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u/mpeck001 · 2 pointsr/Syracuse

There is no local place that I have found that sells the top quality stuff. I do macbook logicboard Repair’s. Phones and random crap as well. Microsoldering etc. Amazon is where I typically grab parts. Or if you wanna help out an awesome guy that has countless YouTube videos on repairing MacBooks to buy like me the quick hot air station. Here’s a wire I use very very thin great for jumping bad vias

Remington Industries 44SNSP.125 Magnet Wire, Enameled Copper Wire Wound, 44 AWG, 2 oz, 9975' Length, 0.0022" Diameter, Natural

Great solder station. And then buy the micro pencil

Hakko Soldering Station, FX-951-66

u/inhuman_beatbox · 8 pointsr/Syracuse

I ended up with two copies of this book:

It's pretty comprehensive, including telling you the best time to go and the best viewing location for photographs.

Send me a message if you'd like my extra copy and I can drop it off for you somewhere.

u/TheEvergreenSyracuse · 6 pointsr/Syracuse

Great find, thanks for sharing. It's cool seeing our bar in the photos and other buildings in Armory, Hanover and downtown. There are older photos, a few with some of the same buildings, in this book:

u/syr_eng · 3 pointsr/Syracuse

You’d be surprised. Lots of people who use streaming services (DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, etc.) like myself use antennas. It’s how I’m able to watch NFL games despite not paying for cable.

They look more like this than rabbit ears though:

u/mud_fish · 2 pointsr/Syracuse

For ants inside the house, I use Tarro Ant Baits. This stuff is awesome and works great.

As for the outside, you can have someone come and spray your yard. I've never used it, but my neighbor has used Mosquito Authority. Maybe try Gannons??? I have no clue what it costs though.

u/Scheduled-Diarrhea · 3 pointsr/Syracuse

Try one? Nah. Tell her to fully commit and get one at for her own thrown. $20 on Amazon. Worth it.

u/Sauquoit · 1 pointr/Syracuse

It took me a few minutes to find anything, but you can order it from Amazon:

u/TravisO · 3 pointsr/Syracuse

And everybody stop buying those back killing straight handle shovels. Get an ergo one with a metal blade at the tip... best upgrade you'll ever made. Something like this:

u/NeedsSleepy · 4 pointsr/Syracuse

Hello! I’m glad you asked before getting one of these. Most of the store brands that you’ll see are the same MTD snowblower with a different name and color paint. As all of these individual companies went out of business over the past 20 years, MTD bought the name and now sells their junk with these once-trustworthy brand names painted on them. For instance, you can buy the same 30” snowblower at Lowe’s with a Troy-Bilt badge, at Tractor Supply with a Cub Cadet badge, at Sears with a Craftsman badge, at Walmart (Yard Machines maybe? I forgot.) etc. Troy-Bilt was once a company that made great power equipment in Troy, NY. Now MTD and Lowe’s just take advantage of their reputation.

I picked up a Troy-Bilt 3090 XP from Lowe’s when I first bought my house and hadn’t looked into these. I wish I hadn’t. The plastic chute doesn’t stay locked in place, the starter and lights failed immediately (the first use), and the steel/paint are inferior (rust!).

I have three recommendations. The first is to buy a Toro or Husqvarna from a local, independent dealer. You’ll have vastly better machine quality and customer service. If you tell me what area you live in, I can recommend a dealer.

The second is to hose off your snowblower in the spring, and then (once dry) coat every metal part with a thin layer of Fluid Film, a rust inhibitor. You can do this to the underside of lawnmower decks too.

Lastly, buy gasoline in small one-gallon increments and use the blue Sta-Bil fuel treatment all the time. At the end of the season, make sure your equipment’s gas tank is completely full with treated fuel to avoid moisture buildup and other fuel/storage problems. If you ever have untreated gas that’s two months old or treated gas that’s six months old, put it into your car and get a fresh supply for your OPE.


• Snowblowers aren’t an especially dangerous tool. Just don’t stick any body parts into the chute while it’s running.

• I don’t care for any of Consumer Reports’ reviews. They tend to test brand new items for immediate use and have no perspective on long-term dependability, maintenance, customer service, or factory support.

• I’ve had MTD reject a warranty claim on a leaf blower because I couldn’t find my receipt. They could have just checked the serial number to see that it had only been manufactured six months before the problem, but they’re in the business of selling as many low-quality items as they can and ignoring customers with problems.

• Get one with a metal chute and manual crank-style adjustment. The cheap plastic joystick-style (both manual and electric) adjustments are the first point to fail on these.