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u/lemonack · 5 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

I recommend this with the caveat that I have entirely discarded chunks of it:
Tarot: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles

I don't use any of her Kabbalah-based theory, but I take a lot of her practical advice, and she has some good things to say on the ethics of reading for other people. Also, she tends to take kind of a condescending witchier-than-thou tone, though it's not as bad here as some of her other books.

I also really love Noxporium. Link to the stop card page because I think it's a useful tool that not enough people have heard of.

And who would I be if I didn't plug Rune Soup, my single favorite magic blog ever? Gordon has some good entries on using multiple decks, calibrating them, etc--just put Tarot on the search bar.

u/princessawesomepants · 3 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

I read How to Be a Heroine by Samantha Ellis. Super fun, really interesting. I loved how her perceptions of certain characters changed as she grew up, with the juxtaposition of events in her own life. Highly recommended. I've been telling all of my voraciously reading ladyfriends about this one.

u/champagnewastoblame · 2 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

OH BUT WAIT even more exciting: the sister of a friend from college write this book: Each Vagabond By Name

My copy arrives in the mail this week and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about that! Um... I will let y'all know how it is.

I've been attempting to slog through Team of Rivals, which is a great book, but it's so long and I've been so busy at work lately and I just gave up about halfway through. I mean, I know the basic gist of the story so hopefully I will be able to pick it up where I left off when I have more time! Sadly I'm on borrowed time with it - literally - I have a friend who loves to read Serious History and keeps wanting to lend me things like the Churchill bios and I feel so guilty... Of course he has a normal 9-5 job and works from home a lot so he's got a lot more reading time!

u/champagneghost · 1 pointr/ToastCrumbs

i based mine off the "One Line a Day" concept. i allot two or three lines in my notebook each day, and jot down a sentence (or two on especially good days) about what the high points of that day was. sometimes it's a long run-on sentence of all the fun things I did that day, sometimes it's just "lyanna mormot is is still the best GOT character ever". it doesn't improve writing skills but does make me reflect a bit before i go to bed (although i also do spend more time at work backtracking happy thoughts than i would like!)

u/_bartleby · 3 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

Eve Tushnet's Gay and Catholic is excellent! She also has a blog and great social media presence.

u/ms_dewinter · 3 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

I have Issues that mean I can't read fiction without angst, so I read almost exclusively nonfiction. BUT I dogeared and underlined nearly every page of TM Luhrmann's When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God, which looks from a critical yet compassionate anthropological point of view at what exactly is happening with people in the charismatic Vineyard church who claim to literally hear God's voice. Takeaway: they are consciously engaging in practices that systematically rewire their brains, perceptions and meaning-making mechanisms.

u/Khanbrau · 3 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

The earliest EQ issues show Ralph Bakshi's IMO lamentable influence on Pini's elves, but Wendy found her confidence in her own style before too long.

I hear you on the problem with missing female leads in a lot of Marvel, but Young Avengers has a couple of spectacular women: America Chavez and Kate "Hawkeye" Bishop, who ties into the also-fabulous Fraction/Aja run of Hawkeye. Aja and McKelvie's visual esthetics are wildly different, but both of them tend to shy away from the boob-window school of comics heroines in favor of slightly more practical, realistic outfits, and that goes a LONG way with me.

u/NokchaIcecream · 4 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

What ARE the 14 things witches hope parents never find out?

This title is so good, it almost makes me want to read the book.

  1. Harry Potter was based on reality and JK Rowling is the Head Witch
  2. Incense and pink quartz are the gateway drugs to naked Satan worshipping
      1. ???
u/Ivennelluin · 14 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

A Practical Wedding was a lifesaver for me when I was wedding planning. There's all kinds of information there, plus lots of examples of different types of weddings.

The woman who started the blog has two wedding planning books. I only read the [first one] ( The second is fairly recent, so well after I got married.

u/ladybertilak · 2 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

So.....I googled it out of curiosity, and they are in fact towels with dicks printed on them, and also a sitcom reference:

u/ellipticcurve · 7 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

Toasties! Lookit what's on sale on the Amazons! ...ok, lots of things, probably, but also goddess Octavia E. Butler's "Lilith's Brood" series, for $4 for the trilogy!

u/BurnersMyDestination · 5 pointsr/ToastCrumbs

Toasties: Dowager Empress Cixi How did no one ever tell me that this too witches woman existed?! After her husband, the Emperor, died, she and his Empress staged a coup that put them in charge as her son's regent. They ruled together (and mothered the young Emperor together) until Empress Ci'an passed away. And when her adopted son wasn't ruling the way she wanted, she had him put under her guardianship- allowing her to rule by proxy again. She was a BAMF.