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u/spacecraft99 · 5 pointsr/TheStrokes

ITI bubble chamber - I believe they were looking for a new cover other than the glove-on-ass one for obvious reasons, and Julian saw that image and liked it, and asked for it to be released in the U.S. with that. I really can't say if it had any personal meaning to him, the article I read that on didn't clarify anything deeper than Julian thought it was cool-looking. Source:

ROF: I really like the vinyl art for this, especially the back's art. Source:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

FIOE: I don't have a specific interpretation of my own for this, but I think it could have meaning depending on who chose/made it and why. I personally like the design against the black background, and have an old jacket with that design on it from someone who got it at a 2006 show; it's definitely my favorite jacket. I also love the overall aesthetic and concepts they chose for the album booklet as well. It's full of interesting art, designs, and quotes. Source:

Hard to Explain cover: The glass chair was made by Japanese artist/designer Shiro Kuramata and I've been really in love with his stuff for a long time, I only recently found out that the chair on the HTE cover was made by him; I was weirdly excited by it. Source: His other stuff is totally worth checking out if you're into that kind of art.

The Voidz: I personally think they were finding their own "aesthetic" or whatever at that point, so they went with something that resembled the music - dark, hidden under layers - you have to look at it for more than a moment to identify everything. Cover:

Otherwise, like with nearly all art, you can find your own meanings and connections in the covers; be it the original intention or not (like what the other poster here did, w/ their own interpretations.), and I think that has value on its own.

u/callmeceez · 5 pointsr/TheStrokes

For whatever reason it took me until last week to buy Comedown Machine on vinyl even though it’s been around $12 on Amazon for the longest time, but now I can say I finally have all of the main releases. Yay me.

With the exception of First Impressions of Earth (which is the red marbled reissue from Newbury Comics) all of these are first pressings. My pride and joy is the Hard to Explain US 7" single pressed on clear vinyl. Once I finish collecting all of the singles I plan to try and hunt down all of the variants I can. Wish me luck.

u/captainwoozy · 3 pointsr/TheStrokes

Yes you can! I got this frame off amazon and printed the poster through vistaprint. If you would like a high quality version of the image feel free to PM me and I can email it to you. It really turned out great, looks even better in person.

Edit: I did not design this poster, all credit goes to u/renzonelisanchez

u/fishymamba · 2 pointsr/TheStrokes

My friend has this one, it works great!! And he can get tracks from his vinyls onto his computer very easily.

I need to get a new one too. Using a really old Fisher MC-3050 right now.

u/VeganMechWarrior · 3 pointsr/TheStrokes

That's pretty cool. I was mostly looking for real concert posters, though, as this one appears to be:

u/sigma68 · 1 pointr/TheStrokes

I don't believe that's Albert's actual strap just the one he uses which you can easily find fairly easily such as on Amazon

u/GooGooGajoob67 · 3 pointsr/TheStrokes

Yeah, I saw that when I was originally Googling about this, which is partially what had me so confused. I bought it here from one of the marketplace sellers, so it's probably the US issue.

u/jibelite · 2 pointsr/TheStrokes

I bought this from amazon before I left for college because it's so compact, and has built in speakers.

I listen to the vinyls everyday!

u/WhalliamShakespeare · 8 pointsr/TheStrokes

Oh I want this so bad

EDIT: I found a similar one on Amazon !

u/thegrayman9 · 4 pointsr/TheStrokes

That's what I first found too. I was like, There's no way I'd buy Is This It for that high price range. But then I saw a post on r/VinylDeals. Here's the link

u/Ammarzk · 3 pointsr/TheStrokes

Im guessing they're referring to the book since there's so vid for the song that i know of