams Firm. They'd generally avoid kicking the shit out of your average fan. Things were organised beforehand they'd meet at set locations etc.

Things got relatively naughty, there's plenty of books about the top firms, my personal preference being Rolling with the 6-57 Obviously this is bias because it's my club.

Any of the books will give a good outline of what's gone on in the past, and just how organised things got. In the book linked above for instance, it details how Portsmouth's 657 ended up running like a military unit, they'd plan things out months in advance, study road maps etc. One highlight, is travelling to Wales I believe for a match. They'd paid other fans to go on ahead in large groups, knowing the police would arrest or stop them which they did, then the entire crew travelled by train dressed in suits with wedding invitations.

At the moment, from what's being reported back in the UK, it appears that Russia's top firms have been holding auditions for the best fighters to be paid to travel to the Euro's, if you watch video's you'll sometimes see them wearing numbers. This has been reported, that essentially its so your firm knows which ones yours and you can watch him on the news, and a large majority of these guys are military trained too.

On the flip side, currently most of the firms or hooligans in the UK are mainly in their 18-20's, the older guys mostly have football bans for life for fighting, and can't travel to international games either. So even if we managed to get our established firms into the Euro's we still don't have the "Elite" members there who would have actually had a chance.

u/Teen-la-queef-a · 2 pointsr/StreetFights

There are other points of views from yours that I'm sure you're entirely unwilling to investigate, much less embrace. If you do decide to take your own advice and do even the smallest bit of research to discover a more nuanced opinion, you can read "Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell. he's a well-respected Harvard economist, who also happens to be black, if that matters to you.

u/cptstupendous · 2 pointsr/StreetFights

I have a pair of these.

I guess that means you'd believe I have fangs if I didn't tell you I was wearing a mouth guard beforehand. lol! :D

u/EpiJnke · 1 pointr/StreetFights

Will stop them dead in their tracks and has a long range.

Frontiersman Bear Spray - Maximum Strength & Maximum Range - 35 Feet (9.2 oz)

u/iwasthere22 · 13 pointsr/StreetFights


There's a book that was just released, written just for you! Check it out on amazon!

u/boomhaeur · 5 pointsr/StreetFights

Black Friday can only go downhill from here unless the stores get more responsible.

Anyone with any common sense or money goes online and buys that shit the night before when the sale prices hit the websites or decides their dignity is worth more than a 'killer' deal. You will literally be left with the lowest of the low in the stores fighting it out for shit they can't afford.

Not to mention smart consumers wouldn't buy half that stuff with a stolen credit card - I mean, Polaroid TV's - have you seen the reviews?

u/Autorotator · 1 pointr/StreetFights

Too true, but 'subhuman' is a great insult for animalistic behavior.

I am a huge proponent of people reading Ordinary Men when people start to think there is no darkness inside them.

What makes us human is not answering that primal call over stupid shit. What makes us animal is that we all have it in us.