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u/baddestllama · 1 pointr/ULgeartrade

I don't have anything for sale currently, but the GG Murmur is back in stock for $160. Weighs close to nothing. Mine is 348 grams with the hip belt on and the sit pad/frame in. It fits me really well at 6'2" with the hip belt on the lower attachment point, but there's a higher one to shorten the torso length of the pack.

if you're looking to try out a nice facsimile of a super ultralight frameless for super ultra cheap, I can't recommend this thing highly enough. Take a razor to the stuff pouch and it'll weigh in at around 500 grams - straps are pretty long on it too, you can trim them down. If you're feeling adventurous you can cut the brain down too and likely get it to more like 400 grams. There's a bladder pouch inside that fits a zseat folded in half and works the same way a GG sit pad frame does. I've loaded up around 16 lbs total into one of those and literally run up mountains. At 6'2" it's a hair too small for me, but at 5'11" I think it would fit you like a glove. For $23 it's an easy experiment.

u/LastUsernameSucked · 2 pointsr/ULgeartrade

If I were you I’d consider buying the granite gear (no personal experience but I’ve heard good things about it) on amazon now. There are free returns so if you’re not able to figure something out on the second hand market you still have the bag.

Granite Gear Crown 2 60 Backpack - Men's Highland Peat/Black Short

Good luck!

Edit: looks like the exos also has free returns.

Osprey Packs Exos 58 Backpacking Pack, Blaze Black, Small

u/AllyMcBealWithit · 1 pointr/ULgeartrade

Not my idea but works well for me... Mr. Clean 243033 Bliss Premium 1-Pair Latex-Free Gloves, Medium

Layer on top of a glove for warmth.

u/Misschief206 · 1 pointr/ULgeartrade

I bought the [Outdoor Vitals]] ultralight bag and I love it . It's rated down to 0 degrees so on I've left it unzipped when it hasn't been super cold but I love the loft and being cozy.

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u/beano52 · 1 pointr/ULgeartrade

Amazon currently has them for a smidge over $45 U.S.

I got mine from Massdrop and LOVE it. Highly recommend the LiteMax.

u/5hutt5 · 2 pointsr/ULgeartrade

I had the same question recently. Apparently you can get it in your local library. I personally wanted to own it.

The Trail Life version is (from what I’m told) an updated version of Beyond Backpacking. Which you can get USED for around $10.

Beyond Backpacking: Ray Jardines Guide to Lightweight Hiking

It’s worth getting. Even just for the first few chapters about Rays take on the compounding gear philosophy: lighter gear let’s you travel further which in turns changes your gear needs enabling you to carry less and in turn hike even further and more comfortably.

(Tbh IMO the book should be required reading for r/UL whether you agree with everything in there or not).

u/ryans213 · 3 pointsr/ULgeartrade

All these questions really hit home in terms of what your use scenario is. I have a coffee press on my stove so I make my coffee and pour it into a mug. If I had to heat it in the mug I would need metal with a handle for sure. I have a cheap GSI mug and it weighs next to nothing. I also paid nothing for it. Here it is on Amazon. GSI-Mug I also have a titanium mug, very light, but it also doesn't retain heat very well. My coffee gets cold so that thing now sits in storage.

weight: 3.5 oz.

u/OrganicRolledOats · 1 pointr/ULgeartrade

Not sure if this is allowed on this sub but the Fizan Compact Trekking poles (~6oz each) are on massdrop right now for $59.99. They're worth checking out. I just purchased a pair a few weeks ago.

A cheaper and slightly heavier option are the Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Cork (~8oz each) at $39.99

u/horsecake22 · 2 pointsr/ULgeartrade

I've ordered the Agiesmax down balaclava and booties for my girlfriend who runs cold, and she's loved them.

WIND HARD Winter Down Hat...

WIND HARD Winter Down Booties...

u/BecauseSometimesY · 2 pointsr/ULgeartrade

If you’re WANTING a zlite for cheaper.. $15 at Sierra Trading Post

Or, a generic-ish air pad on Amazon is about $26, 14.5oz. No listed R value on this particular one, but others of the same style claim around R1.5. That’s probably about right.

u/Idappaccayata · 1 pointr/ULgeartrade

I have this one I might be willing to trade. It's the long one

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Venture Lightweight Camping Air Mattress, Regular - 20 x 72 Inches

u/Ineedanaccounttovote · 1 pointr/ULgeartrade

I also need a single pole, but that also means I can sell you my remaining one. Does this one work? Obviously just one, not a pair.