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u/iFanatic · 3 pointsr/UMF

You have no idea how much fun you're going to have. I've been 5 years in a row and will be there in 2016 as well...

  1. Sunscreen - put it on before you get there because Day 1 security is stupid and they'll take it from you. Day 2 and 3 are loose.
  2. Get there early - don't miss half the day pregaming in your hotel room when you can be enjoying the early sets and empty festival grounds. Too many people make this mistake.
  3. Don't waste so much energy on after parties that you miss Ultra. You're coming for the world class festival... late night clubbing after a full day of raving will make you miss part of your next day. 3 days of Ultra is exhausting!
  4. Plan on buying lots of water. Yes there are some refill stations but unlike EDC these are not refrigerated and not usually particularly fresh tasting. $5 a bottle is worth having cold water and not falling out mid day.
  5. Earplugs. Ultra's main stage is without any doubt the loudest stage in the world. If you're in the first 50 rows you're definitely within range of hearing damage and you should throw in some plugs. seem to be the most popular choice around here and I love them myself.

    Enjoy! Ultra brings all the new music of the season and also an unmatched bass earthquake on that main stage... get ready people!

u/crogginator · 5 pointsr/UMF

Note: Finally made an official thread for tips and such:

People always ask what they should bring, it’s like any other festival and each person is different. So everyone's list is always unique, with that said... the most important thing for any Florida festival is water and sunscreen. A camelbak is a freaking requirement these days.

Here are some ideas on what you may want to bring (beyond keys, phone, wallet, etc):

  • Camelbak or Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Diffraction Glasses (enough to share)
  • Zip Lock Plastic Bag (good for holding all the crap, plus if it rains you can put your phone in it)
  • Gum
  • Extra Phone Battery or Portable Charger
  • Ear Plugs (Link)
  • Tissues or Toilet Paper
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Advil
  • Life Savers (for a quick sugar boost if needed)
  • Extra Contacts/Case & Eye Drops (losing a contact during a festival would be miserable)
u/Boom_frontpage · 2 pointsr/UMF

Etymotic Research ER20-SMC ER20 ETY-Plugs Standard Fit Hearing Protection Earplugs - Clear Stem with Blue Tip

Get these. I've had them for the past 2 festivals I've been to. They're amazing.

u/Jaexyn · 3 pointsr/UMF

I'd say yes. I went with these when I went in 2016 and thought it was a smart move.

I was able to get to sleep without that high pitch ringing keeping me up. Good for you over time as well.

u/OG_Raver · 1 pointr/UMF

I went ahead of purchased this GoPro pole for my cam.
Now the rules say the following:
"Regarding action cameras – yes to strap headwear or non-extendable handles"
This handle that I have does extend, however it has a locking mechanism where you have to twist it in order for it to extend. Do you guys think security will let it slide if I tell them it's not extendable? Was thinking of giving it to my GF maybe they'd let her slide rather some guy. I know it all depends on the person just want feed back. Worst case I'll leave it at the gate if I have to!

u/Malorajan · 1 pointr/UMF

I've had this one since Ultra 2016 and it's been great.

u/Nuvoq · 1 pointr/UMF

If you don't want to spend a lot I'd recommend EarPeace or Eargasm ear plugs. I've used both and like them a lot.

u/DPDragon · 4 pointsr/UMF

Walmart has some in the camping/outdoors section, as I'm sure any sports authority or sports stores would have them as well. This is mine which has one pocket for the bladder (which I put the rest of my stuff in there in a gallon ziploc bag) and a tiny pocket useful for like keys or gum or unimportant stuff. Camelbaks are allowed and don't have to follow the one pocket rule, but they can't be backpacks like this.

u/Milhouz · 1 pointr/UMF

Haven't tried those, but I got these and they work well for me. I intended on doing ACS Custom ones but didn't have time or the money right then to do so.

u/Dancelvr2000 · 7 pointsr/UMF

Me and my partner have been attending festivals longer than the age of many attendees. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of hearing protection that also preserves fidelity of music. I have had tinnitus that has taken 6 months to resolve. It is not fun. It can be permanent, which would be awful. I recommend Etymotic on price versus performance, but many other good ones also. Eargasm also recommended.

I also bring cheap blue foam plugs that I give to people that need them, but those degrade the music.

UMF is limited to 110 dB at a certain distance, which can certainly do hearing damage. There are louder festivals, but it is enough to cause damage. We are also almost always in first row against fencing so that is directly in front of speakers. Far enough back not as loud.

u/ASOT550 · 5 pointsr/UMF

I've been using etymotics since my first Ultra in 2012. No issues for me! I've gotten multiple pairs for friends and keep a backup pair in my car at all times. A pair lasts me about a year before it gets a bit gross from earwax but they're so cheap I don't mind buying a new pair.

u/UMF_Help_092193 · 3 pointsr/UMF

Replace the word scattered with inconsistent. I live in Downtown Miami. One night I planned a date including a ride on the Miami Thriller Boat. I checked the weather and it said no rain @ 5:00 PM. By then it was raining so hard you couldn't see Biscayne Bay. The rain pattern can be inconsistent in Florida despite the best forecast.


u/ultraCookieFan · 1 pointr/UMF

These were the ones I used:

You could easily break the string, which I did each night, and always carry a spare with you for when you accidentally drop one.

However! They were decent, I would have preferred the foam ones I think.

u/djmistral · 1 pointr/UMF



See the difference? The acceptable one clearly shows it's only the size of the bladder and nothing else. Sure, it has a pouch to carry some small items, but that's it.

The unacceptable one can hold a bladder, probably a laptop, binders, etc. That's what they consider to be a backpack.

u/plurskeleton · 2 pointsr/UMF this... it goes inside your shorts so that its not visible at all

its honestly the only thing that works. keep your phone in a bag? theyll just slash it while your dancing and take all the contents that fall on the floor and run before anyone can say anything

keep your shit in a fanny pack? theyll just come up on your side and unlock it since the lock is visible on your side and just run with your fanny

u/HouseWerks · 2 pointsr/UMF

These are the money we have taken

Technically, you need an FCC license to use all the features but fuck the government. Standard walkie-talkies you are on one of 22 Channels.. with mine you have a few thousand (as long as you don't go on a police channel).

Edit, and I have tested ours and they have worked for about 3 miles.