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u/charliedontt · 9 pointsr/TheLeftovers

They clearly feel like Kidman has a better shot than Coon. 86% of Emmy voters are in LA, not New York. They play favorites with what they push. You can read about this almost anywhere, but if interested, I suggest CAA: Powerhouse - The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency by James Andrew Miller (who also did the SNL oral history).

u/henson12 · 2 pointsr/TheLeftovers

A new shirt that’s not a logo of the show?

Miracle Texas Shirt Travel To Miracle National Park T-Shirt

CafePress Jarden, Texas Road Sign T Shirt 100% Cotton T-Shirt Brown

u/a-martini · 1 pointr/TheLeftovers

Could be a placeholder– that's pretty common for tv/movie/video game releases. I guess we'll see!

Edit: Looks like it could be official– it's listed on Amazon.

u/Sloppysloppyjoe · 1 pointr/TheLeftovers

camera right on the end of the cord they dangle in, super small but something liek that product

u/chromix · 3 pointsr/TheLeftovers

Store is here: 1100 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Also happens to be their corporate headquarters (gulp).

For white clothes, you can try anywhere really, but K Mart stocks white sweatshirts. Shoes at Payless and pants at... H&M? Just a thought. If you live near a Goodwill that would work too obviously. Either buy cheap work clothes on Amazon or just get a super cheap coverall.

u/NYIJY22 · 6 pointsr/TheLeftovers

The Leftovers - Complete Series 6-Disc Box set [ Blu-Ray, Reg.A/B/C Import - Sweden ]

That ones apparently from Sweden but I have it and it works on all my devices in America.

u/zyonkerz · 5 pointsr/TheLeftovers

I agree completely. The departed didn't depart...the leftovers got left. I also think that somewhere on the flip-side there's a world 98% depopulated with 2% wondering where the fuck everyone in the entire world went. Sort of like this series

u/menevets · 2 pointsr/TheLeftovers

Richter recently published some of his piano solo works, you might be interested in this:

It has that devastating piece from the movie, Arrival.