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u/Dynascape · 1 pointr/TotalReddit

I fucking love Amazon

I got one of those folding credit card knives before they're made illegal. Plus a zillion of these awesome little fucking flashlights:

For 3 bucks, they're absolutely awesome. We're ordering a few. Going to put one on my shotgun too.

u/Myschieff · 1 pointr/TotalReddit

That is a hard lesson to learn. Especially with how much joy people take in making fun of anyone carrying extra pounds.

The Big Happy

Learn to enjoy the little moments of happiness. Don't keep saying "once I get this job, once I get married, once I buy that new car, once I lose x pounds..."

u/SkydivingCats · 2 pointsr/TotalReddit

I can whole heartedly recommend

Fat Cat, Cat in heat sauce


Fat Cat, Chairman Meows revenge

Hot sauces, for their amazing ability to bring both heat and flavor. Now, a small warning I guess, I can eat lava, so my gauge of heat is probably not yours, but I find neither of these too hot at all. The wife finds them a little too spicy.

You can find them cheaper elsewhere I think. Check out their site

u/LurksMcGoo · 1 pointr/TotalReddit

My Christmas List

  1. Clean draft lines
  2. Reduced tax burden for alcohol, food, and tobacco taxes
  3. Jon Taffer stopping by to say "Get new stools, everything else is good"
  4. An NHL Franchise in town
  5. A dozen of these sent to Royals fans.
u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/TotalReddit

Just when I think I've seen everything...

Apparently Gay Dinosaur Erotica is a thing.

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/TotalReddit

Title | Chris Thile & Michael Daves -- Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel
Description | From the Second Annual Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash to benefit the restoration of historic landmark, Old First Reformed Church in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Learn more: CTMD News: CTMD perform this song on the new CD, Divided & United: The Songs of the Civil War on ATO Records. iTunes: Amazon: Video sponsor, Retrofret Vintage Guitars: Social media by Twan...
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u/knowsomeofit · 1 pointr/TotalReddit

Oh hey. Check out chanca piedra. My partner has had terrible kidney stones in the past. Her doctor in Chile prescribed this stuff -- it's an herbal tincture you take a couple of times a day in water. It really works.