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u/Dannybam · 1 pointr/TrollYChromosome

I've played one or two... not in search of "smut", but out of general curiosity and an interest in electronic simulation.

No one has provided a link in the comments, and its just as well.

None of the sexual assault simulators I have played were advances of virtual or simulated reality. Their uniqueness was depravity, and they were not sexually compelling.

In my experience, Strange Days was one of the most disturbing films ever created. I consider its content important, visionary, and relevant.

There are many related expressions in all manner of media; all of which are equally relevant, and most of which have been of great interest to me:

u/newusername01142014 · 5 pointsr/TrollYChromosome

You should get him these

^ this talks about how men became the stereotypical brawny man.

^ this talks about women's bodies and the changes they go through (I'm thinking of getting this for me)

^^^ especially this last one talks about how to have meaning fun relationships

My fiancé says: get him a dildo he'll be happy.

u/thekiyote · 2 pointsr/TrollYChromosome

I knit my first scarf with the pattern from this book. (Which happens to be the best name for a guy's knitting book ever).

It's something great to do while watching TV. Just avoid drinking and knitting. I can show you exactly where on my projects where I had a little too much to drink...

u/bJ7XJN1W · 28 pointsr/TrollYChromosome

Well, in private I have this and this which are both fun. In public I don't wear anything too deviated from social norms- right now I'm wearing jeans and a polo- but I'm working up the courage to wear a skirt some time.

u/zombreness · 2 pointsr/TrollYChromosome

This is the listing I purchased from on Amazon. And here is what they look like in real life. I like them, my only complaint is that they're smaller than I anticipated. Like, short and kinda stubby books idk.

u/cerulean339 · 1 pointr/TrollYChromosome

>this and this

The first thing that popped into my head is how great I would look in those. Would you happen to have a link to a store or something for the second one?

u/melonzipper · 1 pointr/TrollYChromosome

Here's a good start: She Comes First Also, talking to your partner ;)

u/MaybeTheresa · 1 pointr/TrollYChromosome

To add to it: The piece Stu Hamm plays at the beginning of that solo is Nostalgia from an GH3 album. It's short and I find it sounds harder than it actually is. The tabs for it were included in a book, which is unfortunately currently unavailable.

u/Bannedfromfun · 1 pointr/TrollYChromosome

Basic Sleep Hygiene.

The book we recommend frequently at our clinic for persistent insomnia. BTW, that's >1mo of insomnia.

Benzo's and other sedatives give you more sleep, not better sleep, and frequently actually give you worse sleep.

u/oursland · 10 pointsr/TrollYChromosome

Long comment with a question at the end; please read and respond. :)

What you did is described in the book Not Just Friends which I constantly recommend on /r/relationships, although for your mutual benefit. To form that attraction which fosters into a relationship, the participants have to show a vulnerability (in this case how the divorce affected each of you). If one exposes a vulnerability that can be related to and is met by the other doing the same, you have the grounds for building a bond.

It's actually just this easy, which is how benign friendships can unintentionally become emotional affairs then physical affairs. In a friendship you see the other person in a positive light without all the work that comes with a relationship and rough edges of dealing with the entirety of a person. When each of you expose your vulnerabilities and you feel welcomed by the other, it can be more powerful than anything, including the relationship you have with your current partner. If you're trying to form a bond with a partner, this knowledge can put you way ahead.

The flip side is how people react to non-common vulnerabilities. If your male partner is emotionally hurting from something that you cannot relate to, then it's easy to see that person as weak. If "confidence" is the aphrodisiac which attracts women to men, then weakness is kryptonite that can diminish and kill the attraction.

I'm going to generalize a bit, but as a man exposing these non-common vulnerabilities to other men does not come with the same judgement that a woman would have. In fact the common response isn't "man up", but frequently "how can I help"? A woman doing the same to a group of friends frequently respond with "I empathize with you" or "I feel for you".

I have a question for you. If you did not go through your divorce; if you had never been through the struggle of (likely) trying to rescue a failing relationship, dealing with the reality of your future plans dashed, and the stress of the separation, would you listen to him and still feel the same way? If you didn't have this common experience and therefore not have the empathy (sympathy, perhaps, but not empathy), would you see him and his pathetic actions as that: pathetic?