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u/Auroness · 2 pointsr/TheCatTrapIsWorking

Don't tell you cat, but you can buy piles of boxes at Amazon. Some assembly required to make a truly great cat fort.

u/WeFosterKittens · 3 pointsr/TheCatTrapIsWorking

Good catch!

Just wanna add: it's a great trap AND a great toy! We've fostered hundreds of kittens through the years and that toy Bergen Turbo Track with Scratcher has consistently been the most popular toy in the house and it cannot be broken. It's solid and well made and the kittens go crazy for it. Only about $10-12 and you can buy replacement scratcher pads too. Pro tip: buy an extra couple of twinkly ballsat the same time. They light up and twinkle when in motion so pop one into the track and now it went from a good toy to a great toy. They're cheap (<$3) but are only sold as "add on" items.

u/ThISiSmE55 · 1 pointr/TheCatTrapIsWorking

Wake In Cloud - Constellation Comforter Set, Navy Blue with White Space Stars Pattern Printed, Soft Microfiber Bedding (3pcs, Queen Size)

u/salty_margarita · 1 pointr/TheCatTrapIsWorking

Here you go. You might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere but that’s the one!

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