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u/Roller_ball · 22 pointsr/TheSimpsons

Partially. He was one of the strongest writers and has a huge amount of the best episodes under his belt.

Also, he has a bunch of self-published books that are absolutely fantastic. I read the first couple pages on Amazon and was immediately hooked.

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u/Dryopteris87 · 7 pointsr/TheSimpsons

This reminded me of a book I have called The Simpsons and Philosophy. It things from the show to explain complex philosophical ideas. Ah the wisdom of Homer.

u/zjneih2 · 1 pointr/TheSimpsons

I used to read this religiously when I was young. Knowing more about how respected some actors are, it blows my mind how they got some of their guests.

u/jchabotte · 11 pointsr/TheSimpsons

You guys should check out The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh. I got it as an audiobook, and it's really interesting!

u/zeroclash · 9 pointsr/TheSimpsons

One of my favorites scenes I even have the toy

u/4everal0ne · 13 pointsr/TheSimpsons

I bought one off Amazon back in 2012 and there weren't that many around then. I'd check ebay.

u/YouSuckAtDriving · 5 pointsr/TheSimpsons

They made a toy based on this scene. Apparently, the little plastic donuts are really easy to lose.

u/MexicanCollagen · 2 pointsr/TheSimpsons

This Book might be of use to you.

Episodes that immediately spring to mind are Homer's Odyssey, Make Room for Lisa, War of The Simpsons/Secrets of a Successful Marriage & And Maggie Makes Three

u/HammocksRUS · 1 pointr/TheSimpsons

Holy shit, I remember this book from grade school. Is "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson" the last episode listed?

Seriously, I remember reading this book religiously more than 15 years ago (in a Catholic grade school ironically).

EDIT: After trying to look up the book I was talking about I've realized you might be referencing the Simpsons World but I will thinking of this one.