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u/surfdcal · 1 pointr/UCSC

As an older employed guy, he charges me $40 for 40 minutes. The is the basic going rate in town for professional lessons. But I have heard from others that he will work with some on a sliding scale. But, if you truly only have a couple hours playing so far, the very first thing to figure out is how serious you are. In the beginning, you have to devote a least several hours a week practicing both scales and chords. Both finger strength and dexterity are the key to getting anywhere, and there really are no shortcuts, other then practice, and practice some more. Consider getting this book set:
It will both teach you how the very basics of reading music, and make you practice putting your fingers on the right frets. Do you have to know how to read music? Well, not if you are only looking to sing around the campfire.. but if you ever want to play music with others, and not be totally lost, it is pretty much a must that you know some level of chord structure. Speaking of, here is one of the cheapest chord books you can buy:
Learn the following chords C,D,E,F,G, Em, Am, Dm. Most songs can be played in the key of C, (which is C, dm,em,F,g,am). There are an mind numbing ways to play each and every chord, so learn the ones that you can play in the first 3 frets to start with. Then learn the E, em and A barre chords, again practice will give you strength and you will start to build up finger callus's too. Once you can jump from chord to chord somewhat comfortably, then go see Ron (or a taskmaster of your choice) Consider finding others that want to start, and meet once a week. OK, enough babble... ( you can tell I love playing....)

u/cheeekyslug · 2 pointsr/UCSC

Here's my two cents.

Other things to consider: I'm a girl, minority, and have a mental "disability" (diagnosed anxiety and depression). These all come into play when you do apply for tech jobs in some ways.

I was a MCD Biology major last year but switched when UCSF Admissions told me that getting into med school is an honest crapshoot. I literally switched to CE during the summer. It was a pain to switch but it's working out.

Right now I'm taking 29 units, 15 units here and 14 units at another school. The only class I've taken so far that is CS related is CMPS 12A/L in the summer at a CC where I aced it and the professor really liked me. And CMPS 12A/L isn't even part of the CE program.

You know what you should do today? Make a resume. Right now. Already have one? Apply to internships. Right now. Making a LinkedIn also helps so much.

I applied from August - November to 100 companies and got denied to 20 already (Uber, Asana, TwoSigma, Pinterest, some video game companies) but already have 5 offers on the line with offers from $25-40 an hour with other frills like free food and corporate housing. This last end of the quarter I've been getting scheduled for phone interviews, technical tests, on-sites.

This is with one CS class too. Most companies don't look at transcripts or references and all they look for is project work (which I don't have either) and talent. I studied my ass off with this book and have learned so much on how to tackle interviews.

SOE literally thinks I'm silly, but I probably have done more in terms of networking than some Senior CS major. I also still have a pre-med mentality which helps.

TLDR What I'm saying is that even if you don't have a lot on your belt, people see talent easily. Be persistent and optimistic.

I have a personal list of applications if you want them, PM me. Will not disclose to everyone though because this place is already competitive enough.

u/mccartymccarty · 2 pointsr/UCSC

Better late than never! Sure, it's later than ideal, but some is better than none.

Make the most of the experience by working hard and getting in good with the professor you work under. Don't be shy about it. You need his good graces so he can write a stellar recommendation for you. No matter what you want to do in life, having a solid professor in your corner is an advantage. He can introduce you to his colleagues at other schools if you want to go into grad school, he can get you into his lab for graduate studies, or introduce you to industry professionals where you can have an in at a nice company.

I write about this extensively in a recent book I published. Keep pushing forward!

u/spankalee · 2 pointsr/UCSC

It's a great course and Dimitris is a very good teacher. It is pretty challenging and Dimitris expects you to keep up, so most importantly take it seriously and make sure you intuitively and analytically understand each part. Ask questions and go to office hours. Some of the techniques taught in this class are very important for use in industry.

When I took the class he used Algorithms by Dasgupta:

There used to be a free PDF available as well.

u/enbay1 · 1 pointr/UCSC

This one is by a brand I recognize. The small looks like it would probably work.

This one is better cause hi-viz

When shopping make sure to see if the pictures look like it'll work with your backpack. On the hi-viz one the picture reviews are good. Usually you need a little lip on the top of your pack to have the large stretchy edge hook onto. It'll make sense when you see the pics.

u/lordyod · 1 pointr/UCSC

That was a typo it's CE12. The past three quarters it has focused on digital logic structures, binary/hex math, basics of building a processor, and the MIPS assembly language. If you want to get a head start on the book pick up Computer Organization and Design.

CS101 will depend on the instructor. If you are assigned to Tantalo's class then you will be doing a mix of programming assignments and proof stuff. I'm not super familiar with the details but luckily, his materials are all posted on his course websites, just google UCSC CMPS 101 and find it. If on the other hand you are assigned to Sesh's class then (at least based on this last quarter) you won't be doing coding, you'll be doing very thorough proofs about algorithms. Both of these classes use CLRS which, if you're serious about CS, you'll probably want to have as a desk reference regardless.

u/cyanisaac · 1 pointr/UCSC

I'd highly recommend a window fan, like this one. It's good at circulating air into your dorm and not too expensive. I had one of these and it helped keep my dorm relatively cool most of the year.

u/Networksguy · 3 pointsr/UCSC

Learn C would be the best. The book that most likely is going to be used is this one:

But there are COUNTLESS free resources online to learn C.

You could also learn another language, but i recommend just jumping into C

u/phantomixie · 1 pointr/UCSC

Hello again! I have a question about the young and fredman physics textbook. Which version should I purchase and should I also purchase the solutions manual? Also would that textbook be better than say this
Thank you for all your help so far (:

u/rocketracer · 2 pointsr/UCSC

You can definitely get the book cheaper on Amazon, used. That listing on the bookstore's site is for a "bundle" which includes the physical textbook, pdf of the book, and online homework code. Looks like CHEM1P is doing a trial online homework website this quarter. That will be completely separate from the textbook. As for the textbook, Randa's syllabus does state to get the 7th edition, although there may be some leniency, as we were allowed to use the 6th edition last fall quarter. However, if you're going to complete the gen chem series (CHEM 1A, 1B, 1C) it may be worth the investment.

u/metawhimsy · 1 pointr/UCSC

Personally, if you really want to dive in, I really recommend C. You'll have to learn about pointers and memory management which Perl and Java won't force you to learn. Java will be easy to learn and will make a lot of sense if you're familiar with C.

K&R's C book is the most acclaimed introduction to the language.

u/ThisPromptIsThisLong · 1 pointr/UCSC is basically what the Netflix show of the same name is based on. I recommend both! The show has a lot of scenes reminiscent of the Silence of the Lambs interview scenes, which are amazing.

Edit: I now see that you know about the show, forgive me repetition of useless information.

u/Ramenhehexd · 4 pointsr/UCSC

Ah, yes. It's a classic read. I highly recommend.

u/LeSamouraii · 2 pointsr/UCSC

I know some UC students I'll ask them about it. Thanks alot for the suggestion.
Also when uni libraries order a book for you, does the library pay for the book? Furthermore, do you have any idea how long would be the whole process?

The book is about 200 bucks which is kinda ridiculous. I am hoping through the library process I wouldn't have to pay for anything. UCSC library membership seems bit pricey too.