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u/aeb1022 · 6 pointsr/TropicalWeather

Even if your wife is planning to breastfeed, have formula on hand just in case. I'd recommend the ready-to-feed (RTF) stuff that comes in the little bottles (like this). That way you don't have to worry about your water source, or washing/sterilizing bottles. You can get individually wrapped nipples for them, too (Amazon link). One of the other commenters said you have to refrigerate the RTF formula, but that's only true once it's been opened.

If your wife *is* planning to breastfeed, i'd recommend a manual breast pump and/or a haaka in case baby has trouble latching and she wants to express milk. They have electric pumps with battery powered options, too, if you want to look into that. (in this case you'd obviously also need bottles and a way to wash/sterilize them).

Obviously diapers and wipes too. Another thing is we do so much freakin laundry, which, in the event of an extended outage, wouldn't really be possible. So more onesies and swaddles than you think you need and burp cloths/rags in case you have a spitty baby.

Some items we Amazon Primed in the first week or two that we didn't know we needed: simethicone gas drops, probiotics, vitamin d drops, velcro swaddle, different size pump flanges, slow flow nipples, saline spray/drops, miracle blanket swaddle, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Newborn babies are hard, and I hope you don't have to deal with a hurricane at the same time! Praying for calm weather in your area!

u/CABGX4 · 3 pointsr/TropicalWeather

Amazon sell these awesome reusable washable pads. They're huge and really durable. Highly recommended. I also like the grass/sod in the kiddie pool idea. Could even lay grass on top of these reusable pads too.

Medline Softnit 300 Washable Underpads, Pack of 4 Large Bed Pads, 34" x 36", For use as incontinence bed pads, reusable pet pads, great for dogs, cats, and bunny https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FED594/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_UYpCDbK1P3KW5

u/scooch151 · 3 pointsr/TropicalWeather

Your best bet is UCAR (a non-profit consortium created by 100+ research universities in meteorology), which has a wide array of online modules/lectures across the geosciences, in a program called COMET. They're all free and searchable by topic: https://www.meted.ucar.edu/training_detail.php

One textbook that covers what it seems like you are interested in is "Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction" - https://www.amazon.com/Numerical-Weather-Climate-Prediction-Tomkins/dp/0521513898

If you're interested in studying phenomena in the midlatitudes or tropics, I can recommend some other textbooks, but don't want to make a giant reply if it's not necessary.

u/Difluence · 1 pointr/TropicalWeather

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better introductory textbook than Wallace & Hobbs. It's a comprehensive and informative introductory tome that still manages to have lots of judiciously chosen pretty pictures.


u/kikkai · 17 pointsr/TropicalWeather

I'd highly recommend taking an intro to meteorology class.

If not able to (many schools don't have them whatsoever), I'd suggest trying MetEd: https://www.meted.ucar.edu/resources_faq.php There are a few courses available there.

I wouldn't suggest purchasing many intro-level books that are focused towards young children. Though many books I've seen are qualitative, some don't provide enough information.

This is the textbook I used for an intro level course at a UC. Qualitative but informative. Meteorology https://www.amazon.com/dp/0073659630/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_FulQzbBY7NJ0X Pretty much all of the available copies seem to be used.

u/bicch · 6 pointsr/TropicalWeather

At our old house we used plywood. My neighbor showed me a really easy way to do this with some prep work beforehand but you only have to do it once. Cut each sheet of plywood exactly to the dimensions of the window you are placing it over and label each. Attach 4 (or more for large windows) eyebolts to each corner of the plywood, then drill holes in the concrete/brick/stucko where the eyebolt lines up when put in place. When a storm comes, you just have to put the plywood in place and latch the eyebolts. We went through 4 storms (biggest was a cat 4) and never had an issue. Super quick to put up and take down, although not as quick as accordian/electric.

u/DrSandbags · 2 pointsr/TropicalWeather

If you had an AVR like this could you expect to be protected if you still wanted to watch TV until the power went out?

u/Greyswandir · 7 pointsr/TropicalWeather

Try going to your local camping/outdoor supply store. They often have large water containers to set up in your campsite. The ones I got are flexible plastic containers that fold up flat, but inflate like a giant water balloon into a cube shape when full.

Here’s an amazon link to one similar to the ones I have:

Reliance Products 5 Gallon Poly-Bagged Fold-A-Carrier Collapsible Water Carrier https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001QBZI90/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_k0RzDb25BXN7E

u/saltytaco · 4 pointsr/TropicalWeather

GFS Full-Res goes down to 945.

Two recommend books include:

Meteorology Today by Donald Ahrens(Paid)

As long as you have a decent understanding of algebra and maybe some trig, Practical Meteorology would be fine as well.

Practical Meteorology: An Algebra-based Survey of Atmospheric Science(Free)

u/typicalTYLER · 1 pointr/TropicalWeather

I've seen this thing called "hurricane tape", not sure if that meets your criteria, or if you could get any in time. Here's a listing on amazon, but you might be able to get it somewhere else.

And here's a video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIwNNuLo42w

Edit: Fair warning, standard advice is NOT to simply tape your windows. So hurricane tape might not be as good as the company would have you believe. It might be worth taking the fine from your apartment to board up your windows instead.

u/Cronus6 · 5 pointsr/TropicalWeather

> Plus I planned to be without for a month and how do you make instant coffee without hot water?

I've heated water over candles before to make coffee. If those little tea light candles can make potpourri simmer... they can make water hot enough for coffee. Those old school metal camping cups work well for this. https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-12-oz-Enamel-Mug/dp/B0009PUR72

u/Theageofpisces · 1 pointr/TropicalWeather

Maybe use some packing stretch wrap around the cardboard and styrofoam?

EDIT: Should be able to find it at any hardware or office supply store.

u/mrsmetalbeard · 1 pointr/TropicalWeather

About the labor day storm of 1935. It's what I think about when I think about evacuating early, and the time at which it's better to stay. TLDR, they waited too long, then got on a train out of the Keys, the train went into the water. lots cry.

u/justarandomcommenter · 3 pointsr/TropicalWeather

You might want to [try this on it: OdoBan Ready-to-Use 32 oz Spray Bottle and 1 Gal Concentrate, Eucalyptus Scent - Odor Eliminator, Disinfectant, Flood Fire Water Damage Restoration] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000ZOQ9HY/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_h.eNBbB9G0G3V) - after you clean it of course!

That stuff is a lifesaver when it comes to mold and smelly random crap.

u/wellwasherelf · 3 pointsr/TropicalWeather

Yeah, you don't need anything heavy to smash a car window. They're made of tempered glass, so all you need is a sharp object with a concentrated point that is harder than the glass (e.g. an icepick or punch tool). That's why you can shatter a car window with just a tiny smashed piece of ceramic from a spark plug ("ninja rocks").

Using something as a lever works too since it applies so much force into an extremely concentrated area, and it's probably also going to be near the edge of the glass, where tempered glass is weakest.

I highly suggest investing in one of the specialty tools though. They're super inexpensive and take up no room in your car. I keep one in my center console and one in my dashboard. They do make larger ones too if you're worried about a keychain-sized one getting lost.

u/aboxofkittens · 19 pointsr/TropicalWeather

I finally sprung for the solar-powered one I’ve had on my wishlist for a long time.


inb4 fuck bezos, I agree