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u/xxxobird · 2 pointsr/TheWeeknd

It’s not going to keep them safe, since they’ve fallen during earthquakes before, or when I didn’t properly put them back. But if you’re still interested I used clear push pins so they can be supported, and usually that would be it. But as I said before, they tend to fall. So I got some wall hooks (sticker ones) and placed them backwards so it hugs the top of the cd. (Seen on kiss land and BBTM) They’re like these [link] but I bought it at a hardware store for way cheaper (most likely the bootleg version). Hope that helps

Command 3 lb Capacity Hooks, Indoor Use, 3 hooks, 6 strips (17081BN-3ES)

u/Dexter500 · 2 pointsr/TheWeeknd

Interesting, I'll most likely get trilogy and kiss land (hopefully with the art) Kiss Land hopefully this one has it

u/LJProductions · 3 pointsr/TheWeeknd

UPDATE: The artwork is fucking gorgeous, i've never seen so much neon japanese shit and smiling pandas mixed in with asa akira porn in my entire life. T'was beautiful would reccomend you it at

u/JoeyPhillips · 1 pointr/TheWeeknd

I use these.
I've gone through a lot of headsets and these have been my favorite, most comfortable and longest lasting I've owned.
They also have a detachable mic.

u/TheBeatCollector · 2 pointsr/TheWeeknd

These Shure SE215s sound really great for $100. The style of them is a little different than typical ear buds. They're in-ear monitors made for professional use.

u/jdabXO · 1 pointr/TheWeeknd

Sure, here you go. Various different sizes there too.

u/Beastiebabe · 2 pointsr/TheWeeknd

Wired V Moda shadow M 100. I just added red templates so it's red on black all the way. One day I'll customize the templates so itll be XO white lwtters on the red templates...


Mine look like the wireless ones but wired.

u/yahyahyahhhh · 1 pointr/TheWeeknd

Found it on amazon

Edit: The Weeknd XO Vinyl Sticker Car Truck...

u/emw98 · 2 pointsr/TheWeeknd

The Weeknd XO Vinyl Sticker Car Truck Window Laptop Macbook Wall Art (6" tall, White)

u/dandu3 · 1 pointr/TheWeeknd

someone posted this in another thread

(there's other sizes and colors if you look around too)