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u/Brad_Chanderson · 17 pointsr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

So, here's the kit I bought.

The control box is around the size of a deck of cards. I stashed mine near the battery under my seat. Each LED strip has an attached wire, each pair has a different length. Connectors on everything, no soldering required.

The control box has 2 leads to connect to your battery, + is fused. I recommend installing a disconnect toggle somewhere, because there IS parasitic drain, and it WILL kill your battery over the winter. (Ask me how I know...)

It comes with a keyfob that lets you turn it on/off, change color, and change flash/pulse patterns. Really cool stuff.

I've had my bike apart for a dozen reasons, so I already had an idea about what made for good wiring paths, but in general, follow whatever is already there. Zip-ties (tweezers, lol) are your friend. Just piggyback with the stock wiring and you can be pretty sure that you're not going to run into clearance issues.

I'm pretty sure I took photos during the install, I'll try to track them down for you!

u/Jade_Orange · 3 pointsr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

Oh goodness. Here. I teach preschool, these are great. You can also get regular baby wipes in similar flatpacks.

They reseal easily and last ages unopened. They're probably also handy for you guys after dealing with the grodier aspects of your jobs, and do a remarkable job removing paint/glitter/fuzz/coffee stains. You should also invest in a Tide pen

Good luck, all.

u/jetpacksforall · 4 pointsr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

There's a good book in this. A great book I think. Have you ever read Tim O'Brien's Things They Carried? It's a great example of how you can build an amazing, powerful, historically important portrait of an entire group of people out of little snippets of stories (Vietnam soldiers; modern American cops).

u/BarkingLeopard · 1 pointr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

Not at all. The image is from Police Squad!, which was a very short lived (but very awesome) TV show that is basically the prequel to the Naked Gun series. Well worth the $10 for the DVD, though it may be available free on YouTube.

u/mooneymoon · 6 pointsr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

Good story as always. If anyone is interested in a collection of stories just like this, read the book Into the Kill Zone by David Klinger. The book is meant more as a study of the psychology of these situations than a compilation of stories though.

u/ferthur · 2 pointsr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

Mine came with a cigarette to USB adapter, and I had a local shop run the wires for me. But it does not come with a permanent install kit. When I bought mine, one wasn't available, but there's one now. I just plug mine in every time I start the car.

u/KD2JAG · 2 pointsr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

I keep 3 of these in my car. much cheaper option at Less than $20 for a 3 pack.

Harbor Freight used to sell them, but don't seem to have any new stock.

u/vdmsr · 1 pointr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

I say sneakers, but they are link

u/somerandomguy02 · 44 pointsr/TalesFromTheSquadCar

Not that you'd have the time to fix it yourself(or even be allowed to) but if you're curious you can get an ELM 327 ODB Bluetooth code reader for like $20.

This is the one I got. It's a true ELM 327 reader and not some Chinese reverse engineered hacked together crap. I keep it plugged into my ODB reader all the time.

The reason these are so cheap compared to a professional shop reader is because the reader is just an interface and knows how to talk to the computer. It just "translates" and passes stuff along to your phone/tablet which does the real heavy lifting. Torque Pro or Forscan(for Ford/Mazda) apps on your phone. You'd at least be able to see "oh shit, low oil pressure" or "shit water temps are through the roof, that's why it wont go above 95" so I'm about to be sitting on the side of the road for an hour. Or if it's just like some random dead O2 sensor or an occasional misfire on a cylinder or some vacuum leak that's making it run weird. You'd at least have some peace of mind.