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u/Cutlasss · 3 pointsr/USPS

There's a lot of difference between conditions carriers have to deal with. And they'll deal with it differently. So first off, know your local conditions. Second, check the weather forecast every morning before you dress. Or even the night before, to make sure you have what you'll need ready.

I'm in southern New England. We get a real winter. We rarely get the kind of winters many places in the country do. Not in terms of quantity and depth of cold, or of amounts of snow. But we do get cold, and we do get snow. And sometimes a lot of it.

So first, boots. You need to find the boots that you can live with. Preferably ones that are postal approved. Whether you need high, and insulated, or can live without that, depends on your area. Make sure they're waterproof. Get good socks. Wool, preferably. In extreme cold areas, even heated socks.

I wear the heavy uniform pants. With thermal underwear. In the worst cold, 2 pair. If it's windy, you can add the rain pants as well. No insulation value, but they cut the wind. I have the bomber jacket and the vest. In the coldest places you may want the parka instead. Again, thermal underwear, as many layers as you need. Whatever sweatshirts or sweaters you happen to have are good. Don't need to be uniform, as the customer won't see them. I got one of the fur caps. But it's really not any good. I don't know if there are better versions out there. So I wear a hood with a movable face mask under a uniform ball cap or rain hat.

It's a good idea to bring a couple of extra shirts and a towel with you, just in case. So you can change up as necessary. Even carry a dry pair of socks.

For gloves I find that I can go without to a colder temp than I would have believed that I could. Or sometimes just a glove on the left hand. It's difficult to finger the mail in gloves. So you'll have to try a few things and see what you're capable of working in. You may well have to deal with some cold on your right hand to maintain dexterity, and put your hand in your pocket between houses. Gloves with a rubber outer coating will allow much better mail handling than cloth or leather. For moderate cold I do pretty well with the cheapo dollar store cotton gloves with rubber beads for grip on them. The next step up is somewhat heavier cotton gloves with rubber palm and fingers that can be found at any hardware store or Home Cheapo. So long as they stay dry, those do pretty good for me. I may wear a heavier glove on my left, and the lighter one to finger the mail on my right.

For other gear, make yourself a basic first aid kit and carry that. If you're dealing with icy footing, get traction cleats. Like this is one option.

But those wear out pretty quickly, so don't wear them more than you have to.

u/Darkhawk007 · 3 pointsr/USPS

I used to go fingerless but my hands were getting destroyed, looked like I had scales over all my nuckles.

I've been using these the last couple years and my hands feel much better and can still flip through almost as easily.

Surprisingly warm for how thin they are and can finger through mail very easily with them because of how tight they are along with the grippy material.

I do tend to to through 2 or 3 a winter though as the fingertips eventually give way and get holes in them but for 10$ a pair I'll take it.

u/quantummush · 1 pointr/USPS

The best thing to do is probably just forward to the temporary address and once construction is completed delete the forward and send the mail to your new house. Also remember forwards are really meant to catch mail till you can change all your address information with mailers.

If you forget to check the box it may overflow and cause a little headache.

Not saying you have to do it but your mail carrier would greatly appreciate an oversized mailbox.
Extra large box

Let’s us put in more items and mail. Dependent on how much mail you get daily the regular mailboxes fill up pretty fast.

u/cca2013 · 3 pointsr/USPS

Base Layers definitely! For 0 degree days, you'll want a pair of snowpants.

I like wool socks (they aren't cheap ....$15-$20 a pair). They have some in the postal catalog you can use your allowance on that are really thick.

I still wear my regular Brooks shoes in the winter and just put a Tingley overshoe or boot over it when it's slushy or snowing out. My post office supplies cleats and I love the Due North style. Other brands that they buy don't stay on as well and can cause you to slide on smooth dry concrete.

I'm still searching for the perfect pair of gloves. Fingering the mail is going to chew up anything so just buy multiple pairs. They will get wet with sweat or snow so keep them on hand to change out during the day. You can have a much thicker glove for your left hand and a fingerless version for your right. Some people swear by handwarmers. I don't care for them. For 0 degree days I'm still wearing my Hanz Chillblocker gloves with a liner glove that I bought with my uniform allowance but I don't see them available anymore.

u/-Quantumcross · 1 pointr/USPS

Yes, I understand how the box opens. I would use a tilt switch to turn the device on and check for mail. It wouldn't have like, exposed wires hanging out everywhere. It would just be a small box in a nice case that sits on the bottom.

There are commercial products that do the same thing, so I'm kind of hoping that if I give it a nice professional and discreet look it shouldn't cause any problems.

u/mtms42000 · 2 pointsr/USPS

This fan:

Alagoo 12V 6''Car Cooling Fan Automobile Vehicle Clip Fan Powerful Quiet Ventilation Electric Car Fans with Adjustable Clip & Cigarette Lighter Plug for Car/Vehicle

u/ferrari91169 · 1 pointr/USPS

Tracking would not be a consideration. I'm doing this most likely as a one off thing for a project. One silicon wristband per envelope. Are these the type of envelope you recommend?

Also, do you know if they were shipped loose in the envelopes or held down with tape or such? Thank you so much for your help!

u/full-bore · 3 pointsr/USPS

Frozen caveman mailman here; I use this, and while I'm limited to just radio broadcasts, it's got a speaker. I keep it in my chest pocket, and just shut it off or turn down the volume when I interact with a customer. I (personally) just don't think earbuds are a good optic out on the street.

u/MaxwellVador · 2 pointsr/USPS

I just talked to a customer about this yesterday as I was the aux on the route. He said he's informed the regular carrier about the issue but the carrier didn't make a note or card on their case about it for the other carriers. Misdeliveries like this are a result of bad casing.

As for what you can do, if your mailbox is curb mounted, get a drop box like this

If it's on your house then check out something like this

Just don't get anything with a small heavy slot that has to be lifted and make sure it's a larger box or you'll just annoy your carrier and end up having to pick up more of your mail at the office

u/sigmus90 · 13 pointsr/USPS

Hey, I have that book! It's a city carrier local to me that makes these comics. He put out a book full of them. Here it is:

u/ShawnS4363 · 2 pointsr/USPS

How about a Jumbo Mailbox? That meets postal regulations.

u/Rotatordome · 2 pointsr/USPS\

That's the one I have. Bought from local hardware store. Don't use the light itself, which seems to be the main negative review. The magnet is pretty strong though. I've seen others with weak magnets that go flying off.

That said, ask around at your office. They had magnets I used for the first couple weeks. A couple drivers had backup strobes in their trunk or on the side of their case I probably could have used.

(sorry for late response. regular took the week off. Went from 2 days of work scheduled in 14 days (the regulars off days), to 12 days out of 14. With some training/backup route thrown in)

u/Postal1979 · 2 pointsr/USPS

Install it and call office to have an arrow lock installed. Usps should technically have a key to bypass digital entry. But maybe the carrier could leave the code inside.

u/RuneFell · 2 pointsr/USPS

I'm a rural carrier, so I drive my own vehicle, I'm not sure if this is something that would work with an LLV. But, as I drive around in the middle of remote nowheres, with no place to stop for lunch, I purchased a Lunch Box Stove that I can just plug in to the cigarette lighter. If I'm feeling lazy, or I know mail will be heavy and I won't have time for a break, I just toss in a Hot Pocket wrapped in tinfoil, otherwise I have little tin pans that I can put leftovers in to heat up, also wrapped up in tinfoil to keep them from spilling.

When it's really hot out, and I don't feel like hot meals, I just either make a sandwich or a wrap, chicken salad with grapes is my favorite, as is peanut butter and banana. Most of the time I'll just bring carrot sticks, string cheese, a banana, pringle chips, or trail mix along, as when it's that hot, I just feel snacky anyways.

u/vchaz · 1 pointr/USPS

Cooling towels work better than i thought they would. Take an extra gallon of ice water just to throw all over myself. I hate the heat, but not much else you can do. Ill take an extra comfort stop in some AC if I have to.

u/ErsatzGnomes · 1 pointr/USPS

To put it quite simply, you said that you had an incident at all - this means that at some point, your animals have been the problem. At that point alone, it is left to the carrier to decide whether or not to "risk" delivering any sort of notice that says your mail is no longer going to be delivered until you resolve the animal problem.
As carriers, we are told CONSTANTLY to not risk any animal attacks, and depending on your area you could be held liable and even charged with assault on a federal employee if your dog were to attack the postman.
I am not trying to "excuse" the carriers behavior if in fact he is "harassing" the animals, but if your animals are loose, it is well within his right not to deliver. If you have already spoken to your postmaster and been told that you need to make alternative arrangements in order to resume delivery, then do it. A mailbox like this costs less than $40 and I see them all the time on my route, a ticket from your local municipality plus paying for confinement fees should your animal attack a carrier is a lot more. Not to mention the cost of any medical treatment required by the carrier, and additional fees that may be incurred.
If I were you, I would go down to the office and pick up what mail is currently there, and ask to speak with the postmaster while you are there so you can schedule your appointment for him/her to come out and approve of where you're putting the box.
Just ask yourself what is worth more to you: the inconvenience of buying and putting up a locking mailbox on your fence, the recurring fees of paying for a PO box, or the potential to have your family pet put down because it attacked someone.