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u/madd0g11 · 16 pointsr/Tokyo

I love you all but I don't want to see 500 planning post. This is the planning post. There will be one more post and it will be the event post. Any other post will be put in the conbini trash.

From the Mega Post.

> Here is my 110% guaranteed to rock out recipe for hanami I've used since 2008.
> 0. A Location. I've always done Yoyogi park because its and absolute circus and I love that atmosphere. Everyone is drunk and you see people do dumb shit like swim in the center pond. A good location is key. It needs to be near a good tree or trees, has to be relatively easy to find, and most important you actually need to get it. Scout out the week before when the blooms are starting to blossom so you can get an idea of what area will be the most kawaii. You can do it at other parks as well but the game plan is the same.
> So on the weekend of full bloom you need to get your ass to Yoyogi at the asscrack of dawn to lay your claim. You wont be the only person there at 6am half asleep trying to put down a massive tarp. This is the only 100% way to get the spot you want the most. Pretend your the expeditionary force of a large army of party people and you must set up the forward operating base. This is your duty.
> 1. A blue tarp, large. The more people you have the larger the tarp needs to be. I usually go for 100sqm, but work your way up to that level of rage. 15sqm is a good starting point. Amazon has this shit.
> 2. A baby pool. Why do you need a baby pool? Where else will your beer and booze go. Have the size of the pool and the area of the tarps match. Amazon has this shit.
> 3. Booze. Especially when you can get it delivered. Always bring a couple of cases of "starter beers" to get the pool going. People should BYOB to share. You will usually end up with extra as long as ppl are not dicks. Base access is a godsend because cases of booze on base are like what 15 bucks for bud compared to 50 for a case of asahi. I also have "one weird tip for not having to drag beer halfway across the prefecture."
> 4. ICE. This should also be listed as #1 part 2 because ice keeps the booze cold and the people happy. There are services that deliver it in block and rock form, use blocks mostly, have some bags of rock for drinks. At least 10KG if not more to start. Have people bring a couple of bags/blocks of ice along with their booze and food as well.
> 5. Food. People should bring food and have enough to share. Domino's delivers and there always vendors. You will be camped out from early morning, bring and MRE or something.
> 6. People. Invite everyone. Most people will have multiple hanami to float by and some will base out of your party. Plus depending on the gravity of your party you might attract people from other tarps to want to chill with you.
> 7. A screenshot of a google map with your exact location. One zoomed in pretty close and a larger one relative to the layout of the park itself. Cell reception shits itself and maps and chat become spotty and slow. Once you have your spot picked out in the morning and your set up take screenshots of your location and post it. You can also post your GPS coordinates but if there is signal trouble people might to be able to load the map.
> I don't ask for money but if you have a few people help co-host if everyone chips in a bit for the first 4 items it won't be expensive. As long as people bring more than they take it works out well and everyone has a good time. There other things that could be done but these the critical items.
> Don't ask people for suggestions on shit just pick the spot/day/time and say this is it, bring booze, ice and food. If you set tarp, they will come. Use facebook to make a post, update people during the day, and to broadcast if you need more ice or booze.

u/hotstack · 2 pointsr/Tokyo

These are the ones you are looking for I think... They don't have the Rollei Logo, but are the same hardware.. so unless the Rollei logo is important, I think you can pick it up at any of the large Camera stores (Bic, Yodobashi) around Tokyo... Shinjuku west exit camera-kan is probably your best bet (they have a whole floor of tripods), but the Aki Yodobashi or Yurakucho Bic will probably have it as well.



u/furansowa · 2 pointsr/Tokyo

I use this liquid detergent and just give it a good squeeze all around before starting the machine. It's nice and does not leave any smell on the dishes. I didn't really like the powder that was recommended by the brand.

Disclaimer: this is an affiliate amazon link because who does not need beer money?

u/toinou0656 · 2 pointsr/Tokyo

Thanks I think I'll have all I need to start, Tokyu hands seems like a good place to find the basic gears stuff.
I also saw this bad boy on Amazon but I might start with a Merkur.
>I assumed as much; I was just being snarky as per this subreddit's rules

Fair enough, rules are rules.

u/GenesAndCo · 3 pointsr/Tokyo

> I don't think there is an English word for those things, I guess "gas cassette" is what we should call them...

Butane canisters for butane stoves aren't that uncommon.

u/michaelkanrs · 1 pointr/Tokyo

This is the only one I can find on Amazon. I would check out your local supermarket since they might have a section for waterbottles.