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u/TheBuddha777 · 1 pointr/Truckers

For me the biggest barriers are weather and my irregular schedule. Sometimes it's just too windy, cold, or rainy to do anything outside. Some days I feel like working out but don't have time. Other days I have the time but don't feel like working out. So three variables have to come together: weather, free time, and energy level.

Lately I've been doing better though. I started doing isometric exercises in the truck, which I can do in any weather (I have a Steel Bow and Iso Bow). If the weather's nice I use my pushup stands and dumbbells, along with jumping jacks.

The food, though - obtaining healthy food is a definite problem.

u/blackdesertnewb · 1 pointr/Truckers

sure they are. or at least fans with any mm range that run on 12v will also probably have 12v in their name.

anyhow, amazon 12v fan and that should give plenty of options. I'd recommend one of those computer fans. Not the one that plugs in to the 12v outlet lol.

I've had one of these on my coleman for a while. It sometimes decides to be a freezer. And haven't had any issues with lost appendages from putting hand in fan since I stuck the fridge into the right bottom compartment on the cascadia.

u/chaseoes · 1 pointr/Truckers

Phone is probably the cheapest option if you don't want to opt for a some kind of a standalone screen.

I was thinking something DIY like this + this, but here's something else that looks like it combines both of those and could be a good option.

u/gatowman · 6 pointsr/Truckers

Study, I dunno. I like to listen to books about nuclear science, nuclear power, weapons, accidents and the like while I'm driving. I don't do many fiction books.

While it may not be studying, learning about the world around you can help expand your mind and keep it active while you're focusing on the road. I've listened to these books a few times over by now.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6

u/CaptainHunt1701 · 2 pointsr/Truckers

Becoming A Truck Driver: The Raw Truth About Truck Driving:: Thinking Of Becoming a Truck Driver? You MUST Read This Book First. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001E0KSOI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_IoizDb3BH2QC2

Read this first. It's a great book alot of insight on the world of trucking.

u/vocativelion · -1 pointsr/Truckers


that would be the best book, the author also has an hour long talk on youtube. talking about the book

u/standardguy · 1 pointr/Truckers

If you have a way to power a crockpot that's the way to go. You can make a weeks worth of meals for under 20 bucks and it'll blow the pants off any fast food taste wise plus much healthier.

Had to buy a new car recently so had to tighten the budget, was blow away with how much I was spending on food. Check this out

u/MrStrype · 2 pointsr/Truckers

At my work (YRC Freight) we have a different truck each time. So instead of the more bulky home models I've been thinking about buying the portable keychain model. It costs more but the convenience might be worth it? What do you think? https://www.amazon.com/Pocket-CO-72-9021-Monoxide-Detector/dp/B001G0STBK

u/bassnote1 · 2 pointsr/Truckers

Get a pure sine wave inverter, more spendy but less likely to fry your stuff. And we have really dirty power out here with multiple power hits a day and ours work great. I use this one and this one.

u/senorbolsa · 1 pointr/Truckers

Merrel mocs, comfortable slip ons, rounded heel, dont look stupid, I like the gun smoke color, goes with everything. Go through a pair a year, you can find them cheaper but here they are.


Also have a pair of timberland steel toes I've had for 5 years with regular but not daily use.

u/GitRightStik · 1 pointr/Truckers

Buy one of these. The spiral bound is much better.
I spent 8 years in the medical field. I feel your pain. Be prepared to work 60 hours per week, schedule will not be reliable.

u/TexasTrucker1969 · 1 pointr/Truckers

Getcha one of these and mount it to a sturdy 2*4. Then use big u bolts or even straps to attach that to the frame. Another strap to hold the back tire down and your done.

Delta Bike Hitch Pro Locking Fork Mount with Lock https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000ACAM88/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_J8tKDbY85GVXG

u/tobisowles · 1 pointr/Truckers

If your cat will tolerate it, get her this(amazon link). We got one for the spare box, a few of our dingbats can't figure it out but the ones who do use it, oh man so much less mess. They come in other sizes as well, you should be able to find something that fits your truck.