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u/sami8519 · 1 pointr/SwagBucks

I have something like this

Although it works very good for me, I would advise you to buy a device with higher spec as of today as this device is a little outdated spec wise. whatever device you end up make sure it is rooted or easy to be rooted so that you can farm much quicker using some tools.

u/Phawks · 6 pointsr/SwagBucks

The best for your money is gonna be the Optimus Exceed 2 IMO. I have 4 and love them. You can get them from amazon for $15 right now:

u/diox8tony · 2 pointsr/SwagBucks

:) this kind of beer is my latest purchase. took 2 months. all I do on Swagbucks is the Passive Apps. you can turn on this video playing app and just let it play for an hour or two for 30-40 cents. earning like $2.0 a day per account.(there are 5 apps)

EDIT: i use PerkTV also.

u/darthjenni · 3 pointsr/SwagBucks

I joined Swagbucks in 2013, but I didn't really start swagging everyday until 2015. My mantra is 333 SB's everyday so I can get $100 every month. Right now I'm doing over 600 Sb's everyday.

My most resent purchase was a kayak

Most of my SB's come from surveys and nCraves, but this sub is great at finding stuff on the paywalls that I could never find on my own.

u/kyerkes98 · 2 pointsr/SwagBucks

Wait for this phone to drop around the $20 range again, and buy it. It will pay itself off and its a nice way to help alleviate the hassle of reaching that first daily goal.

u/Lsdcrumbs · 1 pointr/SwagBucks

How about this one

12.59 with free shipping on orders over $25.

u/junjie21 · 1 pointr/SwagBucks

Stuff like:

Baby high chair
Play area

Stuff for babies ain't cheap man!

u/SolarJetman5 · 1 pointr/SwagBucks

the top one been on android 4 would put me off, not sure how updatable it is, and if apps would run

i have a Huawei MediaPad T3 8", cheap and comes with Android 7 updatable to 8

u/quadrplax · 3 pointsr/SwagBucks

I don't know if that phone could run the Swagbucks apps or not. I would recommend the LG Optimus Exceed 2. It has a newer version of Android, runs the apps fine from my experience, and is rootable. It's been as cheap as $12 in the past.

u/Blindweb · 1 pointr/SwagBucks

Just learned that word, haberdasher, recently. Was reading a post apocalyptic book