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u/aloehart · 6 pointsr/Throwers

First we need to figure out your budget.

If you're in the $7-14 range there are a few gems but not a lot and honestly, if you're willing to pay just a little bit more, you can get a lot better quality. In this range though.

OneStar by Yoyofactory: A decent yoyo at $10 that is on this page. It's unresponsive but with a flat bearing so it's going to bind very easily. It's a decent beginner.

K1 by Magic Yoyo: A budget brand, this is a decent yoyo as well. Arguably better than the onestar in terms of performance, but the pads are bad and will wear out quickly so you'll either want to get extra pads or use silicone.

Stepping up to the $15-$25 range there are a lot of very strong options, these following are bit for bit as good as the entry level $50 ones.

N12 by Magic Yoyo: Like all tbhe MYY brand yoyo's, the response pads are pretty bad and will wear down quickly. Other than that this is easily one of the best yoyo's sub $60. If there's a trick you can't learn with it, it's likely not the yoyo.

Replay Pro by Yoyofactory: It was used to win the US championship in 2015. Should say enough about it's quality.

Skyva by Magicyoyo and Jeffery Pang: This is the hot ticket right now, and it's entirely deserving of the hype. It's produced by Magicyoyo but designed by Jeffery Pang. It uses Luffpads instead of the usual MYY pads so they are significantly better, it also has a centertrack bearing that is very strong. These days this is my recommendation for new players as it's arguably the best yoyo at the price. I prefer playing with it over my Shutter ($50 retail).

Stepping up to the $25-$50 range there are 3 options I can recommend.

DV888 by Yoyofactory: By default, this is responsive, so you'll want to pick up a spare bearing as well.

Shutter by Yoyofactory: The golden egg of yoyofactory right now. It's considered the best first yoyo available and it isn't just hype.

Horizon by Yoyofactory: This yoyo is probably my favorite overall. It's very stable and smooth and a joy to play with.

At the end of it all though, of the entire above list, the Skyva is my recommendation. It's a perfect allaround yoyo to get you started, can be used for any trick out there, and it's very forgiving in it's shape.

u/MadelinCow · 1 pointr/Throwers

Magic Yoyo N9 or N12 from Amazon. They come in at ~$15 and ~$18, respectively. You can get a 100 pack of string for ~$20, depending on brand. Get a better bearing, I recommend a onedrop 10 ball, but everyone likes something different. You want thin lube for unresponsive, that's ~$5. Finally, response pads can be bought for ~$2 a set (you want the standard sized pads) or you can buy a tube of flowable silicone for $4.

Bearings - Everyone likes something different. I prefer onedrop 10 balls because they are quiet. You don't need a string centering bearing, it may have some effect, but it's not a massive difference. Each type of bearing has their positives and negatives.

Response - Flowable is the cheapest, since you can make numerous, ~20, sets from one tube. But having premade pads is nice, since there's no down day waiting for flowable to dry. Flowable is somewhat messy, but nothing major. Here's a tutorial, so you can get an idea of what is involved. There are numerous others on youtube.

String - Everyone likes something different. 100% polyester is the norm, but if you like cotton or a blend, go ahead. I adore Kitty Nylon. It's softer than polyester and lasts longer. It doesn't come in many colors, at least in bulk. Generally, everyone likes Kitty Normal. Good chance you'd like it too. String color does affect performance. The dyes all do different things to the material. Read more here!

Lube - Again, to each their own. Some people like lube, some don't. Bearings can be used with no lube, if you wish. A small amount of lube will make them more quiet. Don't be too worried about over lubing a bearing and making it responsive. You have to drown them to get them to do that.

Store links are in the sidebar. There's a good list of recommended throws in the sidebar as well, if you want more options. I just really like the Magic Yoyo models and they are really cheap. They are way better than their price tag lets on. I replace all my bearings and response pads as soon as I get a yoyo. So, I don't factor in having to immediately replace those parts. Simply, they aren't <$20, they are ~$30.

There's also a list of tutorial sites in the sidebar, so you can get back into learning ASAP.

I think got everything. Hope this helps. Have Fun and Good Luck!

u/fulluphigh · 1 pointr/Throwers

Just to add to the great advice jazooka is giving you, you're probably used to and expecting to play what is now called responsive, where the yoyo comes back when you tug it. It's pretty satisfying just as a fidget or chill toy, even without bothering with tricks =) you'll probably want to order a pack of cheap strings as well from wherever you buy your yoyo.

To that point, the Sage is a fine yoyo, if it's available near you. If you can get a Recess First Base, even better imo.

If you want to go full premium, you can check out a One Drop Deep state, or an alleycat.

The links I provided are all to yoyoexpert, and I have no idea if they ship to turkey, but you might be able to find a site that does. And if not, or if you don't want to pay quite that much, or don't need a metal yoyo, the first base and sage are sincerely great, and unless you did eventually decide to play unresponsive for crazy tricks, you will never feel the need for another.

OH, just checked, there are some on Amazon that are eligible to ship to TR! Cant say what shipping costs, but there's both Deep states and a yyf replay, another good responsive. But I can't speak for how easy or reliable buying through the Amazon global store is (disclaimer though: I work on the team that set up that feature, I just haven't used it, let alone to ship to turkey.)

Edit: tl;dr you probably won't like the magic yoyos, as they're unresponsive.

u/Hunter62610 · 2 pointsr/Throwers

I think so.

Hang on, do you just want the absolute best performance for the price? Check out Magic Yoyo's, Particularly the N12 Shark Honor. It's a dam solid Metal yoyo for about 16 to 22 dollars on Amazon, depending on colorway. I tried a friends, and it was smooth as butter.

I own the N9 Floating cloud, which is a bit smaller and cheaper, but comes with Hubstacks.

The M00 1 Silencer is also a cool ... I think it's actually a bi metal.

All of those are really quite amazing for their price. Great beaters due to their low cost. I might still reccomend the Skyva or Replay first due to plastics inherently better durability, but these are nothing to skoff at, and play like a metal should. Just search for them in the side bar, I'm not alone.

u/TMA-2 · 1 pointr/Throwers

edit: since you're new, all my suggestions are responsive (returns with a tug), some which include an extra unresponsive bearing. It's highly recommended that you learn the basics on responsive first before getting into advanced unresponsive play, i.e. the yo-yo won't return without a manual "bind".

They don't get a lot of love, but it's hard to go wrong with most Yoyo King throws. The Double Agent (Amazon, $25) in particular is an aluminum H-shape that comes responsive, but includes an angled unresponsive bearing when you're ready to go that route. It's the second metal throw I bought and still one of my favorites. The Spin Control (Amazon, $25) is similarly good, but has a more organic shape.

If you're worried about getting dings, though, and want a plastic, the Yoyofficer X.point (YoyoBestBuy, $15, plus use code REDDIT for an extra 10%). Similarly​, the Recess First Base ($20) offers the same versatility, coming responsive and including a wide bearing as well.

edit: There's also the Ametoys/MagicYoyo V3 (Amazon, $15). There are both responsive and unresponsive versions, the only difference being the bearing and axle length (and possibly color). I haven't played one personally but I've heard good things. The only potential issue is that the response pads might be slightly popped out, which is easily fixed by pressing them in again. Just something to keep in mind with lower-cost MagicYoyo fare.

It's a good time to get into throwing with the insane amount of affordable, high-quality yo-yos currently being sold. The hard part is deciding, but if you stick with it, you'll probably end up with lots of them anyway.

u/moby323 · 3 pointsr/Throwers

So probably the most recommended yo-yo for modern unresponsive play is the First Base by Recess. It is $20 but it is a great performing yo-yo that can handle most things that a much more expensive one could handle.

I also really like the Wedge by YoYo Factory, it is also a good choice.

If you want to spend a little less there is Replay Pro which is anywhere from $12-16. The design is a little older but it is very capable.

The cheapest of all would possibly be MagicYoYo N12. It is aluminum and a budget yo-yo but it is pretty decent for the price.

Any cheaper than that would probably be a waste of money and not be able to perform as a modern 1A yo-yo should.

If you wanted to spend a bit more, one of my all time favorites is the Premiere at about $24.

u/suburiboy · 3 pointsr/Throwers

Your choices aren't too great on amazon, since we're pretty niche.

I would get a



Butterfly XT

The velocity if you want something that can be responsive or unresponsive, but sacrifices some usability(High walls, meh weight distribution). The N12 if you want something unresponsive and actually pretty good (but you'll need to learn to bind immediately). The Butterfly if you want a cheap responsive yoyo to learn the ropes on before buying something better somewhere other than amazon later. TBH Butterfly XT + N12 is basically what I got when I started... and I'm doing fine.

u/Sethnar · 1 pointr/Throwers

The magic yoyo N11 is in my opinion a great yoyo to start out with. It has a pretty generic shape and weight, although it isn't the highest quality. it certainly is good enough to give you an idea of what this hobby is all about, and you can decide to go on from that. It was the first throw i ever had.

All in all, amazon just isn't the best place to buy yoyos. They don’t have a lot of options available, and they also don’t retail good string or other maintenance goods. yoyotricks and yoyoexpert are much better options if you plan to get more stuff in the future.

If you do end up going on to better throws, i would suggest the pages found on the sidebar on the right, as well as the format used here when asking about what yoyo to buy next.

u/Twitchster77 · 1 pointr/Throwers

Hey that's awesome that you're getting back into yos! I too am just getting back into them after 15'ish years :D

You can pick up a Magicyoyo v3 on amazon for under $13 with prime shipping...


It's cool because it's metal, cheap, well reviewed and comes with a few extras like strings, a little pouch and a glove.

Here's a youtube review.

As you can see in the video, you can even upgrade it eventually to be unresponsive!


I've been having so much fun looking through all the new yo-yos that have come out! I've picked up a few myself in the last few weeks. Collecting was, and still is, a big part of what I love about this hobby!

Hope you have fun :D

u/Kyodai1030 · 2 pointsr/Throwers

This is my #1 recommendation for your price range.


It's unresponsive, meaning it won't return to your hand if you tug on the string, but will return if you learn a simple thing called a "bind", which is really easy, and addictive all by itself.

I have one of these, and it's absolutely stunning in performance for price. I have quite a few high-end yoyos and this thing will hang with the best of them in many of the most important ways.

u/iknide · 2 pointsr/Throwers

I'll try and sum of this reddit's opinion on starter yoyos

If you want something that can do unresponsive and responsive, either get the Sage of yoyotricks, or the Recess First Base. They come with two bearings that change the narrowness of the gap, making them either responsive or unresponsive.

If you want a purely unresponsive cheap plastic yoyo, another option is the Replay Pro, it's a little heavier and won't do unresponsive stuff but it's a solid throw and $15 price range

If you want an unresponsive but want to jump right into a metal, try the Magic Yoyo N12. This has the advantage of being readily available on, here's the fancier color way and it's still less than $20

Why wouldn't I just get a Metal throw?

The major downside is that you're more likely to hurt yourself or other things if it hits something (like knuckles or furniture) compared to plastic. Personally I don't think there's a huge risk with starting with Metal, but that being said there's nothing wrong with plastic throws and they can do everything a metal YoYo can. There's also nothing wrong with jumping right into metal throws. I say if you know youi'll like the hobby, there's no harm going for metals, you're gonna get one eventually anyway.

Why would I want something that can do both responsive and unresponsive?

The main advantage starting with one of these yoyos that does both is two things

  1. If you're a brand new thrower and you've barely or never touched a yoyo, you're going to need to practice just throwing it down such that it's spinning fast enough and it's level (not tilted). If you've already thrown a yomega fireball or duncan butterfly and can make it go down and back up fine then this isn't a huge advantage for you.
  2. You're interested in responsive tricks. Also known as "looping" tricks, of which the 2A style relies on. These throws that can change can be good to start with and continue use for responsive once you've upgraded you're main throw.
u/spncrbrry · 2 pointsr/Throwers

yes that 3in1 will do fine, but thicker will be more responsive and last longer.

You can melt vaseline into a bearing with a lighter - hold the bearing on the end of a pencil or something you don't care about burning a bit. Make sure you only do this if the bearing is all metal.

"Brain Lube" is the best, imo - this is the same stuff

Mineral spirits cuts the oil - distributes it more evenly and thinly - so adding it to your lube makes it less responsive.

u/codenamesrcl · 2 pointsr/Throwers

this will depend on what specific formulation you are buying/looking to buy as a lot of sealant/silicone manufacturers sell different formulations for different purposes and this can have an affect on how well it works for yoyo response. It helps to read the packaging to see what it's intended use case is (waterproof, high temp, high friction, chemical resistance, etc etc). I don't think color really tells much as it's just a coloring that gets added to the mix, it's not like there's a set color standard across manufacturers to indicate particular dominant attributes.

i've been using DAP auto/marine sealant for about half a year now, got the tube on sale at my local Home Depot. It's not flowable meaning you have to shape it after pouring but it's a pretty durable silicone, lasting roughly around the same range as the usual permatex flowable. Easy to carve out a recess after pouring if you like doing that.

i might buy some of the permatex ultra series stuff to try it out, see how it compares to the standard permatex flowable.

u/hdfhvdsssfvhjfszbnh · 2 pointsr/Throwers

It really depends on your budget. You were asking about getting a One Drop and you're looking at spending at lease $50 there. At that price point there might be quite a lot to suggest. In the lower price range and available at Amazon, the N12 is a popular choice. It's not got the two types of bearing -- this is just unresponsive, so you have to learn to bind -- but it's only $20, and from my perspective learning to bind is part of the fun.

Authentic MAGICYOYO N12 Shark Honor Yo-yos with Bag+ 5 Strings + Glove for Gift Toy, Aluminum (Red with Golden)

u/hayleek94 · 1 pointr/Throwers

YoYoSam Yo-Yo Hard Case

I dont own this but I have heard some great things about it. Might be useful for your collection. There are many other smaller travel ones as well.

u/Halfawake · 2 pointsr/Throwers

Do yourself a favor and go for the Magic YoYo N12. It breaks my heart when I see people who are tight on money going for something more expensive that is less awesome.

And if you don't want to get that one, at least don't punch yourself in the face by getting a Replay.

u/MrTaro · 2 pointsr/Throwers

I bought my flowable silicone from amazon:

Make sure you don't get the "RTV" version. It doesn't work.

Get the one that has "Windshield and Glass Sealer" on its label.

I used it to mod my Yomega Dash to unresponsive and it works really well. I also used it to replace the worn-out response pad on my YYJ Trigger. I would say followable silicone is better than the stock response on my Trigger.

So definitely try to use followable silicone in your yoyos. You won't be disappointed.

u/chocolatespaghetti · 1 pointr/Throwers

Wow - I can't believe the response. You guys are awesome.

I have a question. Is there anything inherently wrong about one of those classic Duncan yoyos I used to see everyone playing with? They look so different. Would buying something like this or this be super dumb? Just wondering. I like that old school crappy plastic style. But if it's going to be harder to play with, then it's not really worth it is it?


Is there a difference between these butterfly styles and the old more "enclosed" styles? (I'm assuming there's got to be a name for it.) What's the longest "sleeping" one you can buy that's not a butterfly style?

u/mattf329 · 1 pointr/Throwers

The ebay listing says "sand-blasted," but yeah, they don't have the shiny finish like this one or this one.

I don't actually own any of these, by the way, but it's on my list. I've almost pulled the trigger multiple times. There have been some threads on r/throwers about it, like this one.

u/knocklessmonster · 2 pointsr/Throwers

Get some narrow response pads in that puppy if you want it to be still responsive, but better functioning.

I hated the DV888, and realized too late that it was the response. I hated it for the same reason I hated the One, and found out after modding my OneStar: The fat freaking response pads.

However, you can swap out with some narrow response pads and it'll work. In fact, I just did this to my YYF One, and my MagicYoYo N9, modded withba shorter axle and bearing, is this way. Notable examples of narrow-padded throws with narrow bearings that are awesome and responsive are also the YYF Whip, the Duncan Freehand, YoTricks/YYF Sage, and the Recess First Base (which I've trashed here often, but I love it now). To point you at a standard these pads, in any of the SLIM 19mm pad selections are what I mean, but I personally really dig these, for quite a bit less, but I also get free shipping through Prime.... Your yoyo will still be responsive (I'd recommend keeping that bearing lubed with a thick lube for reliable, predictable binds), but you'll actually be able to do more tricks and learn more complicated ones without the pads catching it and ripping it violently towards your hand if you flub something at some point.

If you want to go fully unresponsive (or, I guess, bind return, depending on where you've been around the internet), you'll need narrow pads, a wider bearing, and a wider axle which you can get in the YYF Upgrade Kit

u/en2nui · 1 pointr/Throwers

For best value, I recommend buying these pads.

u/exoduspie · 4 pointsr/Throwers

Magicyoyo N12 Shark's Honor - between 10-15 USD, you can find them everywhere.

The N12 is reliable, extremely highly regarded and durable.

as for string - Kitty String: Fat 100 pack will serve your needs pretty well.

u/jicty · 7 pointsr/Throwers

O'keeffe's working hands is the best hand cream I have ever used.

u/throws_before_hoes · 2 pointsr/Throwers

I did a quick google search and this may be your best option and would still be way cheaper. Either that or if you have any relatives or friends in the US, see if they can buy it and ship it to you. It’s $14 USD for the blue colorway, so even after paying fees and customs you’ll probably still only pay around $30 Canadian most likely.

u/greatergoodguyX2 · 2 pointsr/Throwers

what the heck there is another show called Blazing Team: Masters of Yo Kwon Do, Maybe it's the show you are talking about? It looks like it came out recently in 2015.

I checked out their yoyo line and they don't look too bad either. I picked up what's consider their "master yoyo" which is really just a non-responsive yoyo with those shell hubcaps like the nine-dragon. I couldn't help myself after seeing that Dylan guy with the mohawk on youtube review it. It looked so fun to play with, it's cheap, and the only bad review is from some guy who didn't know it was an unresponsive yoyo.

u/Tvelt17 · 2 pointsr/Throwers

The Exodus will be fine to teach you how to throw. Once you can do all that stuff and want to do string tricks, look in to an unresponsive yo-yo. If you can do the fundamentals on an Exodus, you'll be able to figure out how to bind with some practice. Work through the tricks on or

As far as going unresponsive, I really like the YoyoFactory ReplayPro or the MagicYoyo Skyva. I think they're head and shoulders better than the First Base. You could also look into the other metal magic yo-yos. The new AmeToys one is phenominal.

u/mikeveeUI · 1 pointr/Throwers

lot of good advice here.

I would just add that o'keeffes working hands will help heal those cracks.

u/Pankace04 · 1 pointr/Throwers

It works, but I'd suggest a MagicYoYo N12. It's very cheap and one of the better performing metals out there. I think it competes with most monometals even way above its price. Here's a link:

u/skielbasa · 1 pointr/Throwers

Exactly that. The clear stuff you use for windshield repair. You take the old pads out and carefully flow that into the response groove.

u/TwilightMagester · 1 pointr/Throwers

This also works, it just requires a little more patience getting it to be clear of bubbles.

u/ephoog · 1 pointr/Throwers

Or N11, Amazon, haven't tried the avocado but probably about the same with different splashes