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u/cjt09 · 4 pointsr/TiADiscussion

This might be a bit controversial, but check out /r/seduction. It has gotten a bad rap on reddit, and a lot of that stems from how historically it tended to embrace highly ritualized and structured pickup techniques (e.g. The Mystery Method) which tended to creep people out, but nowadays it tends to skew much more towards a self-help forum: most of the posts are guys who are trying to be more charming, more interesting, and more confident. If you're looking for one book in particular, I'd highly recommend Models which is both very insightful and very well-written.

u/Gizortnik · 1 pointr/TiADiscussion

Buy "Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism", read it, then compare it 1:1 with everything you see in Social Justice circles.

I shit you not, it's practically a fucking guidebook on how Social Justice circles work, including their protest tactics. And it was written in 1967 about Maoist revolutionary China.

It can be read and re-published today by changing certain words like "counter-revolutionary" with "oppressive" without loss of context. And even then, the allusions to "fascism", "reactionaries", "classism", and "priviliged class" are literally identical.

Social Justice is terrifyingly identical to revolutionary marxism/maoism.

u/OverTheShore · 3 pointsr/TiADiscussion

OP, buy the following book, and get wise on the specifics of the arguments presented. We all have a good idea why SJW Fundamentalism is bad, but knowing how to present those arguments in a clear, cogent way should go a long way to persuading your peers.

Good luck, and godspeed.

u/Yangel · 2 pointsr/TiADiscussion

Thanks for bringing this up. The suppression of ZIPRA and the genocide of the Ndebele is almost never talked about, especially not by the 'anti-imperialists' cheerleading the Mugabe regime. Hell, both ZIPRA and ZANU were not above killing civilians for the lulz. Mugabe basically rode the coattails of ZIPRA before purging them and claiming ZANU did all the work. Lolz.

Also I've seen local SJWs announce that referring to Rhodesia is a sure sign of racism...which is hilarious because although Rhodesia was far from perfect, it was NOT an apartheid society like South Africa was. If it wasn't for Ian Smith's UDF, things probably would not have turned out as bad as they did.

tdlr: Mugabe is a real piece of shit, and actually did less to 'liberate' Zimbabwe then Nkomo.

I ran into a Rhodesian vet by pure accident and he recomended this book:

u/berdbergs · 2 pointsr/TiADiscussion

And this study published last year in PNAS concluded that "human brains cannot be categorized into two distinct classes: male brain/female brain."

I'm not saying that the PNAS study (or any other study -- including the ones you cited) is 100% of reliable or methodologically perfect. I'm not a neuroscientist; I don't know enough about the subject to critically examine the methodology or results of any of these studies. But enough bad science has been done in this field that a psychologist wrote a whole book about it.

Nevertheless, thanks for the links. It's always interesting to read about the science behind trans issues.

u/nickb64 · 1 pointr/TiADiscussion

It's on kindle and on audible. I originally listened to part of it as an audio book, which I had downloaded because I wanted to see if it was good before I bought the kindle version. I might actually still have the audio files, though distributing them would be less than legit.

u/SomeGuy58439 · 5 pointsr/TiADiscussion

I was going to ask a pretty similar question re: just how well these ideas apply to an African context. (Basically I think they're lacking in nuance).

On the Irish front, I suspect that /u/jazzarchist will bring up the idea that the Irish weren't always considered "white"

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/TiADiscussion

I've had to navigate similar situations in my own life -- if you care about these people, but they're making you miserable, you need to find a way to keep them in your life while ensuring your own happiness and wellbeing. I have a few recommendations that helped me. One note: I don't call them SJWs, I call them hostile extremists. There's a TLDR at the end.

  1. Read Kristin Neff's book on self-compassion.
    It might sound like a silly new age concept, but there's a ton of scientific research that shows that there are tangible health benefits to practicing self-compassion. It's different from self-esteem -- it's not about believing that you're awesome, but about recognizing that you're human and that it's okay to be imperfect. Hostile extremists have trouble with compassion. If you intend on keeping them in your life, you will want to cultivate self-compassion so that their emotional abuse bounces right off of you. We're human. We want to be accepted by the people in our lives (and by society at large). Extremists use that against us by employing humiliation, shame, and harassment in order to control our behaviour. They want power over us. Self-compassion helps inoculate us against emotional coercion. When you accept yourself 100%, you don't respond as strongly to shame and humiliation.

  2. Practice metta meditation, also known as loving-kindness meditation. If you intend on keeping these people in your life, you will need to learn how to enjoy their company despite the fact that they can sometimes be raging jackasses. There are people in my life that I love in spite of how awful they often are. Metta helps. It's like lifting weights at the gym -- except instead of building muscles, you're strengthening neural patterns in your brain that turn off your body's fight-or-flight response in the face of threatening situations. After three months of metta meditation, instead of feeling depressed when someone craps all over you, you'll be much more likely to brush it off and get on with the business of living. You'll see the person behind the hate, and it'll soften your response to their hostility and contempt. There's a lot of research that's been done on the benefits of metta meditation. Studies show that metta meditation improves vagal tone, which is, among other things, the bodies "grace under fire" mechanism. Once again, this might seem silly and you'll probably feel like a dork when you first start doing it, but it works. It takes time, though -- you're rewiring your brain's response to stress. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

  3. You need to fix your flatmate situation. Either move out, or fix your relationship so that she's no longer creating a hostile environment.

    You deserve to live in a healthy environment surrounded by people who respect you, NO MATTER WHAT. If you care about these people, it's fine to want to keep them in your life, but do NOT live with someone who disrespects you. The only reason you should live with people who yell at you/belittle you/look down on you is because you're training to be a buddhist monk/stoic who has perfect emotional control. Not willing to move out? Read John Gottman's book "The Science of Trust". Gottman has spent the last thirty years studying human relationships. He's an expert on why marriages fail (and why they succeed). What's true for marriage is (mostly) true for other kinds of relationships. His book is about marriage, but you can apply some of his advice to your flatmates. If you can't establish a healthy relationship with them based on mutual respect, get out. Don't give hostile people control over your wellbeing -- when you're living with them, it's impossible not to. You should consider living somewhere that will prioritize your emotional wellbeing.

  4. Establish firm boundaries and enforce them ruthlessly.

    Find out what you're willing to put up with -- and then shut down anything you're not willing to deal with.


    1 - Cultivate self-compassion

    2 - By practicing metta meditation

    3 - Read John Gottman's The Science of Trust, apply his advice to your relationship with your flatmate. If you can't establish a relationship based on mutual respect, move out or kick them out. Do not live in a toxic environment.

    4 - Establish boundaries and enforce them ruthlessly.
u/mdawgig · 4 pointsr/TiADiscussion

I'm obviously not as into the literature on the psychology of cult-like groups as you, but I am way into the academia side of their arguments (ie, the communicative strategies of the authors they often parrot and whose concepts they systematically rend of nuance).

Anywho, this book is awesome on the creation of what Anderson calls "unlocatable norms" of communication among like-minded groups who emphasize their identity as constituting their belonging. She combines this with an analysis of how appeals to identity and group belonging create the potential for abandonment of a culture of justification; emphasizing the truth of lived experiences over intersubjective concensus and testing others' truth claims, etc.

10/10 book, will recommend wherever it's relevant to the discussion. It's also incredibly lucid, well-written, and features a number of "oh no she didn't" moments where a WWE-quality smackdown is laid in full academic candor.

u/UsernameDiscovered · 2 pointsr/TiADiscussion

I agree with everything you've just said.

You might be interested in Fashionable Nonsense.

Edit. Apart from one thing.

> Not just scientists...

I made no comment on the groups of people who were not scientists. When talking about scientists using exact language you may have felt I was commenting on groups that where not scientists but I was not. ;)

u/svdkeroppi · 1 pointr/TiADiscussion

FWIW, studies have shown that, at the high school level, white teachers decide which students, particularly Asian students, are "good" and which ones are "bad" based on how "white" their behavior is.

The book:

One review of the book:

u/urboro · 2 pointsr/TiADiscussion

Rapists often are drunk as fuck, what the fuck are you talking about, man, WHAT DOES ANYTHING HAVE TO DO WITH VIETNAM?!

I just don't get your social science (or Tumblr Cliffs Notes) outlook, some men have wildly overdeveloped sado-masochistic urges, which supports the "power" argument, but are you male? Men can view getting-off as a trivial thing, although the dignity of a human female is hugely contingent on her ability to choose her own mates, and it's nothing to trivialize.

I suggest everyone here just get into evolutionary psychology:

u/aRealNowhereMan_ · 3 pointsr/TiADiscussion

Understanding that they are saying something out of pain is one thing, being expected to shut up and apologize for something I didn't do, while simultaneously being something else all together. So tell me, when did you read Guns, Germs, and Steel? I'm sure you have, given the sanctimonious way with which you preach your superior understanding of history and the development of modern societies.

Also, the notion that someone is likely prejudiced for not "understanding history" or "understanding privilege" is a non sequitur; you are essentially saying anyone who doesn't agree with you is likely a racist, and that's absurd.

You know who keeps contributing to the problem of racism? People who see everything in terms of race; you know...racists. People who inject race into situations where it would otherwise be absent, or people who justify bigotry against a specific subset of people, because those people are somehow less deserving of basic human decency, kindness, and empathy.

It is not the kind-hearted but impoverished white man, nor is it the kind-hearted but impoverished black man who perpetuate racial tensions. No, it is the man who acts as the self-appointed champion, the man who would claim to speak for those who are fully capable of speaking for themselves; It is the man who would burn our bridges rather than help build them, the man who prefers the ease of antagonization over the difficulty of ingratiation. It is these men who stoke the fires of racial animosity, it is these men who are truly racist.

u/MosDaf · 3 pointsr/TiADiscussion

It's really common in academic feminism. If you want to be totally fucking appalled, check out Words of Power: A Feminist Reading Of The History Of Logic by Andrea Nye.

u/SpicedApple · 57 pointsr/TiADiscussion

>I know that this is not true because blackness is associated with night time, when crimes are typically carried out.

You're also glossing over ancient, medieval, and fairly recent medical "science". Historically, Europeans honestly thought that night air was fundamentally different from daytime air. They believed that night air carried serious diseases and plagues. This belief was known as the Miasma theory.

It also ignores theology, which isn't limited to Europe. Concepts like the Islamic concept of luminosity, which holds that things are morally light or dark depending on their degree of separation from god / whatever ultimate end there is are common in Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. SJWs go batshit crazy when you bring up Islamic mysticism in language, particularly when you point to the fact that Arabic had a major influence on French, Spanish, and Portuguese thanks to their presence on the Iberian peninsula from 711 until 1492.

If you speak up and mention this, they will essentially use a combination of well poisoning and ad hominem attacks ("you're making me feel unsafe" - a common shaming tactic) to shut you up. You need to remember that you're in a field of study that begins with the answer and searches for the question. When I was stuck in one of these courses, I literally did no more than ignore the readings, take Marxist documents and CTRL+F "capitalism" and "class" and auto-replace it with "patriarchy", "gender", "Euro-centricism". I got a 98 in the class...

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/TiADiscussion

Title | The Poison of Subjectivism by C.S. Lewis Doodle
Description | This essay contains the essence of Lewis’ arguments in his fascinating short book ‘The Abolition of Man/Humanity’. ‘The Abolition of Man’, a series of three lectures that were published, has been rated as one of top ten non-fiction books of the 20th century, and is a booklet really. (It’s only three chapters long or two hour’s read).
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u/mycroftxxx42 · 1 pointr/TiADiscussion

Well, there was the fact that he said that he was worried about a Federal judge being biased because he was Mexican. You know, the one I mentioned upthread? The one from fucking INDIANA? Calling a judge biased based on his apparent race is... racist! My source is... Donald Trump, who said that shit himself on camera.

Also, upthread, was mention of the Department of Justice going after the property management company that Trump ran twice for racist practices related to black applicants. Discriminating against people based on race in terms of whether or not you will rent to them is... racist! If you need a source on that, there's google.

The, the book written by the former president of his casino. Trumped!: The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump-His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall. I wish I had an affiliate link. The statement was "Besides that, I've got to tell you something else. I think that the guy is lazy. And it's probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It's not anything they can control.... Don't you agree?" Do I really have to point out what this is an example of?

So yeah, the guys is what we in the field like to call "really fucking racist", probably just shy of "don't mention blacks around Uncle Ted even if he's sober"-racist. These facts weren't hidden away or never mentioned. I didn't really go hunting for them or engage in anything a junior high English teacher would call research. It's all fairly common knowledge.

Tell me, is any of this really a surprise to you?

Edit: And you edited a bunch of crap into your post. Whatever.