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u/CrazyGingaKid · 1 pointr/TeenFA

check out nike club/small swoosh hoodies or uniqlo hoodies. uniqlo is nice for affordable basics. for jeans, maybe 514 could work well? check out amazon for better deals on levis:

thrift is nice, just make sure stuff fits and don't compromise. it takes time to find quality stuff. i recommend going to cities or more metropolitan/wealthier areas for better items.

and congrats on the weight loss my friend! :) that's awesome.

u/TheDutchWonder · 7 pointsr/TeenFA

I would suggest a black watch of some sort, as casios are my favorite, I can use those as an example.


Retro - my favorite

Different retro



Not all 100% black, but they at least got a little bit of black in them. I think part of wearing a watch is being able to balance how busy it looks on your wrist with how busy the rest of your outfit is. If you're going for streetwear, wearing a flashy watch is a lot easier than for someone going for a business casual look (of course there are exceptions). I'd say look at these and see if any would mesh with your wardrobe. Even if not, get the calculator one or the analog minimal one just to experiment with watches. They're cheap and it's fun as hell.

u/flyingbacon · 3 pointsr/TeenFA

So I use this necklace to help me mediate. I have just been keeping it in my backpack but it would be helpful to actually wear it. Could I get away with wearing the thing?

u/youngnervoushumans · 3 pointsr/TeenFA

Definitely something on the cheap side, maybe thrift or amazon. It's obviously going to be tacky but I think it could be worn in a fun way? I was thinking that I could tie the ends tied up. But maybe it's too tacky :p
(Reddit newbie so I'm hoping this is how I post a link?? But idk),0,140,180_QL70

u/JonathanRMH · 2 pointsr/TeenFA

this? or this?
Most of my outfits are black and I'm in need of a watch on a budget. Should I get this watch or nah?
edit: also forgot to mention im going for a more streetwear-like style

u/ninjabubbles3 · 17 pointsr/TeenFA

I hate how much I advertise this anorak

I have the sand colorway, and I'd wear it everyday if I wouldn't be known as the kid who wears that windbreaker everyday