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u/dragonflytype 路 1 pointr/TrollXWeddings

Okay, so I've been trying this bra today. It's surprisingly good! I haven't been doing a ton, and I know I'll sweat way more on the day of, so I'm not sure how it will hold up to that, but 7 hours so far and going strong, no sign of slipping. If anything, it actually fits better now than well I put it on.
Negatives- it's weird having the bottom edge so low, and it does... not dig in, but I can feel it and occasionally it chafes a bit. I imagine there's ways to mitigate that, and it also makes me have better posture to help avoid it. The outer sides are a little pointy and you can see the edge of the cups. But I tried my dress on over it, and you couldn't see then. I imagine once I get the dress properly fitted that will be even less of a problem. It does not afford much cleavage, which could be in the pro column as well, depending.
Positives- it's pretty comfortable, and I feel well enough supported. I mean, I wouldn't do jumping jacks. But with a tighter top (like, say, a wedding dress fit to me) I think I'd be fine dancing. The side wings feel secure, and the underwire definitely helps. It's a world of difference from the nubra I tried before.
The cups are sticky as well as the wings, so I'm a little nervous about peeling it off, but I did that a couple times already to reposition it when I put it on and that wasn't terrible.

All in all, I definitely recommend trying it out. It may not work as well for you, but I think it's a solid contender.

u/volleyfrog134 路 4 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

The book A Practical Wedding really helped me deal with the "inadequacy" I was feeling (believe me, I still have to talk myself out of it sometimes) since we're choosing to just invite family. We're treating it more as the one (and probably only) chance we'll have to get all of our family together in one place to meet each other!

You can still have a beautiful wedding with even just you two! Don't feel pressured - It'll be your wedding and it will be awesome and beautiful!

u/HeadlessMami 路 6 pointsr/TrollXWeddings


There are a MILLION colors and patterns to choose from, we got super lucky that it came in my wedding colors!

u/gypsywhisperer 路 2 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

I got my cat-loving friend a mug like this but maybe a ring cleaner like this, some nail polish and top coat, and the magazines?

u/you_clod 路 3 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

Before we got married, my husband and I had lived together for about 6/7 years so we didn't need a lot as far as home stuff goes. I think we had added a replacement set of silverware, a toaster oven, and one of these utility cart things. The rest of our list was all the fun stuff we wanted like a PS4, crafting supplies for me, and computer stuff for my husband. Since that was our list, I think most people didn't know what to do with our registry and didn't really want to buy our fun stuff so they gave us cash. By the end I think 75% of our guests gave us cash. They also gave it in person at the wedding, so we didn't get any of our "gifts" until the end.

Edit: Also, now that I think about it, the few physical gifts we got were mostly received after the wedding

u/haute_tropique 路 3 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

Thanks! And I didn't buy it no Central IL, I actually got it on amazon along with a petticoat. I really like it, except that the waist hit right between my natural waist and an empire waist, so I subbed their thin little belt for a thicker one.

u/bloodsponge 路 8 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

On this note, insulated wine carafes might also be a winning idea, /u/portiafimbriata. IDK how many bridesmaids you've got, but this would be a gift that would get LOTS of use.

u/WanderingKittenHerd 路 3 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

This kitty has been awesome for holding my ring, they have other animals too!

u/honeybadgercantcare 路 8 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Ladle!

Completely unnecessary except it makes me laugh every day when I see it sitting on my stove.

u/nutmeg444 路 5 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

I found this picnic backpack on Amazon for $26. It looks really cool!
Flexzion Picnic Bag Kit - Set for 2 Person With Cooler Compartment, Detachable Bottle/Wine Holder, Plates and Flatware Cutlery Set Insulated Lunch Bag (Plaid Tartan - Brown)

u/midsummerNights 路 2 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

We are using a gypsy jazz cover of "It had to be you" (link here) . Its very upbeat and is fun to dance to.

u/rbwildcard 路 8 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

Bought mine for 60 bucks on Amazon. I made sure I looked at the size chart very carefully and got a corset back for minor adjustments without getting alterations. I love it! It's not glamorous fabric, but I'm only wearing it once!

u/SaturdayBaconThief 路 12 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

Amazon prime, 2 day shipping. [Sage drsses, available in both 10 and 12] (Rosebud Flower Bow Ribbons Big Girl Flower Girls Dresses (14KD9) Sage 10 My 12 year old said she would wear it to a wedding, so kid approved.

u/tedcruzisthezodiak 路 12 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

Not today, Satan! I'm finding you the dress if it kills me. Let's do this!

Amazon prime eligible, sage

Amazon prime, sage, chiffon with a ruffle

Amazon prime, one shoulder, chiffon, mint

Feedback requested for first batch

u/danceswithhousecats 路 3 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

I'm imagining it's swollen AF in which case i advise you to:

Girl, buy some PolyWic STAT! Wrap that sucker and let it stay on until the wedding day. Compression is your friend, just make sure your toe doesn't turn white, cause that's bad, m'kay... A layer of PolyWic around it and then some medical tape to fixate it. Start wrapping the tape from the tip of the toe(this will hurt like hell btw), use moderate pressure to wrap. Re-dress every other day.

If you think it's broken, then you need an x-ray.

And buy backup shoes just in case.