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u/ceresia · 1 pointr/Toyota

I would browse amazon and such and see what reviews state, like these:

You can easily weed out the idiots of reviews that didn't follow directions or clean the surface and prep correctly, that does make all the difference.

I would hope you aren't inside the tank as you are under the car repairing, any repairs needed from inside I would highly recommend the replacement tank instead, but if you meant what else should you look for while under the car? You can always look at the gas tank strap and ensure it isn't damaged or screwed up in any way. Also if you do end up replacing the tank then get some undercoating spray in a can and after installed and tested then take the strap down, spray coating where the strap wass and while still wet replace strap, then coat the rest of the tank thoroughly, it makes a world of difference and helps bind the strap from moving as well.

u/nfntm · 1 pointr/Toyota


Indeed, I was asking that, if I could find the manufacturer for that filter, so I don't have to spend extra for the toyota logo, I found:

for mahle filters and its price

for fram filters and its price (it says high mileage)

and ofc the one suggested by another redditor bosch 3311

Now I have to ask, which brand is better, thanks in advance

u/Jimmers1231 · 2 pointsr/Toyota

Its a pretty good penetrating lubricant. you can find it pretty much anywhere. its what I have on my shelf at home, but your choice of penetrating lubricant would probably be just fine.

u/bpodskalny · 1 pointr/Toyota

Former toyota MDT here. I am not super familiar with this DTC, but have been out of the field for several years. I did find an interesting article:

This article seems to indicate that the rear sensor in the drivers side exhaust had a fault that caused a similar set of codes. internet guy advice is replace bank 2 sensor 2 oxygen sensor, clear, then report back. YouTube instructions.

I did look up the correct (denso) part for you tho! Worth a shot for $35

Denso 234-4209 Oxygen Sensor

u/niya238 · 1 pointr/Toyota

Something like this :

MASO USB Wireless Carplay Adapte Dongle Android navigation A-pple carplay module Auto Car Mobile Phone USB Connector

u/ET2-SW · 2 pointsr/Toyota

This is the kit:

Toyota Rear Backup Camera Kit for Camry, Corolla, Prius, Rav4 (2012, 2013, 2014)

u/arnie717 · 7 pointsr/Toyota

It’s in a 2012 Corolla S.

57056 - Toyota radio that they used in a bunch of different vehicles. $100 on eBay. - Expensive for a backup camera but I don’t think there’s many options for an oem head unit that didn’t come with a camera from the factory.

I did have to run a ‘reverse trigger’ wire from the radio to the reverse light.

u/pbs094 · 1 pointr/Toyota

Plastic bag over the the alternator. Then I gave the whole engine a quick rinse with a hose. Then I soaked the whole thing in this and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I scrubbed everything with a few different brushes and rinsed it off. Dried everything with compressed air and dressed it up with this

u/spinnyd · 1 pointr/Toyota

General Tools 70396 Lighted Steel Claw Mechanical Pick-Up Tool, 24-Inch

u/CBRjack · 3 pointsr/Toyota

That... shouldn't happen?

Maybe buy one of those old school steering wheel locks.

u/mingy · 3 pointsr/Toyota

Go to an autoparts store. Explain the seal coming off: they have a special urethane adhesive made expressly for that. I've bought in the past. This isn't the one I used but it is similar.

For the hydraulic lifter, they are real easy to replace, basically a clip to pry aside (at least on all my Toyotas). Here's a video for a Prius but yours is probably similar. You can un-clip the old one, bring it to the store and get a replacement (or just tell them the make and model and they'll give it to you).

Try do it yourself. Worse case you'll have to ask somebody if you can't. Its real easy.

u/wintyfresh · 1 pointr/Toyota

[303 Products Aerospace Protectant] (, a damp rag won't protect it from the sun.

u/fudgebudget · 1 pointr/Toyota

Sorry, I meant to type 50,000. It's this one, and I did not have to lube it myself. I put it in around 10,000 miles.

The computer does not list the specific psi, so that is probably something I should check - would that really cause that big a loss in fuel economy? I would think that by the time it got to single digit psi I would have noticed them looking flatter, but now I'm second guessing myself?

We just moved, and I had a lot of weight in the car before the fuel economy dropped, but I was still getting ~32mpg on average on the highway with the car fully loaded on the drive from Santa Fe to East Texas. This problem started soon after we unloaded the car.

The break-in period for the car is long gone, but I drove it as required for that period of time - it was majority highway driving (60 mile daily commute round trip on rural mountain roads, plus a couple of drives to Texas and one to Montana in the first 6 months of ownership). I don't think that there have been any other special conditions.

u/DubstepMeGusta · 2 pointsr/Toyota

Turtle was headlight restorer. I bought it at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks, not a single bit of regret.