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u/Call_Me_Salamander · 3 pointsr/UCDavis

When it comes to books, you should always wait until the first day of class so the professor goes over what you will need for the course. For some classes you might not even need a book at all! You will not be using the book very much if at all the first week of the quarter so you will be perfectly fine waiting until the first day or two to order your books! I recommend avoiding the bookstore because it tends to be overpriced. Amazon has much better deals if you want a new book. For used books, join the Textbooks for Sale Facebook page, which is part of the UC Davis groups on Facebook. Also, many people obtain their books in PDF format online or through others who have taken the course. While this is not legal, it does provide for a very cheap alternative to buying your books (but again, it is illegal in most cases unless the publisher has explicitly released the book online in PDF format free of charge!)

I live in West Village as well actually! If you are in a furnished apartment you will get a bed, desk, nightstand and dresser to yourself. You also get a TV stand, living room table, dining table, and a sofa included that you will share. I recommend coordinating with your housemates on what to bring. That is what I did and it is way better than bringing 4 sets of silverware, plates, etc. Is there anything specific you'd like to know about that you should bring? The bare minimum (computer, clothes, kitchen utensils) is what I brought and I am doing just fine!

As for bikes, I recommend a single speed or standard road bike for commuting. The commute from West Village to the middle of campus on bike is 5-7 minutes depending on how fast you biking.

If you are looking to spend under $300 then buy a nice, used road bike when you get to Davis. There is a Bikes for Sale page for UC Davis on Facebook that is regularly updated! Craigslist works fine too. If you are looking to spend $300 or more, ($300 to $500 can get you a good quality bike that will last you throughout college) I recommend checking out this website:

I personally ride a Single Speed and I love it! It has no gears so you don't need to worry about shifting. It is lightweight, fast, and reliable. I have the Windsor The Hour from BikesDirect (it was $300 when I got it). I recommend the Mercier Kilo TT if they have it in stock (it is extremely popular so it is hard to find in stock). Otherwise the Dawes SST AL and Windsor TheHour/Clockwork are great too!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Edit: I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me /u/nTranced. A good U-lock is a must in Davis. Bike theft isn't extremely common but it does happen from time to time. If you have a nice bike make sure it is locked up with a U-lock. I personally recommend this lock as it is a good combination of price and effectiveness:

u/AnteaterToAggie · 4 pointsr/UCDavis

If you buy "cheap", chances are that you're either buying something that's built to be a temporary toy or buying stolen (thus increasing demand for stolen bikes). What you need to do is ask, "Where can I get the cheapest price for an unstolen bike that will last me four years?"

The ASUCD Bike Barn's Aggie Bike Buy option is an incredibly good deal that few bike shops can match. The guy who runs the shop (Robert) is ultra-sensitive about the cost of bikes but since he and his team has to fix the bikes, he's always looking for the best value. An 8-speed Biria ($475) will be enough bike for most riders. Coupled with their 4-year unlimited labor plan ($175), you will have a bike that will work well for 4 years. (Just make sure to put the plan to use! If something doesn't feel or sound right, take your bike in for a check-up!)

But you also have to keep that bike secure, so you NEED to purchase at LEAST one great lock and at LEAST an supplemental cable. My favorite setup is the Kryptonite Evo4 standard size U-lock and cable. It comes with an anti-theft guarantee of $1,500 (as long as you register the lock, use it correctly, and file a police report if the bike is stolen)!

That's probably more money than you want to spend, right? $475+$175+$60 = $710 (plus tax). But that will get you:

A non-stolen bike you want to ride, will be rideable for 4+ years, and that will likely not be stolen (if you actually use the lock correctly). If you purchase a "cheap bike" (Walmart, Target, Costco, Big5, etc.), you'd be lucky if it lasts the year. And if your bike doesn't work, then you've just wasted your money.

u/thezander8 · 7 pointsr/UCDavis

Not directly specific to dorms but even if you're not in a math-intensive class I swear by having a good calculator that has memory and can keep track of multiple lines of calculations. It's not just useful for homework, but also for things like budgeting. It doesn't have to be a top-line model, but something like this Casio makes life a lot easier whenever you have to do math.

In terms of more home supplies stuff, powdered gatorade is great to have. Hydration is important for keeping your energy up and being able to make gatorade on the fly as long as you have a water bottle and a working water fountain in the dorms is very helpful.

u/KahnGage · 6 pointsr/UCDavis

Despite being offered by the philosophy department, logic is much like a math class. It's best to treat it that way when it comes to studying. Do as many practice problems as you need -- there are plenty exercises around online and in textbooks. Schaum's Outlines is dirt cheap.

The pace of the class shouldn't be too bad -- UCD dedicates a full quarter to just propositional logic. It's common to see 12 and 112 combined in a single class.

The course will follow this rough outline:

  • Learn the logical language and syntax. Then translate natural language sentences into the logical language. The major step here is understanding the connectives, which are the words like 'and' and 'or' used to construct complex propositions out of simpler ones.

  • Then you'll learn the semantics, how the truth value of a complex proposition is determined from the truth values of its constituents and the manner in which they're combined. The technique used here is the truth table method. Truth tables are completely deterministic -- if you learn the process and practice, you'll have no problem.

  • Next you learn the syntactic method of proofs (usually in what's known as a Fitch-style natural deduction). These are used to show which deductions follow from given assumptions, without any attention paid to the specific meanings of the sentences -- just the manner in which they're constructed. This is typically the hardest part of the course for students, because they won't teach you a simple process to solving them like truth tables. But again, if you practice, and learn how to work backward from the goal, it's not so bad.
u/tkari · 12 pointsr/UCDavis

I recommend getting a U-Lock along with an extension cable. You want to put the U-Lock somewhere through the rear triangle like this.
This locks the rear wheel and the frame. Then you want to loop the extension cable through the U-Lock and put it through your front tire so it is also secure. Kryptonite, Abus, and On Guard are all good lock brands. Something like this lock would work fine, but there are more expensive options if you want to be more secure. I personally use this lock. All locks are about buying time because an angle grinder can cut through any lock in a few minutes. I suggest parking it to something secure, something public, and well-lit. Also, make sure to register your bike through TAPS because if someone steals your bike or puts a lock on it, they won't be able to help you. Good luck!

u/sammi-blue · 9 pointsr/UCDavis

I would suggest making a counseling appointment at the student health and wellness center. But in the meantime, I would suggest taking walks, doing breathing exercises, etc to try to distract yourself. Having a support system is really important too, so try to talk to your roommate(s), friends, family, etc about it so that they can help you!

If you can, I would suggest getting The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook because that's helped me a lot with trying to find ways to cope with my anxiety and address the root causes (it also has audio activities online for you to listen to). Oftentimes, panic attacks and anxiety are caused because we are too tense and don't even realize it; are you clenching your jaw right now? Are your shoulders scrunched up? These are things we do every day that send stress signals to our brain, and we don't even realize that we're doing them. Breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation exercises are super helpful for me (both of which I learned from the workbook but you can also find videos for online), I did them every day for a few weeks last spring quarter and it probably saved me from a few panic attacks.

Here's a link to the workbook if you wanna check it out:

Just remember that you're not alone! It's scary and difficult, but there are so many people who are in the same boat as you and I highly suggest reaching out to loved ones about what you're going through because chances are at least one of them will be able to relate. I hope things get better for you very soon!

u/Mister_Terpsichore · 4 pointsr/UCDavis

Please go buy a niosh N-95 mask to protect your lungs. You can get them online, or at Ace Hardware, Hibbert Lumber, or Kelly Moore Paint in Davis.

Keep your windows, doors, and vents closed to prevent smoke from getting in your living areas.

Refrain from using the heat or AC in your vehicles, keep the windows closed, and keep the air on recycle.

Encourage your friends, classmates, and instructors to wear masks for their own safety.

If you buy a ten pack, consider handing out extras to those without. You can use one mask for quite a while, so you'll have plenty left over.

Sincerely, a concerned alum living in Santa Rosa, where classes have been cancelled.

u/tdk1007 · 1 pointr/UCDavis

I've heard that AT&T is really inconsistent and drops all the time.

Comcast has been pretty good for me this last year. If you just want internet, they have a 50mbps plan for $35/month for the first 9 months. This isn't really written anywhere, but you can call or walk in. Ask if they offer student discounts too.

If you are going to be living in Davis for a while, you might want to buy your own cable modem for $70-90. ISPs charge something like $6-8/month to rent one from them, so the cost cancels out eventually. Both of these are approved by Comcast. The black one maxes out at 170mbps, the white on tops out at 300mbps (not that Comcast will give you anything close to those speeds, its just future proofing).

Motorola SB121 - 170mbps - $70

Motorola SB141 - 300mbps - $90

u/HERKFOOT21 · 1 pointr/UCDavis

Education is the only way to convince people. Here's the best documentary of the whole 30 year conflict that i strongly suggest people learning from!

u/sandwerm · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

I will definitely do that! Also If people are interested I have BANG! The Bullet! which I could bring sometime!

u/Its738PM · 1 pointr/UCDavis

I know this sounds a bit boring but pick up an older edition of text books in each subject and skim through the intro. I was molecular and cellular but focused in genetics and this was my favorite book. I had the fourth edition but the third can be had new for $30. A small price to pay for figuring out your life IMO.

u/xucchini · -1 pointsr/UCDavis

This one works pretty well for the back wheel and is really convenient.

u/superflowering · 1 pointr/UCDavis

I use plain printer paper + a three hole punch, and a few of these notebook/binder hybrids ( I usually print out slides too, so the notebook/binder allows me to organize and move notes around. This has been working fine for me, but I think I may invest in an iPad and pencil because I don’t like using so much paper. There’s just too much clutter with this much paper.

u/Darkofday · 6 pointsr/UCDavis

It's also wise to buy a cable modem yourself since you won't get charged to rent theirs.

If you buy your own it will pay itself off in about a year (7$/mo) and anything after that is pure savings.

u/pyrotonic · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

Hi! The mattress pad I bought for living in the dorms was this one:
I think it was cheaper when I bought it a year ago, but considering you use this every night I wouldn't get a super cheap one - your back will thank you.

It's rather cosy and can take a lot of use (no tears yet, 1 year later!) Heck, even though I have a fairly new mattress and box spring now that I'm living in an apartment I am still using the pad on top of it all. You will want a twin XL size for the topper and sheets in the dorms, but you can continue to use both of them on a regular twin bed later on.

u/Chawp · 6 pointsr/UCDavis

I'd suggest using a good U Lock like this:

Lock the frame/front wheel to the bike rack and loop the cable around your back tire. This should be enough deterrence to safely leave your bike outside.

That said, if the professional thieves want your bike, there's no lock you can get to stop them. I wouldn't lock up a $2000 road bike outside, but your bike should be fine I'd imagine.

u/bakemaster · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

I really like this pump I bought last year to mount on my frame. Good balance of compactness and utility, it has a pressure gauge, and the presta/schrader adapter stays in the pump in either configuration so I don't have to worry about losing extra parts.

u/The_Cruzanator · 1 pointr/UCDavis

Everything the rest said PLUS if you have a nice bike/bike seat get a thin cable lock to run down to the rest of your lock setup, to make it harder than a few turns of a screw to take your seatpost. Thin cable found here (because I ain't good at that whole hyperlinking words thing):

u/oxfordStrong2020 · 1 pointr/UCDavis

Hey, just pitching in my experience.

I've used ear plugs long term, maybe a few months total when you add up the days, and no ear damage. My ear doctor also said it won't cause hearing loss. The most you will get is an ear ache in the morning. Also this brand is really good, would recommend. Available with or without a wire. Not too bad on price either.

u/003366 · -8 pointsr/UCDavis

Shorten the url next time. It looks hideous:

u/Chiburger · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

The 5 Lb. Book was my primary study resource for the GRE and it helped immensely.

u/LUCIOP · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

Splitters dont work! I found that out and we fixed it by buying a network switch instead and connecting it to the port, now we all have wired connection here!

We bought this switch

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/UCDavis

It's hard to fail the placement tests especially if you already had AP Chem and AP Calc. I'd say study a little bit for Chem. No point in getting stuck in some bs high school level chem class. If you already took Calc, you should have good enough reasoning skills to get through Che 2a. I recommend reading this chemistry book (literally a 2 day read)

u/Galtego · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

>Is 1 U-lock and a cable enough

This can heavily depend on the brand. No lock/chain/cable will 100% protect your bike, the goal is to either make it too much work, too much time, (edit: too obvious in public,) or not worth the time. You should be asking yourself how much is your bike worth and how much are you willing to invest in protecting it, both money wise but also time wise (how long do you want to spend locking and unlocking your bike every time you park?)

Edit: This would be my general recommendation if you have a bike worth protecting but are still on a budget, here's a video of a locksmith breaking it down

Edit 2: For comparison this is a lock that would make thieves' mouths water, you could break it surrounded by a hundred people without even looking like youre stealing a bike

u/sageredwood · 1 pointr/UCDavis

Davis native (lived outside city limits but whatever) and UCD graduate. Olive drive is one of the highest crime areas of Davis (according to the police crime statistics, down town and the frat area is FAR HIGHER). However this is Davis, so when I say high crime for Davis, that still means very low crime.

So the worst thing that happened to me on Olive Drive was being yelled at by a homeless man. I was walking on one of the bike trails (the one that connects campus to Murder Burger, and yes it is Murder Burger). The homeless man was camping in a drainage ditch and woke up because my friends and I were speaking loudly. He chased us for about a minute. It spooked us pretty bad but looking back I don't feel we were in any danger.

Downtown and any place on campus will have drunk students, which frankly are more dangerous than the Davis homeless most of the time.

There is a mobile home park south of olive drive, they used to generate a lot of crime that spilled into the olive drive area. The mobile park has been cleaned up however (rent prices jumped, funny how that works) so it isn't much of an issue now.

Here is a list of things I think you should know.

  • Olive drive is near the Murder Burger and In-N-Out, if you are not careful you will gain weight
  • The road connecting the I-80 off ramp to Olive drive is riddled with pot holes. Be very careful driving it.
  • Most party nights in Davis tend to end near Murder Burger, In-N-Out, I-HOP, or one of the bars in downtown near the toad hole (the bike under pass near Olive, I'm not sure what you kids are calling it these days), so if you live on Olive Drive drunk friends will crash at your place. I would suggest keeping bottled water, a few extra blankets and pillows, and some accessible condoms in the main room of your apartment.
  • For walking around late at night I would suggest one of these. They are very bright, the mag-light is also heavy duty enough to be used as a defensive weapon should you need it. However running is a far better option and the light should be plenty to get a head start.

    Edit Don't forget to lock your bike, they will take it if you don't**. Get a heavy duty U lock. Spend at least $50.** I would suggest something like this.