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u/jcobb_2015 · 3 pointsr/Sysadminhumor

I used these to burn the lettering:

  1. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool...

  2. Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Uppercase...

    Definitely want to sand the finish off the handle first - makes the burning easier. Also need to go slow with it since the curve won't allow you to get the entire letter burned in at once. Kinda have to roll it up and down.

    Did the whole thing (including hammer) for about $50
u/ritnour · 5 pointsr/Sysadminhumor

Just finished setting up a new office. I think I may be in love with these guys:

Rackstuds Rack Mounting System, 100-pack

u/vetaplex · 2 pointsr/Sysadminhumor

> Your router really shouldn’t also be your wireless access point.

I agree: and it isn’t. My house network slowly resembles small branch office, and everything just works. But it wasn’t always like that, not at home in high school. A common fix for whenever the ubiquitous, granny-grade, modem+router+AP abortion turns to shit, was to just power cycle it. We don't know how it worked: it just did. Was it a bad modem SNR? Did the NAT table take up all 16M of RAM? Is the knockoff Qualcomm SoC bottleneck bottlenecking the Ethernet ports to 68Mbps even though the PHY negotiates 1000M? Could the non-MIMO mini-PCIe (but still soldered in place) wireless radio not handle the 11 IoT light bulbs Delilah found on clearance at Fry's? There's no telling. I keep the one we had in highschool on my shelf at work, Just to keep me a lil humble.

I’ve never seen a BPG router. But I can see the CFO after he let himself in and power cycle any black box with wires and green blinky lights that looks like it could be the reason his Quickbooks RDP keeps disconnecting. That's how he fixes it at home, he should know; he bought the most expensive Arris that Walmart had

Don’t overthink the memes, friend

u/SecretEconomist · 2 pointsr/Sysadminhumor

How is this the first when you can literally buy 10G ethernet connectors for Mac?

u/HanoverWilliam · -3 pointsr/Sysadminhumor

I'm just going to leave this here.. No extra dongle on end user needed.