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u/slime73 · 6 pointsr/TheLastAirbender


> that needs to exist in real life… i want that…

I got good news for you! small and big. :D

Also Eska is voiced by Aubrey Plaza (April in Parks and Rec). It's a pretty great casting choice.

I know how you feel about Aang, but I also really like that the show recognizes that being a hero doesn't mean you'll always be a perfect parent. And that both parenting and growing up are complicated and rarely perfect.

u/Viggerous · 5 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Gonna just go for a full on personal rundown of the episode

Firstly I really liked the introduction of the episode, the breif history gap and how the world is now wet up. It was doen very simple and effectively.

I also like how they just skipped the whole previous cast later lives and will feed us teasers and facts throughout the series, maybe a possible flashback episode, though I have been informed that there is a comic which fills in some of the gaps already.

I also like the idea of segregation between those who can bend and those who can't. It is a good morale plot, it is not often you encounter fanasty worlds that have the magical element (bending) with a more modern technologically culture.

I think as the majority of viewers of Aangs adventures were younger, I think it has tailored well to the audience who have grown up a little, it reminds me of some of the more popular anime series, (Bleach, Naruto, DBZ) in the way it tells its story.

Just my view, can't believe I now have to wait a month after getting this taste for the next episode!

u/EpinephrineAddict · 13 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

The DVD collection of the series is pretty cheap. 20 at wal mart if I remember correctly. And at one point they were on Hulu and Netflix but I don't know for certain.

Edit:yep 20 on Amazon and you can find these at almost any wal mart I'm sure. Best buy might sell it for like 25.

Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Complete Series

u/Stoppels · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Correct, Jeremy Zuckerman does the soundtrack and Benjamin Wynn is the (lead) sound designer. Together, they form The Track Team. Feel free to hit 'em up and compliment their awesome work. Jeremy releases unique LoK tracks on his SoundCloud sometimes, be sure to check it out!

Also: The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One (Soundtrack)
(iTunes) (Amazon)

u/BreadstickNinja · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Here's the original scanned as a PDF. If you need it in other formats, the free graphic program GIMP is able to open and manipulate it however you'd like.

I also did this one as a PNG to make the background transparent and add a slight Gaussian blur to account for the printer spots in the original.

By the way, I cannot recommend highly enough the Avatar: The Art of the Animated Series book this comes from. It's only $19 for 200 pages of concept art, which I think is a pretty good deal.

u/obafgkm · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

> Dont even get me started on Zuko's mom...

Have you seen the artbook? In the introduction for the book, the creators of the show say:

> The question people more often ask us about Avatar: The Last Airbender is "How did you come up with the idea?" The second most asked question is "How did you make the show?" And the third most asked question is "What happened to Zuko's mother?" Our goal for this book is to fully provide an answer for the first two questions. Sorry, the last one will have to remain a mystery for now.

They also said at a comic con after the show ended that they had storyboarded something for a Zuko/Ursa reunion but then they decided to take it out. I'm hoping this is another thing that gets covered in the new graphic novels when they come out.

(By the way, the artbook is fantastic, and I totally recommend everyone to get it.)

u/SexyToad · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Well Amazon is a great place to shop for starters, you can get two day shipping free as a prime member (there's a 30 day trial).

I personally would purchase each book separate. (Also that Amazon doesn't have the 3 book collection)

Here are links for Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3.

For book 1, I linked you to merchants instead of the main page. It's not ~$15 like Book 2 or 3 is. You can choose a cheaper merchant from there. The info said they're 1.33:1 (4:3)

As for Korra, I would get them now! They have blueray collections for Book 1 and Book 2. Book 3 is bound to come out soon on blueray.

u/Dacyon · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

There is a 30" Appa Plush available for purchase both on the Nickelodeon Universe website and on for the same price ($39.99).

The originally cheaper (and I believe more popular) 18"/20" (depending on the website) Appa plush, which originally was listed as being available for $18.99, $19.99, or $24.99 on the Nickelodeon Universe website, is now only available on for $59.99. Edit: The 20" Appa can also be found on the nick shop website but for $59.99.

I hope that NickU brings the 20" Appa back (again) because the way they described it made it sound like their most popular item. And as much as I want one, I'm not willingly to shell out $60 when it'd be cheaper to get the larger one.

u/Slyfox00 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

>Sure you do.

I love avatar, I support avatar:

I buy all the goodies I can get my hands on.

When it comes to a series that ended 5 years ago, what the heck is wrong with watching them for free online?

They are already online for free in multiple places.

If you haven't seen Avatar Spirits (TLA documentry) yet give it a watch:

Do you really think they are against someone watching their show online for free at this point?

Here it is on vimeo

Here it is on watchcartoononline

u/MrBKainXTR · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

The best would be the complete series blu-ray. Its the best visual quality, and notably fixes some issues with season one episodes the regular DVDs had, and has all special features that have been in any of the past collections.

u/kingxbumi · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise

Here is the promise. You should be able to find the rest by searching title and library edition

Like above mentioned you have the promise, the search, the rift, smoke and shadow, north and south for ATLA and they are still working on imbalance. The library edition comes out after the series is complete.

For LOK so far there is only one out which is Turf wars. There is also big books like art of the animated series which is AMAZING. They have that for both series

u/Rayeangel · 16 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Aftermath. They split it between 4 books. Book one already out and it's so awesome. It has tons of romance between Aang and Katara, and shows kinda how republic city is soon to be made. It's pretty good and worth while to buy, in my opinion. Especially if they don't show the back story.

u/pjztam · 8 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Well you're in luck! The canon Promise and Search comics bridge the gap between ATLA and LoK.

The Promise and the Search are ongoing comics. The Promise part 3 is released in a couple days, and the Search hasn't been released yet. You can get the Promise parts 1 and 2 here and here.

u/llikegiraffes · 16 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

This collects all three volumes: link

the graphic novels are really great. Lots of good content if you like comics!

u/MrSputum · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Amazon or iTunes for example. But if you don’t like these companies I’m sure you’ll find other vendors. If for some reason you can’t get ahold of a digital copy you could just buy the DVD or Blu-ray and rip it. I’m sure you’ll find these at various local stores as well.

u/Kiassen · 6 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Just making sure everyone realizes-- especially if you're using RES:
This tumblr post is split into 4 sections. Sections 2, 3, and 4 are linked in the post's description.

The physical book will be released on the 10th, make sure to support the creators and pick up a copy!
Here's Amazon links for The Search - Parts 1, 2, and 3.
Or, you can buy them from the iTunes store.

u/psyop63b · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

I was just looking to get the DVD box set since ATLA came before HD was standard, and never expected the series on Bluray!

As far as special features go, it looks like the Bluray set will have everything the Book 1 Collection and Book 2 Collections have, plus some new bonus content that was lacking from the Book 3 Collection.

u/2718281828 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

The first one is a collection of comics and is at places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The next two are single issues that were part of Free Comic Book Day. They're free. The last one will come out for this year's Free Comic Book Day.

u/ravenwood7040 · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

You can buy them from most of the big book websites. has all the comics available for sale, or if you're international, will ship for free to all these countries.

There are three comics, The Promise, The Search, and The Rift, in that order. They were originally sold in three parts each, i.e. The Promise Parts 1, 2 and 3, and The Search Parts 1, 2 and 3. The Rift is currently in the middle of being released, so Part 1 is out now, with parts 2 and 3 to follow in August and November.

Alternatively, there is a collected edition of The Promise and The Search, which contains all 3 parts in one big hardcover, with annotations from the authors and a small section at the back with some art from the development process.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if you don't want a physical copy, you can buy digital copies of the comics from Dark Horse here.

u/bipolarsandwich · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

I'm not positive either, but I listed all the ATLA books that I know of below. Some aren't comics, but I'm not sure if you're just referring to the Gene Luen Yang collab comics or the others as well.

Post A:TLA Universe Comics: By Gene Luen Yang

The Promise

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Search

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Rift

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Artwork and Development

These aren't comics, but I added them because they're awesome.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Art of the Animated Series

The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series Book One - Air

Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series Book Two

Other Comics

The Lost Adventures

There are also The Earth Kingdom Chronicles series, The Lost Scrolls Collection and The Tale of Aang/Zuko, but I'm not sure if they're canon (I am guessing they are since there's a Nickelodeon logo on them, but the original creators/writers aren't listed among the author so I don't know).

u/GeneralMalfeasance · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Why certainly... Yesterday somebody posted this preview on reddit, and after some investigation, I found this... Hope others share in my excitement!

u/DontEatCats · 6 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

WOW. I just bought Appa 4 days ago from Amazon. It's shipping and expected to arrive Jan 2...

I'm just glad I was able to buy one before they were all gone...

u/flounder19 · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

For those of you interested in seeing more, I suggest purchasing this book from amazon. It's really amazing

u/One_more_page · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Once any of the Dark Horse comics are complete they will come out with a hard cover copy of the whole story that has extra annotations and notes from the authors in the margins. Definitely worth the extra wait I love those extra insights.


u/Firecreeper42 · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

In which country do you live. If it is anything other than the US chances are that you can find at least one of the series on either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy the blu ray/dvd sets for ATLA and for LOK if streaming is not an option.

>I am looking for a complete package so I don’t miss out on even the smallest of extra scenes and stuff like that!

There are not really any "extra scenes" as far as I know but if you really want to get everything avatar related you might be interested in the comics. Here is a guide to all currently released and future comics.

u/otakuthelegend · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Hey friend! I have better news - it’s on amazon already 👀 Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra - The Complete Collection

u/The_bouldhaire · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

I have the 18" and it's perfectly detailed Appa Plush 18"
The other ones I have gotten are not worth it the 18 is a good size

u/CLoNeOS · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

The Box sets are a bit pricey, yeah. This subreddit prohibits the sharing of piracy sites, so that's not going to be it. I wouldn't recommend using those anyway.

The entire series is on Netflix, just in Canada. If you have a VPN you can watch it through there.

If not, then the Box Set is your only good option. It's actually 25 USD on DVD and about 30 USD on Blu-Ray (the latter having the higher quality).

u/Ritz527 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Amazon has the episodes about a week and a half after they air. If you watch them at a streaming site please consider buying them afterwards so some money makes it back to the production of more Avatar :)

Watch now:

Buy later:

u/xxzudge · 5 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

They come from these hardcover editions for The Promise and The Search.

The Rift has only released 2 of the 3 parts so far, but it is available for pre-order.

I personally recommend them all. ;)

u/kiss_my_aang · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

I'm 29 (despite what the immature username might suggest). Absolute devotee of the series; my girlfriend got me into ATLA, and I was hooked about halfway through the 1st season (the animation quality and general weirdness of the initial few episodes was a little hard to stomach at first).

Isn't The Search on Amazon? Apologies if this is what you found already and it doesn't deliver to where you are.

One thing that's nice about being an adult and liking this show is that I get to drop some coin on the series without worrying AS much (them books are expensive!)

u/bubblegumpandabear · 164 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

They did. They talk about original ideas for the show, original art, background ideas, what the creators were working on before Avatar and how they came to do Avatar (also the interesting story on how restraints from the network forced them into making Avatar into what it is), storyboard art, the images of specific martial artists they worked with that posed for reference, and images/information about the calligrapher they hired to help with the world's writing system, among a lot more. I might have bought and read this book a million times.

u/Allen_Of_Gilead · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

The read order for the main series is The Promise, The Search, The Rift and the ongoing Smoke and Shadow. There's also The Lost Adventures collection of comics that mostly take place in between ATLA episodes.

I believe the best place to get them is Amazon and there are links to most of them on the sidebar.^^[1]


[1] The ones that aren't there are Smoke and Shadow's two parts and the Lost Adventures collection.

u/braximo · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

It's actually from the followup comics, which starts with The Promise. Some on here don't care for the books for various reasons, but I like them a fair bit.

u/grey_kitsune · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Amazon lists a number of toys; see this amazing plush Appa.

u/hullaballoon · 21 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

You should order it too! It's less than ten dollars, and supporting A:TLA is totally worth it!

u/KlooKloo · 5 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

The Promise

The Search

The commentary is such a great addition.

u/dan92 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

I was feeling helpful, but in the future I would recommend just using google.

u/TheMcG · 6 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

for canadians its ~17$ currently. also an amazing price

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

u/Rasudoken · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

I'm assuming it's the ATLA art book (Art of the Animated Series)

I don't personally have this one, but I have all four of LoK's art book and the style and presentation is pretty much the same as the image posted here.

u/Kamikaze28 · 5 pointsr/TheLastAirbender


I just looked on iTunes and almost fell off my chair:

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Book 1
      • German: 22.99€ ($30.96)
      • English: 34.99€ ($47.12)
    • Book 2
      • German: 24.99€ ($33.66)
      • English: 34.99€ ($47.12)
    • Book 3
      • German: 17.99€ ($24.23)
      • English: 14.99€ ($20.19)
  • The Legend of Korra
    • Book 1
      • German: 14.99€ ($20.19)
      • English: 21.89€ ($29.60)
    • Book 2
      • German: 16.99€ ($22.88)
      • English: n/a
    • Book 3
      • German: n/a
      • English: n/a

        This pricing structure doesn't make sense to me. How is the original audio more expensive than the translation? Why are older seasons more expensive than newer ones? Isn't that counter-productive?

        Oh and don't look too closely at the metadata. All of Korra book 2 episodes have the same description - the season description from book 1, just to name one example.

        Just as a point of reference: a UK import of Avatar: The Last Airbender with all three books on DVD is 19.53€ ($26.30) on Amazon. It's just as if iTunes doesn't want the business.
u/chris_nin00 · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

I think Nick might be holding onto them for the time being.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Art of the Animated Series), the next best thing if you haven't seen it already.

u/dontandnever · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

> would start with the artbook and move on from there. It's filled with great stuff. this book shows how they drew the things

u/MagicRebel · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

This one.

I actually got it from my reddit secret Santa and it's awesome.

u/dirtyhairry · 7 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Although it's not a comic, you might wanna check out Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Art of the Animated Series) too. It's a gorgeous artbook.

u/nivlemcaa · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

By Amazon Prime version did you mean this? or the digital copy? Sorry to keep asking haha

u/fake_again · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Yeah, the arrow definitely came before the airbending. It's all in The Art of the Animated Series.

u/shuddupmeg · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Available on Amazon! We got one for my son when he was younger. It was bigger than him at the time 😂

u/zuko_for_firelord · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

This is being done in the graphic novel "The Promise." A three part graphic novel, with part 1 already being released, and part two scheduled to come out in May.

Link to the book on amazon.

u/caseycoold · 10 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

It's in the books! I got them for my wife. The artwork is vey nice.

u/parkourster · 5 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

from amazon's episodes listing if you scroll down you can find free clips showing the directors of each episode and their assistants talking about the episode and its making

u/skytzx · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

I highly recommend getting this book to anyone who finds this kind of stuff interesting.

u/papahayz · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Complete Series

I got it here off amazon and mine isn’t missing any of those... really curious. I’m not missing any episodes actually...

Also, what country are you in? It’s possible a country censored out certain episodes.

u/Valashi · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Small series of books that continues after the show ends. Only the first of 3 (I think it will be 3 anyway), is out... Bought it last week, good stuff though I imagine the 2nd one is going to have more content.

u/papayagnomes · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

It was a gift from my (non-reddit related) secret santa. I linked to this on my list, so I'm assuming she got it from there.

u/iEzhik · 31 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Buying the Legend of Korra Book 1 soundtrack (AmazoniTunesGoogle PlaySpotify) would be a good start, I imagine.

u/Varixai · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Make sure you get the art book. It has a ton of these details for the whole series. And you'll be able to cite it!

u/Karizard · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Behold! Avatar- The Promise
There's a bunch of related comics on that page. Apparently in "The Promise" series, Zuko tries to find his mother.

u/Moxypony · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

They've released a few sets through Dark Horse;

The Promise, which centers around the origins of the United Republic.

The Search, which answers the question of Zuko's mom.

and The Rift, which pertains to a number of different things, really...

Those are the only ones out so far, but they've said there are more in the works.

u/grantji- · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

hm. There is a Box Set (DVD) ... but the quality is really, really bad (for some episodes) - sometimes pixelated, sometimes the black lines around the characters appear double-ish, sometimes the whole picture is all wobbly ... and sometimes you get recaps and sometimes not - there are no "bonus features" whatsoever ... it's just odd :/

honestly - the quality of the show on streaming services is a lot better (netflix UK has the whole show)

u/craig1f · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Looks like all 3. We just started it, about 40 pages in.

u/L1M3 · 12 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

> dat soundtrack.

This trailer reminded me that Nickelodeon really, really needs to release an official soundtrack for TLA and LoK.

edit: It looks like they just released Legend of Korra Book one soundtrack. I found it on iTunes and it says it was released 3 days ago. Amazon link

u/captainvest · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Right here. Looks like they have one for each episode.

u/xx99 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Amazon [1] [2] and iTunes for sure.

Part 2 hasn't been released yet on Amazon, but should be soon if the digital version is available on iTunes.

u/hostile345 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

I can confirm for you that there are season sets on amazon.

Book 1: Water

Book 2: Earth

Book 3: Fire

u/Valkrigne · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

there is The Lost Adventures which is a collection of short comics based between episodes of TLA
there is also the Promise part 1, 2 and 3 (part 3 is released in October) which is based after TLA
lastly there is another graphic novel series called The Search which just got announced which is to do with Zuko's mom.
edit: for other animations I'm fairly certain that there are no other animations that are considered canon.

u/duniyadnd · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

If you had a chance to check out the Art of the Animated Series, they even have an image of the early image of Naga. They even explained how off base their initial ideas were. The linked provided has a preview of the book, you can click on it to read that section and view the bi-pedal Naga.

u/WumboPhD · 36 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

You can already pre order the LOK OST

Jeremy said if this is successful then there is a bigger chance that we will see the ATLA OST

u/Sirusi · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Also the Blu ray is only like $30 on Amazon.

Ninja edit: but is apparently "reserved for prime members," which is stupid. Everyone should be able to experience this show in all its HD glory.

u/Cakiery · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

The Library Edition? Amazon sells them. EG here is The Search.

It's actually on a lightning sale for the next ~12 minutes.

u/Delanium · 6 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Amazon, dear friend.

Wtf, just realizing how much money he spent on this. I need to buy him an extra birthday gift to make this up, rofl.

u/calderon501 · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Amazon actually has them up on their instant streaming service, Episodes 1-3 are up

u/ezcompany210 · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

There's also another short series called The Lost Adventures. Basically, they take place during the series, and some of them are quite interesting.

u/Hellguin · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

For those who want it

I really want this art, but the discs are Region 2 so being in the US can't really use it.

u/fafafe123 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

You can buy it from Amazon or you can download it illegally.

u/middenway · 86 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

1. The Promise

2. The Search

3. The Rift

4. Smoke and Shadow

5. North and South

Initially they're released in three parts as digest-sized books. Later, all three parts are collected together in larger hardcover library editions (which is what I've linked to above).

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars kicks off in July.

u/north42 · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

also there are hardcover ver off all books that put 3 parts into one with extra info. there called library edtions eg

u/mrempyrean · 2 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

I got this one on amazon. There are quite a few choices. I went with that one because of the size, 30", and cost, total $46. The head sags a bit, but it's very cuddlable and soft!

u/lionmuncher · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

Haven't the soundtracks for previous books already been released? I've seen tracks on YouTube, e.g. this playlist.

Edit: Also for sale on Amazon.

u/OakleyNoble · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

They don't put the music up for sale but I think either book 1 or 2 they made a soundtrack..

(I watched until 33:00 and could not find a match to this song so keep listening.)

You can also buy the soundtrack here.

u/warrri · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender
ATLA has this. Granted, it's just the old dvds put together in a box, but it's something!

u/gergrio · 1 pointr/TheLastAirbender

For everyone else here is the list I came up with
(Poster of grown up Gaang)
(Appa Warmer)
(momo hat, she also makes appa and aang hats!!:D)

(Cheaper Appa Plush)

(Momo Plush)

(if she has an iphone 5)

(possibly could make a compilation of these, they have them for every character)

(Sokka's Boomerang)

(Pillows for every character)

Those are some basic ones I think would be awesome:D