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u/[deleted] · 14 pointsr/TeenMFA

At least 5 hoodies/cardigans/sweaters Hoodies and sweatshirts are gonna be your most casual bet, followed by crew sweatshirts and thicker cardigans. Thinner cardigans and vnecks are gonna be more smart-casual additions to your wardrobe. Colours like navy, grey and dark grey are gonna be your best bets year-round.


u/chimpfunkz · 2 pointsr/TeenMFA

The color you get shouldn't be based solely on what you like; the best thing to do is match your shoes with the majority of your wardrobe. For example, if you wear a lot of blue denim in the fall and the beginning of spring, then black leather might not be the best color/material for you. Also keep in mind that your shoes should match your belt. If you do wear denim (which, lets be honest, most teenagers do) then a lighter color would look better (it would give you good contrast). I would recommend CDB's in the 'Dark Brown' Color (which look more tan). But, like someone said before, CDB's aren't really winter shoes. I have friends who, in high school, regretted wearing CDB's because they were freezing their toes off. Get a pair of something like these or these combined with some good woolen socks like these and your feet will stay warm and dry.

u/gevans10576 · 2 pointsr/TeenMFA

I'm constantly trying to keep my fits on point, even when I sleep. Hope it's up to par:

Got the shirt at a Gavin DeGraw concert. I never understood why my dad let me get an XL, but it's really comfortable combed cotton.

Pants r dockers and they got a sweet houndstooth detail that makes em that much more panty dropping worthy

Socks r Punto cashmere socks. Do yourself a favor boys and invest in a solid pair of cashmere socks. Well worth the money if ur girlfriend doesn't steal em.

Slippers r L.B. Evans Mens Loafers

My colors don't coordinate, sue me.

u/Edgar_Allan_Oh · 3 pointsr/TeenMFA

I'm new to TeenMFA but I've been lurking MFA for awhile, first off, lose the vest. I'm a strong believer that vests can look good, but alas, I don't think it does here. And I also think a [tie]( without a jacket can look good, but you have to be confident and the fit must be impeccable. I don't want anyone ending up like Milton

The shirt fit looks decent as I can't really tell with the vest, and I would lose the undershirt or pick up some v-neck undershirts.

Can't get a good read on the black jeans, they look a little green too? might be lighting. The shirt and pants are a little too monochrome for me. Maybe lighter shirts? or blue jeans?

Black converse are alright. I don't think the black jeans and black Cons would look good IMO.

You seem to have a decent idea of fit though which is key.

u/andya702 · 1 pointr/TeenMFA

Stop taking in sugar and drink more water, actually ditch everything besides milk and some juices for water. Gaining weight can burn a hole in your wallet depending what you get. Eating more vegetables and fruit help a lot. That's just me i gone the healthy way of eating since august 27 and have gain like 15 pounds. I'm going to start taking in and the 100% whey gold option to get bigger tho the serious mass only is going to last me 2-3-4 weeks and its around 45$ and is highly recommended for slim to skinny people trying to gain weight.

u/lessthanjake · 2 pointsr/TeenMFA

Here you go

They're awesome boots, highly recommend. If you haven't done it before, there's a way to sign up for Amazon shoe thingy and get like 15% off your first purchase. I'm sure someone else knows more about this.

u/akaneel · 1 pointr/TeenMFA

Bass buckinghams? They have black but I'd go with Navy or brown since they're much more versatile.

CDBs/Bushacres are okay too, like the guy below said, it's debate. Nobody's going to really care.

u/STNW · 2 pointsr/TeenMFA
This lens and a litany of filters, I'm really excited.
The texture on these should be awesome in person

u/tehichigo · 3 pointsr/TeenMFA

Things that I would personally do differently: not that shirt with those jeans. Black jeans/khaki's and we'll talk. Pockets are too big. Lose the pocket watch, get a simple watch instead. Shoes look clown-sized, ditch that, I'd go for slimmer shoes (Puma style), or desert boots. And for the love of god, unless you're going to a glow party or something, don't match your laces to your shirt: do you want people to look up to your face, or at your feet?

u/aka_Citizen_Snips · 3 pointsr/TeenMFA

-wear them with any kind of long pants. Good chukkas fit everything from biz caz to caz caz.

-I'll break down some options:

cheap tier: sigh Clark's Desert Boots in Beeswax, $120

mid tier: Cole Haan Winter Colton Chukka Boot, $228

expensive tier: Red Wing Heritage Men's Beckman Chukka, $320

u/yung_chowder · 3 pointsr/TeenMFA

theoretically yeah, but it'd be v. hard to control and get even

i think a better method might be using some kinda pre dye that's specifically made to lighten stuff

u/StaticBenji · 2 pointsr/TeenMFA

I have [this 511 tactical knockoff bag] (") in "coyote camo" , although I wish I got black instead. I also had to replace the main zipper and reinforce the bottom since i'm rough with my backpacks and it was cheap. I got it for $15 though and don't have anything else so it's doing just fine.

u/flight120 · 6 pointsr/TeenMFA

I think he could use some Clarks Desert Boots here is a purchase Link Beeswax is the most versatile color. youre welcome

u/horsedsizedduck · 1 pointr/TeenMFA

Navy Vans Eras. I replaced the laces a while back with just generic boot ones because I liked the look.

u/asianfuntime · 1 pointr/TeenMFA

the shirt is too casual for a banquet. try getting an ocbd to keep it a bit casual, but still formal enough.

the pants you have aren't even chino. they're styled in a 5 pocket design and from the looks of it, looks like jean material.

these are cheap but still suitable for a banquet. even if you don't have a banquet, you can still wear these. versatile.

also no bowties unless this is an extremely formal event.

u/dylan424 · 1 pointr/TeenMFA

Chuck Taylors - high vs low in white? My friend says I need to get high but I really want the lows. Also, opinions on these in grey?

u/georgeharrisun · 2 pointsr/TeenMFA

these adidas sambas does it matter if i don't play soccer?

u/dabumtsss · 2 pointsr/TeenMFA

Clark Wallabees?

Incidentally, does anyone have them in Cola Suede? Can't find any good pictures of them. Only ever find the Sand/Taupe, Black Leather or Beeswax ones.

u/Bbwalldude · 7 pointsr/TeenMFA

A couple days ago my parents had a couple over for dinner. I was at a friends house earlier, so when I got home for dinner the man (who is a doctor) was like holy s*** its worse than your parents described. What creams are you using again? lol so yeah after multiple prescription creams and antibiotics I'm on Accutane. Fucking terrified since suicide is a side effect.

Also I'm about to pull the trigger on this watch:

Today I'm going to the lake with 3 girls since my bud bailed.. I dunno if it's going to be great or a flop