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u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/TwoBudgetsOneLook

Hey guys! This is my first time contributing to this sub, hope you enjoy! I'm not to familiar with high end brands so I got some item inspiration from posts on this sub. Also, the high end t shirt is supposed to be acne, not APC, typo. The fit pic is one I found in an old inspo album I have, so I couldn't find the source. Here are the links:


u/TRY_LSD · 9 pointsr/TwoBudgetsOneLook


Hat: Inis ($115)

Scarf: [Brooks Brothers] (,default,pd.html) ($130)

Coat: [Diesel] ( ($500)

Shirt: Saturdays NYC ($80)

Pants: Husdon ($220)

Boots: [Timberland] ( ($200)



Hat: Obey ($25) Alt: Target ($5)

Scarf: Club Room ($90) Alt: Lord and Taylor ($48)

Coat: [ASOS] ( ($50) Alt: Perry Ellis ($70 ($40 after sale))

Shirt: H&M ($15) Alt: St. John's Bay ($15)

Pants: Calvin Klein ($70) Alt: Goodale ($60)

Boots: [Sketchers] ( ($56)

Edit: Looking back the scarf in the picture is knit, and the ones I posted are not. My bad.

u/LeFemur · 1 pointr/TwoBudgetsOneLook

$25. Specifically, these: 1, 2, 3

u/Yobby · 9 pointsr/TwoBudgetsOneLook

Low Budget

Sweater - JCF
Belt - DIY or Orion
Pants - Unbranded 101
Boots - CDB Beeswax, Mink Oil

Higher Budget

Sweater - Rag and Bone
Belt - Vermilyea Pelle
Pants - Raleigh
Boots - I don't know, I'm pretty poor